Amanda grinned. She had just finished writing the first chapter of her wonderful story. It was about a beautiful girl who fell in love with Prince Zuko. But, the girl was traveling with the Avatar and his group, and didn't want to betray them. So she persuaded Zuko to help Aang, and everyone turned out happy. Amanda was just about to post it on the web, sure that everybody would love it, but her mom called her downstairs for dinner first.

After dinner, when she went back to her room, she found a letter on her keyboard. It was addressed to her. She pushed it to the side and tried to upload her story, but the internet was out. Sighing, Amanda turned back to the white envelope and opened it.

To Fanfiction Authors,

We have been notified that you are trying to write an Avatar fanfiction story. You do not currently have the skills to do so, and we kindly ask that you attend our school so that you may write better stories. Do not attempt to upload your story to any fanfiction site. Or any non-fanfiction site. Just in case, we have cut internet access to your house for the evening. Please fill out the enclosed form and leave it on your keyboard.

Thank you,
The ASfFA staff.

Well, that was weird. How had anybody gotten into her room? But it looked fun, so Amanda filled out the form, put it on her keyboard, and went to bed.

Later that night, a scratching sound came from the window, and then it opened. A small brown and white creature poked its head cautiously into the room. Seeing that Amanda was asleep, it crept over to the computer desk, and climbed up one of the legs. He grabbed the form from the keyboard, opened his wings, and glided out the window.

Outside, he landed on the head of a girl sitting on a horse. The girl reached up and pulled Momo into her lap. She gently pried the form from Momo's hands and placed it in a bag hanging from her shoulder. "Last one," she whispered, and picked up the reins. The horse trotted away.

Iva Dea paced around her office. Momo and that girl should have been back by now! They didn't have much time. She glanced at the clock again. 12:03. Very little time, maybe six hours at the most. The sound of footsteps constantly running and walking up and down the hall was starting to annoy her, maybe she should invest in better soundproofing sometime.

Then came the sound of feet running very fast, and one of someone being pushed to the side. Her door opened and the girl leaned against it, panting. She reached into the bag hanging on her shoulder, and her hands came out with a pile of forms in them. "Here you go," she said. Iva took them and set them on the desk, while the girl left to get some sleep.

Iva sorted through the forms, setting them in one of three piles. One for beginners, one for enthusiasts, and one for serious writers that would gladly take suggestions. She then assigned a dorm room for each one, based on their group and form. When she finished, she glanced at the clock again. 2:34. Realizing that there was no point in getting much sleep – she would be even more exhausted - the headmistress turned on her computer to read some good fanfiction.

5:34. Aang poked his head into her office. "I'm going to go collect the students with Appa now." Iva nodded absently at his disappearing head.

When Amanda woke up, the first thing she realized was that she was in a different bed. The second thing was that she was in a different place. She sat up in bed and looked around. The floor and ceiling were made of wood. So were three of the walls. The last one, the one that her bed was against, had a couple of windows in it and was made of stone. There was another bed on the other side of the room, to her right. Each bed had a bedside table next to it, with a lamp and alarm clock on top. The clock read 7:15 (shouldn't she be in school already?). There was also a wooden bookshelf stuffed full with books, many of them thick-looking. On each side of the room there was what looked like walk-in closet with clothes.

Her roommate was sitting on her bed reading a book. She glanced up. "Oh, hey, you're awake. My name is Cema. Get dressed, we'll be late for breakfast." She looked down again and continued reading.

Amanda walked over to the closet and stepped inside. She shut the doors behind her. The clothes weren't her own, but they would do. She finally decided on an outfit and tied her hair back quickly.

When she came out, Cema was looking at a piece of paper. Amanda found one of her own in the bedside table's drawer, and discovered that it was a map. She and Cema headed down to breakfast, along with a number of other kids and teens of varying ages.

At breakfast, there were many round tables laden with food. At the back though, was a long table that was more rectangular. Sitting there was the cast of Avatar, and a few people nobody recognized. Most people were staring up at the table, but a few had started eating, and gradually more people joined in the meal. After most of the people had finished eating, the person in the center stood up.

"Greetings, students of this school. You have all been selected to learn here at Avatar School for Fanfiction Authors. I am your headmistress, Iva Dea. These will be your teachers." She indicated the other people at her table. "Aang will teach you about bending and various other powers, Zuko will teach you about Original Characters (OCs), Katara will teach you about pairings and clichés, and Sokka will teach about grammar and spelling. Appa will teach about creatures, weapons, and other minor things. You will be given a translator for his class.

"You were brought here from your homes by Aang and Appa. They will be giving tours of the grounds later. You will find all the appropriate books for your classes, as well as a few others, on your bookcases. Now, onto rules: Keep a respectful distance from the teachers at all times. Do not attempt to hug or tackle them. Get to your classes on time. Lateness without a good excuse – such as injury, not because you needed to tie your shoelaces – gets detention. Since you have maps, do not claim to have been lost. The punishment for not completing homework will be decided by teachers. Also, all or almost all of your first class for each teacher will have a test - just a warning, if you hate tests. Classes last an hour each, from 9-12 and 12:30-3:30. You also have a break hour. Breakfast is 7:00-8:30, lunch is 12-12:30."

Iva sat down. Aang stood up. "I just want you all to know, if you see Momo flying about, he is acting as a messenger. And please don't grab at him. He really hates that." Aang sat back and Zuko stood up.

"Also, for members of the Zuko Fan Club, I am holding a meeting in my classroom later. Don't try anything, as Katara will be supervising, and the Avatar will be outside the door." He sat down.

Iva stood up again. "One last thing, DO NOT START THE PAIRING WARS!" Her shout echoed around the room and made a few people cringe at its intensity. "No pairings will take place. Anyone who starts a pairing war will be in big trouble. I do not like the chaos that comes with them. Is that clear?"

She received only fearful, confused, disappointed, and uncaring looks. Smiling pleasantly, she sat down again.

After they ate, the students went and got their things, and everyone headed to their first classes.

A/N: January 23 and 26, 2008: I went through and revised the whole thing. As I wrote the first few chapters of this a few years ago, after I had gone a long time without really writing much, I hope this is an easier read now.

Disclaimer: Avatar does not belong to me, and this story is not making any profit. Also, the general idea of this story was first written by Camilla Sandman. I'm just borrowing it with permission.