Rally, May, and Becky are sitting in a bar/grill, each holding a drink. May and Becky are trying to cheer up Rally. She's in one of her moods. Her wallet was stolen. Somebody ran her off the road. She didn't even get the plates, because the car had none. So now, her car's in the shop.

Her shop is back open, but business is very slow and there are no bounties to hunt at present. Rally is angry and bored and venting all this info to Becky and May. However, May is not listening. She is looking at the very handsome young man that has just entered the bar. The young man smiles at Rally and winks at her as he passes their table. May is amused by this –knowing very well Rally's non-existent love life. What she wouldn't give to find Rally in bed with a man (both naked). Him completely passed out and Rally sitting on the edge of the bed smoking a cigarette and polishing her favorite cz-75 pistol. May is snapped out of her wistful daydream, by Rally kicking her foot.

"What is it with you and men!" snaps Rally.

"Hey! He was winking at you." Retorts May.

"Was not!" denies Rally.

"Was too!" confirms May, smiling wickedly.

"Why doesn't anyone ever wink at me?" asks Becky aloud, and she goes back to sipping her drink.

As Becky, Rally and May eat Dinner. Becky notices that this mysterious Young man (about 20 yrs old) keeps a careful eye on them, especially Rally. Becky begins to wonder what he's up too. May also notice the stranger's casual glances and has other thoughts.

"So it begins." Sighs May.

May excuses herself to the bathroom, then returns 10 min. later. She then very stealthily puts a sleeping tablet into Rally's Drink. The stranger having finished his dinner gets up to leave. Becky, smelling lucrative info, makes an excuse to leave and follows the stranger. The Mysterious young man tries to start his car, but for some reason, it won't start. So he hails a cab and leaves. Becky, in her car with video camera running, follows the taxi at a discreet distance.

"To Rally's Gunsmith shop." Stated the young man.

"Sure thing hun." Answers Misty in disguise.

She drives the cab to Rally's gun shop, but takes her time in getting there. However, when she finally arrives, someone else is already there. A big, black moving van, with no plates and no markings is parked outside Rally's. Two masked males are robbing Rally's gun shop. The young man orders the cabby (Misty) to stop. He and Misty just sit and watch.

"What the hell…!" questions, the young man.

Meanwhile, Beck also stops at Rally's and tapes the whole thing. When the two men are done and the van drives away. The young man is about to exit the cab, when another car pulls up. The young man closes the door and waits to see what happens next.

"A Shelby Cobra GT 500. That's Rally's car. But I thought it was in the shop." Wonders Becky.

Rally gets out of the car, enters her store and turns on the lights. Suddenly, the entire store explodes.

"Oh, my God! Rally!" whispers Becky in disbelief, still filming.

The stranger gets out of the cab and crosses the street. He stands and stares at the burning gun shop. Someone has beating him too his target. Suddenly, something metal lands at his feet; it's Rally's CZ-75 pistol, still smoking from the explosion. The young man pulls out a handkerchief and picks up the gun. He then places it into this coat pocket. Then he returns to the cab. Misty's eyes are very sad. After all Rally's done for her, to have to do this to Rally. Misty pulls herself together as the young man enters the cab. The young man hands her a very large wad of bills.

"You didn't see anything and I was never here. Got it?" states the young man.

"See what? I never left the Park." Says Misty, taking the wad of cash.

"Good. Now take me to the airport."

Becky gasps in short breaths as she watches Rally's place Burn. Even now, as she hears the fire engines coming to put out the blaze, she refuses to believe in Rally's death.

"She's not dead. She's not dead. She can't be dead." Cries Becky.

Becky still hopes until she sees the fire fighters pull a charred body from the wreckage.

"Rally. No!" sobs Becky.

Suddenly, a hand lands on her shoulder. Becky jumps and turns. It's Roy.

"I'm sorry Becky. But I must ask you to identify the body." Says Roy softly.

"It's her." Replies Becky, not even looking at the body. "I saw her go inside."

"Any idea who did this?" asks Roy, trying to comfort Becky.

"There were two burglars, in a black van. They stole her guns, and they set the bomb. There was anther man in a cab, but her only watched. It was like the two masked men got here first or something. Here, it's all on this tape, everything that happened." Says Becky, handing Roy the tape.

Roy took the tape for evidence. Becky sat in her car and cried.

At the airport, the mysterious stranger picks up his car. The rain begins to fall. The mysterious stranger turns on his headlights and windshield wipers. Two hours later, he pulls into the parking garage of the New Tiger Technology Corporation. He takes the elevator to the penthouse. The guards search him then allow him to pass inside.

"Report." States a voice from behind a big, black, corporate desk.

"Rally Vincent is dead, but not by my hand. Someone got there first. They robbed her shop and then blew it into matchsticks."

"Then how do you know she's dead?"

"I saw her go in…and I have this."

The young man placed the CZ-75 on the desktop. The CEO picked it up and looked it over.

"It was her favorite weapon."

The CEO placed the pistol inside his desk.

"Well, it seems stage one is complete."

"What about the other killer? Should I investigate?"

"No, Rally Vincent had many enemies. Gray, Goldie, Bonnie, the list is too long to count. No, David, it's time to begin stage two."

"Yes, sir."

The CEO pushed a button and the image of a woman appeared. She wore the coat of a lab technician and though she wore large, circular glasses, they could not hide her beauty.

"Doctor, is everything ready?" asked Mr. Wang.

"Yes, Mr. Wang. Programming is complete." smiled the Doctor.

"Then let's see her."

Another face appeared on the screen next to the doctor.

"Mr. Wang, allow me to introduce Rally Vincent." introduced the Doctor.

"Excellent. David, I want you to buy all the guns you can find. Make sure Rally is seen buying them."

"But Mr. Wang, why did you want me to kill Rally if you want her to be seen?" asked David.

"One, so that I could replace her with this Rally. Two, because I didn't want the real Rally interfering."

"Speaking of interfering, what about Rally's friends. What if they try to stop Rally?" questioned David.

"That's why you are going with Rally. If any of her friends get in your way… kill them." ordered Mr. Wang.