I wrote this story a long time ago. I forgot the exact reason, but it's an incest fic between Hiei and Yukina. Not usually my style, but I figured it was interesting enough to delve into. Enjoy! It's the first thing I've posted here in quite awhile.

I shouldn't be here.

They lay writhing and naked, drenched in sweat. Between the sheets lie a secret; a taboo that would destroy everything they had ever strived to create.

I shouldn't be here, making love to her on my best friend's bed.

Her nails scored the flesh of his back, but he did not care. He wanted her to leave marks to show that he was hers, just as he had left a single bite to adorn the ivory skin of her neck. But they were afraid.

We can't be discovered.

His fingers tangled in her azure gently tugging her face toward his. "Give yourself to me, imouto. Please, please, I'll do anything… just let me have you."

I've learned too much of these harsh worlds.

"You've had me… you've had me for so long, oniisan…" And with that, he tasted her lips in a deep, fervent kiss.

They don't understand how we feel.

For them, it was not just sex. Their bond as the Forbidden Children was an unbreakable thread. He loved her, she loved him. They were two pieces of a whole.

I'm sorry I can't give her anything better.

Their peak was quickly approaching, but they had to silence themselves. They loathed the lie the lived, the façade that covered their transgression to society. Lips still locked in a tender caress, their tears melded, and the pleasure took over.

Forgive me.

"Yukina?" He wrapped his warded arm around her waist, holding that soft, warm body close to his.

I'm afraid, weak, tired…

"Yes, Hiei?"

I don't deserve you, but here you are with your arms around me, your body under mine, and you don't realize how dirty I truly am.

Idly, he collected hiruiseki off the sheets, holding a combination of the aqua and ebony gems in his hands.

Don't cry.