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PROLOUGE: Look Where We Are Now.

It was about 12 noon and Score (Mathew Caruso) was just waking up. He yawned and stretched getting ready for yet another boring day on this beautiful little planet on the outer circuit he had found a few years back. Due to lack of tragedy in the Diadem the Triad Reborn had decided to take some time off and go their separate ways for a while; that had been three years ago. Back then Score was pretty sure that he would see his friends again in a little less than a year but now he was beginning to think that the split would probably be permanent; he had no clue where either of his friends were, though he was pretty positive that Pixel and Jenna were still together, and he hadn't spoken with them by any means since the last time he saw them. Score got out of bed and got dressed he went down stairs in his recently finished mansion and got breakfast. 'Just another boring day in paradise' he thought to himself.

Pixel (Shalar Domain) and Jenna sat comfortably in lawn chairs on a balcony overlooking the sea. On the world they were living on the sun was just rising and they were ready to go out and seize the day. They sat in peaceful silence watching the sun rise, while eating a light breakfast. Pixel loved spending time alone with Jenna- the world they had found was almost completely uninhabited by humans- but he was really starting to miss his friends. Even though danger almost constantly intruded in their lives when they were together he really wanted to see them again. 'Maybe I could have Oracle contact them and tell them where I am' he thought lazily. He remained relaxing deciding to contact Oracle a little later.

Helaine was annoyed. Being the eldest child of Lord Votrin she had been forced to take over the duties of the Votrin land when her father had died a few short months ago. She choked back the tears that were threatening to stream down her cheeks any minute now. She glared at the servant in front of her, the current source of her annoyance, until he stopped talking and left her alone. She waited until she could no longer hear his footfalls quickly speeding away and then finally allowed herself to cry. She wished she had her friends here! She missed them so terribly that she didn't know whether she was crying over the loss of her father or because she missed them. She forced herself to stop crying and started to ready herself to deal with more matters of state.

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