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Author's Note- be forewarned, point of view switches between Helaine and her

unknown captor at random, one of the ways to tell when it's his

point of view is when Helaine is referred to completely in

pronouns. Also some things will be repeated due to different points

of view.

Warning- this chapter contains some strong violence, sorry I was in a bit of a gory


Chapter 3. Desperate times

Helaine woke with the sense of being watched, and when she opened her eyes she figured out why. Looming above her was the figure of her, as of yet, anonymous captor. Helaine quickly rolled to the other side of the bed, jumped up and grabbed the first thing within reach, to use as a weapon if necessary; it happened to be a hairbrush. Her captor raised an eyebrow,

"I thought you might be interested in the fact that breakfast is ready and waiting." He said. Helaine glared at him in suspicion, her eyes narrowing to slits.

"As if I would eat anything you gave to me, it could be poisoned."

"You're being ridiculous. If I wanted you dead I could have killed you instead of bringing you here."

"Well if you harbor me no ill will then why am I a prisoner?"

"I didn't say I meant you no harm I said I didn't want you dead." Helaine glared at him.

"Last night, after you went to bed I researched your claim and it appears that you are indeed not Eremin-the stupid bitch managed to escape my wrath after all- but I do, however, have quite a few ways to change that. Plus you'll be the perfect bait for Nantor and Traxis, who, to a degree, I also want revenge on." He said happily. Helaine looked at him as if he was daft.

"Are you crazy? I'm not gonna help you with your plan no matter what you do to me!"

His face lost all trace of its smile.

"You will do whatever I say! Under this roof, in my house, I-AM-GOD!" he roared. Helaine involuntarily took a step back, looking at him warily, and took a deep calming breath. She looked up at the man, he was seething and his face was contorted with rage, his fists clenching and unclenching by his sides continuously. The room crackled with static energy from his fury, and his eyes burned with barely controlled rage.

He inhaled sharply and looked over the young woman he had kidnapped, he sneered at her caution and threw his hand out towards her jerking his head once in the direction of the door. When she gazed at him in suspicion for a moment he snarled at her,

"Come on! You have to eat. I will not have you starving to death on me…COME!" he hated her hesitation, re-incarnated version or not she had to remember who he was. It was true he wanted to get revenge on Eremin and the damned Nantor and Traxis who took her away from him, but that wasn't why he had captured her, well…not the whole reason why he had captured her. He wanted her back, she was his, Nantor and Traxis had no claim to her compared to him, she-belonged-To-HIM! She still hesitated though which angered him all the more so he swiftly walked to where she was, grabbed her forearm and dragged her to the door, down the stairs and into the dining room, which already had food placed on the table. He pulled out one of the chairs and shoved her into it, she had been trying to pull away from him since he grabbed her arm and he did not like it.

"Eat" he ordered and roughly shoved a plate of food in front of her. Then he pulled out another chair, sat down next to her and began eating. She didn't even touch her food, he opened his mouth to once again order her to eat when he noticed something; she was still holding the hairbrush she had picked up to use as a weapon. He burst out laughing.

Helaine raised an eyebrow. Well that was random, then she noticed where he had been looking and blushed; she still had her "weapon". She smiled while shaking her head and put the brush down on the table. Helaine didn't know why but she found herself, at times, almost comfortable around this man, as if she had known him forever. He seemed to be well acquainted with Eremin, maybe that was why she felt as if she knew him. She realized she was still smiling and quickly stopped, she didn't want to feel comfortable around this man, he had captured her in the night, threatened to transform her back into Eremin, had taken her away from her friends and had some evil plan involving her, Score and Pixel. Helaine didn't know why but thinking of this man hurting Score caused her heart to ache much more than it did when thinking of the same thing happening to Pixel. Helaine shook her head, she must be imagining it. She looked up in time to see the man once again glare at her," EAT!" he ordered harshly.

"Who are you to order me?!" she shrieked back.

"I OWN YOU!!!! SLAVES DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK THEIR OWNERS THEIR NAMES." He took a few deep calming breaths, "From now on out, here you will be called Syliana, it means 'foolish one', and you may call me the Master. Now do as you have been told Syliana and EAT!" He slammed his hand down on the table as he said this last. Helaine glared at him before she picked up her fork and cautiously took a few small bites. He nodded as if satisfied and continued eating his own meal. Helaine had to get out of here, she had to get back to her friends; they must be worried sick about her by now.

Score lounged on the couch in Shannara's study, resting, while Pixel and Jenna took their turn at scrying for Helaine. Helaine…Score had been ignoring that topic completely, there were so many things to think about, what if she was…NO, she had to be ok she just had to be! Helaine was too tough to die; no-one could possibly hurt her…right? But still, despite her strengths she had weaknesses to, and in spite of himself he couldn't help but worry about her because of them. After all Helaine wasn't immortal, though sometimes it was easy to forget that she wasn't. Well mortal or immortal he refused to let her die.

A whole week after her capture and Helaine still had no idea where she was, who her mystery kidnapper was, or how to get out of this rundown castle. Her snooping, however, had not totally been in vain, she discovered that she was not the only one living in the castle of "the Master", but it was also inhabited by strange creatures- that she was allowed nowhere near. She had yet to see one but she had heard 'the Master' talking about them to a servant. Oh how it irked having to call him that, and he insisted on calling her Syliana, or pet. Helaine bristled like a wet cat, when she got out of here he would pay dearly for how he had treated her, this was demeaning. Helaine, daughter of Lord Votrin, being treated as a slave to a madman, or in Score's words- a whack-job. Oh Score, she missed him dearly, more than the others even. She thought of him constantly and she didn't know why, after all it wasn't as if they were even that great of friends anymore- as the fight they had had years ago proved. He thought her to be a spoiled brat and he, in her opinion, was a lazy, ignorant, street-rat.


Helaine sighed, what does he want now?! She walked down the stairs slowly in defiance of his demanding scream. She had to obey, but she refused to obey quickly, she was the daughter of a high ranking lord of Ordin and she refused to be submissive to this thieving, smurf. At first she had believed that maybe her captor was a minor lord, due to his amount of servants, but she had recently discovered from a servant named Elya, that this castle had once belonged to a kind high lord, but her captor had used his magic to murder the lord and subdue every servant who would not immediately submit to serve him without question or wages. Ever since then every servant who questioned an order or delayed in obeying mysteriously disappeared within less than a week of the occurrence. Although she hadn't believed it at first, Helaine now firmly believed that her mysterious captor could easily turn her into Eremin, or make her spontaneously combust for that matter. If she didn't get out of here hastily she would never escape and would be trapped here forever, most likely with Eremin inhabiting her body and mind. That was her last thought before she reached the room where "the Master" was. When she reached the room she saw Elya, with "the Master's" hand locked in her hair bending her neck back.

"You took your sweet time getting down here Pet. So I hear my little Syliana has been fraternizing with my slaves. Trying to get some information about who I am perhaps? You ruined everything Syliana, Elya used to be one of my favorites. Well I can't keep her around now can I?" after he said this he held up one hand, and long claws emerged from each of his fingers. He let them gleam in the light for a moment as Helaine stared in horror, then he brought them down into Elya's throat, then stomach, then chest, slowly he shredded her entire body to bits. At first Helaine could swear that she could hear Elya screaming before she realized they were her own horrified screams. She was completely frozen in fear and her face and neck were splattered with Elya's blood and her clothes and hair were soaked in it. Once her captor was finished shredding the corpse he stepped towards her and grabbed her blood and skin drenched hair and forced her head back. His clawed hand caressed her throat for a moment while he smiled and showed two rows of fangs. He leaned forward and his forked tongue shot from between his fangs and he licked the blood off her face and neck as slowly as possible. Helaine couldn't move, never before had she felt the muscle numbing fear she felt now, it was taking over her whole body; for the first time in her life Helaine had no control over what happened to her. The only logical thought her mind could form as her captors fangs broke the flesh of her throat, was that she wanted Score here to save her.

Why? Why did she have to ruin everything? He hadn't wanted to hurt Elya, but he couldn't let a slave that was willing to betray him live, they all had to fear him. No one feared a weak master, they would have all believed that they could get away with anything if he had let Elya live though. Oh well, Elya was unimportant. Only Eremin mattered, she belonged to him and there was no way he would let her get away this time. He would make sure she needed him. He would make sure she could never leave. He left the remains of Elya's torn corpse on the floor and stepped towards his true problem. He grabbed her silky hair which was matted with the blood of his slave and jerked her head back. She had to fear him just like all the others did. She had to fear him but he couldn't help himself he had to touch her neck. His fingers stroked her throat as gently as he could. She still felt the same as always. He slowly licked the blood off her face and neck savoring the mix of thick blood, salty sweat and the sweet flavor of skin. He had to make her need him; she had to be his forever. He had to make sure she could never leave. He slowly brought his head down and bit into the flesh of her throat, sucking the blood out of her delicate figure. She would be his forever; she could never leave him after this.

Score couldn't help it he was worried sick about Helaine. He hadn't even been able to sleep at all for the last two nights. Instead of sleeping he had spent the whole night scrying for her. He had to find her before something really bad happened to her. Who knew what kind of creep had taken her from him. Who knew what kind of sick things the perv probably wanted her for? No one who would be willing to steal a young girl from her bead while she was sleeping could be trusted not to hurt Helaine. He was probably keeping her locked in a dungeon and only feeding her bread and water. He was probably beating her daily. And if the perv had tried to do anything to her, Score would kill him even more slowly and violently then he was already going to do. He would burn the jerk-off's junk off if he had tried ANYTHING!!!!! NO! He had to calm down, Helaine would be fine. She wasn't hurt. She was a little uncomfortable and maybe a little scared, being taken away from home and all, but she was fine. And the asshole didn't take her for any reason other than her magical abilities. Besides, even if the little perv did take her for other reasons Helaine was tough and would be able to keep the creep from doing anything to her. She would cut off any body part that was easiest to get rid of from what ever angle she was at when the jerk tried anything. Yeah, Helaine could handle herself. Score began to cry and scream at the same time. He would die if he lost her. She was everything to him, he couldn't live without her, he loved her. And he would go to hell and back to make sure she came home to him safely.

When Helaine woke up the following morning the first thing she noticed was how fatigued she felt, as if she had been completely drained of all her blood. But that was impossible, "the Master" had bit her but there was no way he could have drained her of blood that way. She couldn't remember anything after he had bit her, but if she had been drained of all her blood then there was no way she could still be alive. Or was there? It didn't matter because it couldn't have happened anyway. The second thing she noticed was that she was no longer in her room. Instead she was in what appeared to be a dungeon cell. Oh no, how was she supposed to get out of here? She got off the stone bed she had been lying on and stepped up to the cell bars. She had only been standing there for a few moments before "the Master" walked up to her cell. She immediately walked to the very back of the cell to put herself as far from him as possible. He snarled at her once she did this.

"I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE YOU, YOU PATHETIC SLAVE!!! HOW DARE YOU RUN FROM ME?!" then he unlocked the cell and flung the door open, he snagged a whip from outside and stormed in. His claws emerged once again and he ripped Helaine's shirt off then he proceeded to whip her with a strength that defied his age.

How dare she do this to me? I am the only one who can save her, doesn't she know that? SHE NEEDS ME!!!!!

His face was contorted in blind rage as he beat her mercilessly.

Suddenly his mind clicked as to what he was doing, he was destroying what belonged to him.

Helaine glanced up with tears streaming down her filthy blood stained face once the beating stopped abruptly. She gathered the tattered remnants of her shirt together and held them against her chest, she couldn't stop crying. Her captor looked at her for a few moments before he walked out of her cell shut and locked the door threw the whip down and left. Helaine cried harder than she had ever done before, unfortunately these were only the first of more than a thousand desperate tears that would come.

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