"PIKACHU!" A jolt of electricity woke up Choco Ketchum in the morning.

One glance at the watch and she jumped out of bed. It was 10:35.

"Pika! I told you to wake my up at 10:00!" Shouted Choco as she got dress quickly.

Pika was what Choco had called Pikachu when she was small and now she thought of it as a good nickname.

"Hey, it's innocent, you just wouldn't wake up!" Said Misty.

"How could I not wake up! I'mto get a starter pokemontoday!" Said Choco fumbling around the room.

"I don't know Strawberry, you gained your father's sleeping ability." Said Misty as Choco dashed past her into the hallway and down the stairs.

Choco Ketchum was your regular 10-year-old ready to start her journey. Her nickname, Strawberry, came from her short,light redish hair. Her light chocolate eyes were where her name came from. She was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt with a hood and jeans and a pokemon belt of which her dad had helped her catch some pokemon.

"I'm going to the lab! Be right back!" Shouted Choco and the front door slammed shut.

Misty sighed and Pikachu bounced into the next room to wake up Ash.

Meanwhile, Choco raced down to the lab, which wasn't that hard, just for the point she was already late. Getting there, she saw her rival, Kathy Oak, had already picked a pokemon and was coming out of the lab.

"Well well, what did your little Pikachu drag in today?" She taunted with a smirk.

"Whatever." Choco was in no mood to argue.

Rushing into the lab, she found Professor Oak waiting patiently.

"I know I'm late." Started Choco before she got a lecture of being on time, "But can I have a starter?"

Professor Oak looked a bit disappointed,

"I'm sorry, Kathy took the last starter, a Squirtle, just like her dad." Said Oak.

Choco's eyes widened, then brimmed with tears.

"So I have to wait?"

The professor looked at her and sighed.

"Just like your dad, well I guess I could give you one of these."

He walked to the back of the lab and to a play pen of pokemon.

"I just have this Eevee left that no one wanted, I guess you could have it." He said and it jumped into Choco's arms happily.

"I'll take it! How 'bout it buddy, want a nickname?"

The Eevee nodded, wagging its tail excitedly.

"How about... Usagi?"

Eevee shook her head.


Another shake.

"How about after my nickname, Ichigo?"

This time Eevee, or Ichigo, jumped into Choco's arms happily.

"Ok, Ichigo, return."

A red beam of light shot from the pokeball Choco was holding but Eevee dodged it.

"Come on, Ichigo..." Said Choco.

Ichigo shook her head.

"Fine, you can stay out of your pokeball, just don't make too much trouble." Said Choco rolling her eyes.

While walking out of the lab, Kathy stopped her.

"My starter is stronger." She said smirking.

"Ichigo could beat you anyday." Said Choco definately.

"Yeah, right, a stupid little Eevee? I don't think so." Kathy laughed.

"Fine, we'll see, go Ichigo!" Said Choco.

"Let's show 'em Squirtle!" Said Kathy releasing a pokeball as a blue turtle pokemon came out.

"Ichigo, Agility!"

"Squirtle, Water Gun!"

"Eevee, when you're close enough, use Quick Attack!"

Before Kathy could change her mind, Ichigo popped up behind Squirtle and Tackled the little turtle pokemon right in the head, making it take severe damage and having it recoil slightly.

"Squirtle, Withdraw!"

"Ichigo, Shadow Ball!"

"Squirtle, Rapid Spin!"

"Ichigo, Bite!

Ichigo's Shadow Ball hit an empty target as Squirtle's hard shell hit Ichigo's body,Ichigo bite down hard on it and both pokemon jumped back on contact, obviously hurt and worn out.

"Ichigo, End this with Flail!"

"Squirtle, Iron Tail!"

Both pokemon ran towards each other but Ichigo was quicker and hit Squirtle with a devestating Flail attack and it fainted.

"YES! Ichigo! Nice job!" Said Choco picking up the little dog pokemon and swinging it around.

"Yes, that was a indeed a good battle." Said Professor Oak.

The two turned around, both were so engrossed battling that neither had seen him watching.

"Kathy, you didn't see her Eevee's speed and failed to use it against her. Maybe you should train up a bit." He continued.

Kathy just huffed and walked out to the road leading out of town.

"So what kind of team do you want to raise?" Said Professor Oak as he turned to Choco.

"I want to raise Dragon Pokemon, except for Ichigo, that is. I love Eevees too! I already have some." Said Choco as Eevee took residence on Choco's shoulder.

"That is great. You should get going now, your parents would like to see your pokemon and I know Ash doesn't like to wait!" Said Professor Oak and he headed back inside the lab.

Choco walked back home quickly, excited to start her own adventure.

"I so proud of ya! I even had Brock come!" Said Misty upon seeing her arrival.

"Really?"Asked Choco happily.

She LOVED Brock's cooking. It was better then what her mom made.Which no one knew exactly what it was.

"Hey there Strawberry, what going on?" Said Brock as he walked to the door.

"I'm going to be a Dragon Master!" Replied Choco.

"Pika, pika!" Said Pikachu hopping down the stairs with her favorite blue backpack in his hands.

"Thank you Pika!" Said Choco as she looked inside.

Everything was packed, including some of Brock's famous rice balls.

"Thanks so much Brock! I love your cooking!" Said Choco.

"You should get going now." Said Ash from behind.

"DAD! When did you come?" Asked Choco.

"Vee!" Chirped Ichigo.

"I just woke up, thanks to some certain people." He said.

"Well, I guess Dad's right, I better get going." Said Choco and Misty hugged her tightly and gave a million instructions like calling them at every PokeCenter, to be careful of wild pokemon, etc.

"Ok! Bye!" Said Choco waving and taking out her PokeNav.

Now the PokeNavs were more advanced and had a PokeDex in them so you wouldn't need to carry around two things. Route 1 was easy to navigate and short so she got to the next city by nightfall with a couple battles along the way.

Deciding to take a rest at the PokeCenter, she booked a room and got into bed. It was nice and comfy with Ichigo slept right next to her hands. The next morning, Choco woke up and looked at the clock. It said 8:30. Pretty early to wake up alone.

Choco shook Ichigo slightly and it hopped onto her shoulder as she headed towards the cafeteria to grab a bite. The whole cafeteria was almost empty and there was barely any foods left.

"Hey, you must be a pretty new trainer." Said a voice and she turned to see a boy about her age sitting at a table with a Jolteon.

"Yeah, how do you know?" Said Choco grabbing some food and sittin down at his table.

"All experienced trainers know that you need to get up early to get the good foods." He said and stopped himself,

"I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Sean(AN: Pronounced Shawn) Birch and that is Thunder." He said and his Jolteon gave a friendly growl.

"I'm Choco Ketchum, but most people call me Starwberry.I just started my journey yesterday and my starter pokemon is Ichigo." Said Choco pointing to her Eevee.