(A/N: The song Come What May is sung by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman from the movie Moulin Rouge. I suggest listening to the song while you read it.)

Come What May, for I will love you until the end of time…

Never knew I could feel like this

Like I've never seen the sky before

To Lily, the snow in Hogsmeade looked so much more beautiful and wonderful than ever before, just because she finally had James. Just by his smile, the world seemed to be the most glorious place on earth.

Want to vanish inside your kiss

Lily smiled at James then kissed him so lightly. "We're having a baby!" she said in an excited whisper. James smiled, tears in his eyes and pulled her into his arms. He was holding her so delicately, as if she would break. James loved her so much, and now they were having a beautiful baby together…

Everyday I love you more and more

"As Lily and James start a new chapter in their lives, they will become even more in love, if possible. They will learn to trust and support each other on a whole new level. So I raise my glass to James and Lily Potter, who will stay together until the end of time." Marissa said, raising her glass and taking a sip. James kissed Lily on the forehead, pulling her closer.

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing

Telling me to give you everything

"Always take care of my baby girl. Never let anything happen to her. Always love her and let her be as happy as she possibly can be," Rob said.

James nodded. He was smiling. "Of course sir. I would die before anything would happen to her. I love her so much. I promise I will always take care of her."

Seasons may change winter to spring

But I love you, until the end of time

Come What May

Come What May

I will love you until my dying day

She snuggled closer to James, and felt herself getting drowsy. "I think I'm going to go to sleep. 'Night James." Lily said while yawning.

James pulled her closer and rested his head on the top of hers. "'Night Lily. I love you."

"I love you back." Lily muttered sleepily. James fell asleep to Lily's breathing.

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

Harry looked up at James as he smiled down on him, putting Harry on the floor. Harry looked around then started to get up on his feet. He slowly walked over to Lily and the ball. Eventually Harry made it over there and took the ball again. Lily had tears in her eyes and smothered him in kisses, which Harry giggled and put his tiny fingers on her nose. James scooted over to them and put an arm around Lily's waist.

"He's going to be a genius," James said.

"Of course! With such brilliant parents like us!" Lily said, kissing him. "I love you," she said, putting her head in between his shoulder and neck.

"I love you too. And I love you Harry!" James said, leaning down and putting his forehead on Harry's. Harry smiled and reached up and took his glasses off, putting them on his head.

Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace.

Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste

It all revolves around you

"You have no idea how much I care about you. If anything were to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to go on. You are the center of my world. I love you so much James. Everything about you. I love that look in your eyes after you've pulled an amazing prank. I love the way you laugh at the stupid things Sirius does. I love the way your hair sticks up all over the place. I love the way you look at me every day, with your eyes so full of love that I can't believe I am so lucky to have this. I love the way you care so much about others. I love you with every fiber of my being. Words cannot even begin to describe my love for you. All I know is that I love you more than life itself. James, you were meant for me. I was born to mess up your hair even more. I was meant to embarrass you by tickling you in front of your friends. You were given to me to cuddle with by the fire. I was given to you to go on walks holding hand around the lake. You're the one I'm supposed to spend hours getting ready for. Especially when it annoys you and you tell me I'm beautiful when I just roll out of bed. My lips were meant to be against yours. Your hand was custom made to fit in mine. I love you so much. And I will for the rest of my life and more. I love you James Potter, you're the one I'm meant for now and forever. I love you."

And there's no mountain to high

No river too wide

"Listen baby! Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough baby!" James and Sirius sang out, dancing a little bit, which wasn't a bad thing since they were both pretty good dancers.

Lily wasn't too terribly embarrassed to sing, but Marissa sure was. "If you need me, call me, no matter where you are, no matter how far."

"Don't worry baby!"

"Just call my name, I'll be there in a hurry, you don't have to worry, cause baby there," Marissa had gotten used to the stage and the four of them sang in a duet, the whole Great Hall clapping and cheering.

"Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you."

The guys took over singing again. "Remember the day I set you free, I told you you could always count on me girl. From that day on I've made a vow, I'll be there when you want me, some way, somehow. Cause baby there,"

They went back into a duet, getting more into the song and dancing along. "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you babe!"

"Oh no, no, no!" the girls sang.

"No, no darling!" the boys sang.

"No wind, no rain!" the girls sang out, both holding the note.

Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side

Storm clouds may gather and stars may collide

"Merry Christmas," James said, handing Lily a piece of paper rolled up and tied with a blue ribbon. Lily looked at it curiously as she unrolled it, then gasped.

"Oh James, this is marvelous!" Lily said, staring at the paper. "I can't believe you bought me a star!"

James grinned. "Not just a star. A constellation of a lily in the sky. I named it Lily-Amara."

Lily smiled widely, then ran to her room and got out her universe box. She opened it up and clearly said, "Lily-Amara," A constellation of a lily appeared right in front of her. "There it is!" Lily said excitedly. She grabbed the constellation out of the sky and examined it. "It's so beautiful! I love you," Lily said kissing James. James didn't even have to say it back; he expressed all of his emotions in that kiss.

But I'll love you until the end of time.

Come What May

Come What May

I will love you until my dying day

Oh Come What May

Come What May

I will love you, I will love you…

"Ever since you came into our compartment on the train to Hogwarts, your beauty took my breath away. Then through the year I got to know you and I loved you even more. I've always known you were the one for me. Every time I see you my heart goes crazy and I still can't believe I was so lucky as to have found you. If anything ever happened to you I wouldn't be able to live. Lily, I love you. You've heard me say it over a million times to you, over and over again, so have Sirius and Remus and Peter, which they remind me about constantly." James grinned over to his best men, then turned back to his bride. "But I love you. I love the way you almost trip when you're in a hurry walking down the stairs. I love the way you mess up your hair when you're stressed, studying for a test. I love the way you smile at me from the Quidditch stands. I love the way you nod and say yes when you're so into a book you don't notice I'm there. I love the fact that you can be a teacher's pet and a Marauder at the same time. I love you, every single part of you. I love you."

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place…

Lily smiled as she set her keys on the table by the door. There were her two boys, fast asleep on the couch with the TV on low. James had his head turned towards the TV but his eyes were closed and he was softly snoring. In his arms was Harry, getting bigger every day. Harry's head was also turned towards the TV, his little baby hands clutched onto James' shirt, a little drool coming out of his mouth. Lily quietly tipped over and kissed both her boys on the head. James smiled in his sleep and Harry cooed.

Come What May

Come What May

I will love you until the end of time…

The minister smiled and said, "From the power invested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." James and Lily smiled. James grabbed her waist and she wrapped her hands around his neck. James then pulled her into a kiss. The whole congregation started clapping. They finally pulled apart and James pulled Lily in the air and spun her around.

"I never want to let you go," James said quietly…

"Please don't leave me James," Lily whispered, tears escaping her eyes…

"You're going to be the star Quidditch player, Harry, and I'm going to come to all of the matches at Hogwarts," James said proudly, spinning Harry in the air as he giggled and said, "Dada!"

"And then when you're older, you'll go to Hogwarts and learn how to do magic. You'll make a ton of friends and be one of the greatest wizards ever," Lily said, looking down on Harry and seeing he was fast asleep in her arms. She carefully laid him in bed and kissed his little baby hand. "Nothing will ever happen to you, Harry. I promise…"

We will always be together, in life or death, as one…