Title: Consumption

Author: Hebi R.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer:I do not own Harry Potter. I am happy not to own the Dementors.

I love to feed. In an existence filled with cold mist, feeding provides me with the only light I can bear.

I enjoy the taste of happiness. Happy memories fill me up in a way that despairing thoughts never can. They are rich and sweet. Though some gobble them down, I like to consume them slowly. I savor the feeling of joy in my mouth, with all its flavors and complexity.

I love the texture of a soul as it slides down my gullet, and the feeling of warmth within me that lasts for days afterwards. For a time after I consume a soul, I can open my eyes. I can see color. It is a feast of a different kind, yet is every bit as delectable.

It never lasts long. Soon, the memories begin to fade. A new harvest from an old source yields only bitter fruit. Soon, the soul loses its warmth, and the colors fade again. My eyes become cloudy once more, and before long I cannot open them at all. Pleasure flees so rapidly.

I must always seek more memories and souls. More sweet sensations that try so hard to flee. I will consume them. Forever.