Spring Fling

Yeah, I know...your thinking, it's just another one of those stories were their going on vacation, but this one will be good I swear!

Anyway...few notices I will point out.

This story will have the following couples.

BbxRae(Their my favorite so their may be a little more of them then the others)

RobxStar(Their my second favorite so they'll be in here)

CyxBee, and...AqualadxTerra or SpeedyxTerra, I like them both and I haven't decided which one it's gonna be. But I have a feeling it will be Aqualad. Anyway to the rating.

The rating will be T. I usually write M's but I think I can write a T. It will be rated T for most likely...sexual situation. If you don't like them I'll warn you and I wont go into too much detail too were it would be an M, but I will have a little detail(but mostly for BbxR)

Now for their ages...just to get this clear.

Robin: 19


Cyborg: 19

Beast Boy(gar): 18

Raven: 18

Speedy: 17

Aqualad: 18

Terra: 17

Chapter One: All Aboard

The titans were all sleeping , all except for one. 1 of 9 was awake. The titans east which consisted of Aqualad, Bumblebee, Speedy and their newest member Terra were staying the night at Titans tower. Mas and Menos are gone and joined another crime fighting team for littler kids. Raven, laid back on the couch, trying to relax. She couldn't get to sleep, a bad case of insomnia. The moon light the room dimly and created a comfortable atmosphere.

"Why does this place have to be so boring?"

"Because, it's only 5 in the morning" A deep voice answered her.

"Cy? What are you doing up this early?"

"I should ask you the same thing" He said smiling at her.

"Don't play with me this morning! I'm not in the mood"

He chuckled.

"Well for you info miss attitude, I was getting up to tell you something"

"How did you know I was going to be up this early?"

"Beast Boy told me, he said he knew you get up this early"

"That little stalker, I'll get him when he wakes up"

He laughed again.

"He said that you would say that, so he told me to tell you that he wasn't stalking you, he just happened to remember that Robin said he always sees you up this early when he wakes up to get his coffee"


"Well anyway, what are you doing up so early?" He said.

"Insomnia...I can't sleep a wink"

"I know how to cure that" He said opening a drawer.

"Look, hot milk isn't going to work"

"Not hot milk Raven" He walked back over to her after shutting the drawer quietly and showed her a bunch of pamphlets.

"What are these?"

"Well I figured, If I can get Robin to agree that we would take a little vacation"

Her eyes lit up and sparkled slightly.

"A vacation? Really? Ohhh Cy you're the best! You have to get him to agree. I vacation would be great. We haven't had a vacation for a really long time, like when we first started out as a team! This will be sooo fun, where do you plan on going?"

"I was think all across the states. We start out in California, where we live and we travel all the way over to the east side to drop off titans east! Then we'll just come back"

"That sounds great" She hugged and sighed.

"You're the best" She said quietly,

"Shh if Bee sees she'll get mad at me!"

"You two do have an affair then?" She cocked an eyebrow cornering him.

"You can see through anything can't you!" He said yelling which caused Terra to wake up.

"What's with all the yelling?" Terra said getting up.

"Sorry Terra, we were just having a little discussion and it got out of hand" Raven said blushing.

Terra looked at Cyborg then Raven then back again.

"Whatever" She said yawning and moving into the kitchen.

Several Hours later

Cy grinned at Raven who was staring at all the titans who were eating their lunches.

"Do you think we should ask him now Raven?"

She nodded and hopped over the couch. She walked carefully over to Robin, not wanting to catch any unnecessary glances from her fellow titans. Cyborg followed her with all the packets in his hands.

"Hey Robin" She said

"Hey Raven, I haven't really seen you this morning, how come?"

"Well me and Cy wanted to ask you something" She said smiling.

"You and Cy, what do you want?"

Cyborg cleared his throat.

"Robin we were wondering...well we've been doing really well with the crime fighting and all, and the it seems that the villains are giving us a long break so me and Rae were wondering because we think we deserve it, we were wondering if we could go on a...vacation" He said gulping.

Robin just stared at him. His mask lowered.

"You guy wanna go on some vacation and leave the city unprotected?"

"No, that's what police are for!" Raven said.

Robin rubbed his chin.

"Well it is about time they actually do their job, I mean, once were gone I don't think there are going to be many superhero's that wanna help such a small city like Jump City..." He rubbed his chin again.

"Well Robin?" Raven said inching closer to him, waiting impatiently. Normally she would have waited. But she really want this, a really nice vacation, yeah she could defiantly imagine one.

"Well...as long as the city is well protected, I think we'll be able to manage a little trip" He said looking at the now ecstatic Raven. She flew into the air and flew around in circles.

"This is glorious! And I never used that word before" She flew down the hallways with incredible speed. Knocking over a certain green titan.

"Ow! Hey watch where your...going?" He said watching the beaming empath. He stomped into the lobby angry.

"Alright! Who made Raven so happy!" He said whining. "You guys know that I wanted to be the first to make her do that!" He said stomping his foot.

"Sorry B, Robin agreed to let the titans go on a vacation!" Cy yelled throwing up many packets.

Beast Boy's lips grew to a smile that stretched across his face from ear to ear.

"Yahoo! This is gonna be sooo awesome!" He said dancing happily. He stopped when he saw a blonde approaching. He stopped and his smile instantly vanished. After realizing that Terra actually didn't value their relationship, he realized that he wasn't in love with the blonde girl anymore, but with someone else. Someone who played an extreme game of hard to get. She was mysterious and beautiful and loved her, but he wouldn't tell anyone.

Terra bounced in front of him.

"Isn't this great BB!" Shw said slinging her arms around BB's shoulders"

"Yeaaah.." he said picking her arm off.

"Look could you stop hanging all over me like that? I'm not your boy toy anymore okay, so stop that" He said walking away to his room. Of course she followed.

"Soooo where do you think we'll go first? I hope it's somewhere romantic" She said batting her eyelashes.

"That's nice Terra but I'm not interested in dating you if that's what you want"

"Poor Beasty Boo, your in denial"

"Would you not call me that?" He said angrily as he walked into his room. Pulling a suitcase out from under his bed he stuffed some clothes in it.

"Well at least I wont have to wear my uniform he said tugging at the top. Then he realized Terra was still their watching his every move.

"Uhh Terra, do you mind?" He said growling.

She shook her head.

"Nope, not really" She pulled her hand from a bucket and munched on some popcorn .

"Well I kinda do, so do you think that you could maybe leave, I need to get undressed"

"Oh BB, I don't mind if you change in front of me" She said giggling.

"Just leave Terra, I'm not changing with you in the room"

Yeah but maybe you'll change with your true love Raven in the room huh. His other side said to him. He hit his head against his bed pole. Terra just watched him.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh...it helps with the...the...the memory process, it helps you remember stuff!" He said nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh! Cool! I'll have to go try that! You stay here, I'll be right back" She said running out of the room

He sighed in annoyance. And shook his head while packing stuff in the suitcase.

"She's annoying ain't she"

"R..Raven!" He said blushing. His shirt had been taken off and she was staring hin directly in the face, Her complexion did not change though. No hint of red was on her face.

"Ahem well I was just coming to tell you that were all packed, everyone is, so I just wanted to come and get you" She said. Her emotions were dancing with glee inside her head while she stared at the bare chested boy.

Man does he look hot! Don't you just wanna cuddle up to that Raven? Don't you just wanna lay underneath him, sweating and panting and dreaming of... she cut the lustful emotion off and stared at the changeling with a slight pinkish tint to her face. He smiled, looking at her flustered face.

"It's okay Rae, you don't have anything to blush about, just go ahead and tell the others that'll I'll be out in a minute" He said slipping another shirt on. A tight black shirt that showed his muscles which were now rippling. She blushed again and ran out the door.

"She can't resist me" He said to himself

He packed a few more clothes and wandered into the bathroom, packing his toiletry items.

All of the other 8 titans were in the lobby waiting for the green titan who was taking longer then expected.

"Where is friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked looking at Bumblebee who was tapping her foot impatiently.

"I don't know, but if he don't show up soon, I'll tell Sparky to tell everyone to get in the camper and to leave without him!" She said.

Robin shook his head and watched Terra who was waiting very patiently humming a tune.

The teen stepped into the room and was greeted by a glomp that landed him on the floor.

"Terra! Get off me!"

"Oh I missed you BB! I was so worried that that nasty witch did something to you!" She said pointing to Raven

"Don't go blaming Raven! She didn't do anything! And don't call her nasty because she's my friend and I take that as in insult" He said growling.

"Sorry BB"

Cyborg cleared her throat.

"How about we load all the luggage and sort out were everyone is sleeping and then show you around the camper" Everyone shrugged and walked outside. Robin made sure their were 15 different security codes and 25 different codes and locks so that noone would possibly be able to get in the tower. Their luggage was loaded in the back of the trailer.

"Kay everyone, there are a total of 6 beds, 6 chairs their's a kitchen, a bathroom, with a shower for the girl and one for the boys, and there is a little extra space for just doing anything. So we'll decide who sleeps where now okay?" He said

They all nodded and Terra raised a hand.

"Yes terra?"

"Can I sleep with Beast Boy?"

Cyborg paused.


"Girl with girls and guys with guys"

"Well doesn't that seem wrong" Robin said.

Cyborg hit his forehead

"Fine! Whoever wants to sleep together can!"

Terra ran over to Beast Boy.

"Nope, sorry Terra, I don't really feel comfortable sleeping with someone who wants to watch me undress.

Her face fell.


"Oh...well I guess I was expecting a little much.

Bee raised her hand shyly.

"I'll sleep with Sparky" She said blushing.

Robin pointed to a chair.

"I'll sleep on that one by myself"

Cyborg said nodding.

"Ohhh! I would like to accompany friend Terra!" Starfire said. Terra nodded and they went to pick their bed. Aqualad hopped on a bed and Speedy chose his.

"Well BB, Raven looks like you'll be in the same bed, unless one of you wants to trade"

"I will trade you friend Raven if you do not wish too.

Please say no, please say no" Beast boy's mind pleaded

"Sorry but no thanks Star, there is no way I'm sleeping in the same bed, the same room as that little...blonde she said yelling.

"I'm sure Beast Boy wont mind if I stay in the same bed as him" She said staring at him in the eyes. He blushed

"Of course not Raven" He said patting the bed, telling her sit down.

Robin sighed and handed Cyborg 20 dollars.

"Ha! See I told you that Raven would say no to Starfire and she wants to sleep in the same bed as her darling Beast Boy" He said batting his eyelashes.

"They would make a cute couple wouldn't they" Robin said.

Cyborg nodded.

He looked at everyone chatting and spoke up.

"Alright everyone! Sit down! Were gonna start moving now!" Cyborg went up to the drivers seat and sat down buckling himself in. Surprisingly their was already someone in the passenger seat.


"I thought you could use a little company"

He blushed

"Thanks Bee"

Meanwhile in the back of the bus. Robin and Starfire sat at the table playing a card game. Terra was busy staring at Raven hatefully and coming up with a list of ways to kill her. Aqualad and Speedy were rambling on about something, who knows what? Because they were inaudible.

Raven stood in the middle of the walkway path looking out the window. The camper stared to move over some bumpy ground. She stumbled and fell backward but was caught by a pair of muscular arms around her petite waist.

"Whoa there Raven! Wouldn't want you hurt yourself!" Beast Boy said lowering her down onto the bed and holding her in his arms against his chest.

"Beast Boy...I..." What am I saying, I really enjoy this, maybe I could just stay like this for a little while. She sighed and laid her head against his chest and closed her eyes.

Beast Boy moved a stand of hair from her forehead and kissed it softly.

"Sweet dreams" He said looking at her peaceful face.

Terra looked at her with jealousy in her eyes and heart.

You will pay for this half demon, I swear to god you will! I will win him over and then you'll be sorry or my name isn't Tara Markov!

She grinned evilly and smiled looking away.

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