Chapter 9: The Hike Back and Green River

The sun started to rise like it always did and shined over the whole country, and where the titans were currently sleeping. Aqualad, who was always the first to wake up, was outside sitting on a tree stump reading another novel. (Man this dude reads a lot)

A few minutes later, Terra woke up and noticed that Aqualad was gone. She sat up and stretched letting out a silent yawn and crept out of the tent, making sure she didn't crawl on anything on her way out. She saw Aqualad sitting on the tree stump reading a novel called Killing Bliss(A/N: I actually read this one, it's really really good! If your into adult romance novels!)

"Hey Aqualad, what are you doing?"

"Just reading a book" He said flipping the pages.

"How do you read so many of them?"

"Well, I guess that I love to read so much that I can never put it down until I'm finished the whole thing"

"Maybe, I could read one of the ones you brought?" She said blushing.

He smiled.

"Your more then welcome to! I mean I can recommend some if you really like certain things"

"That would be really nice" She said looking at him and then to a moving tent.

"Who's tent is that?"

"Umm I believe it's Bumblebee's" He said scratching his head and putting a bookmark in between the pages marking them before he closed it.

Bumblebee walked out of her tent and made a loud yawn. Like she cared if anyone woke up. She walked into the main little circle where Aqualad and Terra were and sat down on the ground.

"Hey, what yall doing?" She said sleepily.

"I just got up" Terra said. "And I was talking to Aqualad about his books, he's gonna let me read one of them" She said clapping her hands.

"Hey Terra, can I talk to you in private?" Bumblebee said looking at her.

She shrugged,

"Sure no harm" She said and she stood up and followed Bumblebee who was walking down to a little lake behind their campsite.

"What did you want to talk about?" Terra asked her.

"Well Terra, I was wondering if maybe you've finally gotten over Beast Boy? I mean it seams like it, you've been hanging around with Aqualad a lot lately"

Terra sighed.

"I knew this would come up sooner or later. Actually Bee, I think I have. I mean maybe not 100 but yeah pretty much"

"Really, why?"

"I realized that he's happy with his bitch and he doesn't want me anymore, and besides, someone smart told me that I cant make him miserable just so I'm happy, If I truly love him, I should let him go" She said sighing and frowning.

"Whoever told you that is smart" She said knowing that it was Starfire, only cause she's like the smartest when it comes to this kind of stuff.

"So do you like Aqualad now?"

"Yeah Bee, I think I do, he's really nice, and he stands up for me, not like Beast Boy who just yells at me, can you believe he threw my $75 hair spray out the window!" She scoffed.

"He didn't" She said gasping.

"He did" She looking at her.

"That's it, no more mrs nice bee, I'm angry!"She yelled and she pulled her fist into a ball.

"I guess I was wrong" Terra said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well before I was talking to Star and she said that everyone didn't hate me, she was right, Aqualad doesn't hate me, Robin doesn't, Starfire doesn't and you don't!"

"Cyborg doesn't either, he just didn't like that you were spending like 10 minutes worth of quarters"

"Hey, even though were out here I still have to keep some beauty" She said.

"I heard that" Bumblebee said and gave Terra a high five.

Aqualad was still sitting on the stump. He caught mumbles of the conversation the two girls were having but nothing more. He turned his head when he saw a sleepy Robin coming out of his tent and sitting down.

"Hey Aqualad" he said yawning.

"Hi Robin."

"So, how is our dysfunctional team doing this morning?"

"Well Terra is up, Bumblebee and her are talking, I'm talking to you and everyone else is asleep" He said.

"Raven isn't up?"

"No, why?"

"She's normally up before all of us"

"Well she did take a few hits yesterday, I think the medicine Beast Boy gave her to calm her headache is keeping her asleep" Aqualad said looking to the unmoving tent.

"Or, they could be up to something and still sleeping" Robin said.

Aqualad picked up his hand and brushed the air, like brushing that idea away.

"Are you kidding? Raven would never, she's too...Ravenish, it isn't her style"

"Yeah, well you never know, people change" Robin said and he looked around.

"So Star isn't up yet?"

Aqualad shook his head.


Cyborg came from inside his tent and sat down next to Robin.

"What's goin on yall?"

"Nothing much Cy" Aqualad said looking back to where the girls were talking.

"Relax Aqualad, Bee isn't gonna kill her, their just talking" Cyborg said

"It's not that, I'm just, I don't know waiting for the others to come out of their tents, I'm bored here and I wanna move on you know?" He said looking away from them now.

Cyborg nodded.

"As soon as Beast Boy is up were going, he can carry Raven and Robin can carry Star" He said.

Aqualad nodded.

"When was this decided?" Robin said jumping up.

"When we all realized that you like Starfire"

"And when was that?"

"Oh, like when we first started this team" Aqualad and Cyborg said laughing a little.

"Well I don't think it's funny!"

"But you don't doubt that it's true?"

"No I don't doubt it, but I'm saying that it's not funny, you don't make fun of Beast Boy!"

"That's cause the dude has been through a lot in the past, especially after the first Terra scene" Cyborg said.

"I've had a troubled past! I was forced to be Slade's apprentice!"

"Well, were talking romantic disasters, not past experiences of evil"

There was a shuffled and then a sleepy Beast Boy appeared.

"What the hell are you guys fighting about? I mean seriously"

"Well, nothing but now that your awake, were gonna get going" Cyborg said walking to his tent and getting Bumblebee who started to pack up her stuff.

"I guess I'm carrying Raven then?"

Aqualad shrugged.

"Unless you want Speedy to carry her"

Beast Boy's face lit up.

"Great idea!" He said and he ran to Speedy's tent. His tent was all the way in the back and away from everyone else's except for Beast Boy and Raven's.

He un zippered his tent.

"Hey Speedy?"

Speedy rose and looked at Beast Boy with a blank face.

"Oh Beast Boy, it's you" He said rolling over.

"What are you doing here?" He said.

"Well were like about ready to go and I was wondering, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what?"

"Could you carry Raven the way down?"

Speedy's eyes lit up.

"You mean it! Your gonna let me?"

Beast Boy shrugged.

"She trusts you doesn't she" He said

"This is so cool! But what are you doing?":

"I'm gonna help carry the stuff" He said and he walked away.

Speedy threw off his covers and got changed quickly. He packed all of his things in his bag and then stepped outside the tent. He started to take down the tent and put it all nice and ready for Beast Boy to carry. Beast Boy who had Raven walked over to Speedy.

"She's barley awake, so be carful"

Speedy nodded and took the sleeping girl in his arms. He smiled instantly as he held her.

"She's light"

"I know" Beast Boy said slinging the two tents over his shoulders along with three bags.


Robin packed up the rest of his stuff and Starfire's stuff and was now ready to get her. He hesitantly walked over to where she was sleeping and picked her up. She didn't stir, she didn't even wake. She just snuggled closer and continued to sleep. Robin blushed and met everyone else in the middle of the campsite.

"Well then, I guess were all ready to go huh?" Cyborg said. Everyone nodded and they started back down the trail.

They were already most of the way down the trail when Starfire began to stir. Robin started to freak out and accidently dropped her.

"Starfire! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! I didn't mean it I was just so...I don't know what came over me! Please don't kill me!"

"Robin, I do appreciate the apologizing, but I will not kill you for dropping me, I understand that I was too heavy and you couldn't hold me any longer"

"No that's not it Star, I was just freaking out is all, I've never done that before for so long and I kinda just froze up or something"

"No need Robin, besides, I needed to wake up some time today" She giggled. "Now I wish I could say the same for Raven. Does she even know she is being carried by him?" She said.

"I don't know, but she may have a heart attack when she finds out, or, he will" Robin said smiling. He also saw their Rv over the hill.

"Alright! Were almost their!" Beast Boy said looking at the Rv and then to Speedy who was still carrying Raven.

"She still hasn't woken up" Beast Boy said walking closer to Speedy.

"No, it's starting to worry me"

"I know, I hope I didn't give her too much medicine last night"

"How much did you give her?"

"I gave her two normal sized advil's"

"That's not a bad amount, maybe she's just really tired, especially after that fight with Terra"

"Could be" Beast Boy said now with a hint of sadness in his voice.

They eventually made it to the RV. Raven was still not awake. Robin and Starfire were talking about the recent stops to the places they had already gone to on their never-ending adventure across the states.

"Alright yall! Were moving on now, were heading off to Green River, Utah! I hope yall will like this place"

"And let me guess were going to go white water rafting" Terra said with sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Well, no actually, we have to get their first, I'm actually not sure what were going to do their" He said. "I really don't have anything planned, this was kind of a side stop place, If I can't find anything it'll be a do whatever you feel like doing day" He said

"That means that if we can find a mall we can go their?" Terra asked. Bumblebee turned around in her seat at the mention of mall.

Cyborg shrugged.


"AWESOME! I totally love Green River!" Terra said to Bumblebee who was beaming back at her.

Cyborg just shook his head.

"Women are the weirdest creatures on this planet" He said.

"I agree" Robin said while sitting down in the passengers seat.

"Starfire was going on for like 20 minutes on how the sky looks like an art canvas and how it could be related to old world art" He said sighing and sticking out his tongue.

"Not that Star isn't interesting, but I don't really care about art" He said sighing.

Cyborg and Aqualad nodded.

When they reached the RV, Cyborg climbed into the drivers seat and Bumblebee took the passengers seat. Speedy who was still carrying Raven walked to the back of the RV where the big bed was and set her down.

"Their you go Raven, now you can sleep on something really comfortable"

She stirred but only to fall back into another sleep. Beast Boy came in next with his hands in his pockets, still feeling a little responsible.

"Beast Boy, I put her on the bed, she's still sleeping thought" He said sadly.

"I really hope she wakes up soon, I mean I gave her a little bit of medicine and they she's like knocked out for like a day already"

Aqaulad and Terra walked in next and they sat down in two of the four chairs in the main part of the RV. He pulled out two novels, the one he was reading and one he told Terra about that she asked him if she could read it. She laid back and opened the book and started to read. Robin and Starfire were the last people on the bus, Robin sat down as soon as he could while Starfire went to the fridge and started to make herself a sandwich.

"Does anybody else want one of these little sandwiches?" Starfire asked.

"I'll take one" Beast Boy said moping over to Starfire.

"What is wrong friend Beast Boy, do you not like my sandwich?" She said. He took another bite.

"No Star, the sandwich is fine, it's just, Raven's been asleep for a while and she hasn't woken up, I'm afraid I mat have given her too much medicine" He said looking at her sadly.

"DO not fear friend Beast Boy, I'm sure Cyborg could check her out" Star said. Beast Boy smiled.

"Your right!" He said and he took a last bite of his sandwich and ran to Cyborg.

"Cy could you help me for a minute?"

"But, I'm driving"

"Can't you get someone else to drive, just for a little bit, I really need your help" He said almost whining.

"Alright, don't start whining" He said looking at Bumblebee.

"You think that you can take the wheel for a little bit?"

"Sure Cy" She said and she moved to the drivers seat.

"Thanks" He said. He followed Beast Boy to the back of the RV.

"She's been asleep for a while, I think theirs something wrong"

"Beast Boy, she's sleeping, are you sure you not just over reacting?"

"Yes, I'm very sure Cy, something could be wrong"

Cyborg sighed and shook his head. He opened a cabinet near the side of the bed and pulled out a black bag. He un-zippered the bag and pulled out a metal stethoscope.

He slipped the small metal circle down her shirt and over her heart. He listened for a moment and then took off the stethoscope.

"So?" Beast Boy asked.

"Well, she's breathing, but it sounds like she's having a hard time breathing, like she's gasping for breath"

Beast Boy's face when from worried to extremely worried.

"She's okay right? She isn't gonna die or anything?"

Cyborg shook his head.

"No, but I will have to put a breathing mask on her BB" He said pulling out a breathing mask from his black doctor bag.

"How could this have happened?"

"I don't know, it could be caused from an over dosage, or a allergic reaction"

"Over dose? How much is an overdose?"

"Like if you gave her like 4 to 6 advils"

"But I gave her 2!"

"Then it's probably an allergic reaction to something" He said.

"Well she never told me that she was allergic to anything" He said

"Well, she'll wake up soon, well find out then" He said and he put his bag back into the cabinet and walked to the front. Bumblebee pulled over and stepped out of the drivers seat and Cyborg took over again.

Speedy walked in and sat on the other side of Raven.

"You heard Cy, she's gonna be alright man" He said trying to comfort him. Beast Boy's head was too the ground. He didn't want Speedy to see him crying.

"I know she'll be, but when is she gonna wake up, I'm really worried about her"

"You love her don't you" Speedy said.

Beast Boy picked up his head.

"I just take care of her and protect her Speedy, nothing more, all she sees me as is someone who protects her" He said looking at her.

"Then why do you care about her so much? You don't pay much attention to anyone else on this team, but a lot to Raven"

"Because, I just wanna get closer to her"

"And why is that?"

"Because Speedy, I guess, you were right, I guess I do" he said looking at him giving off a weak smile.

Speedy only nodded and walked out of the backroom and up to the front. Beast Boy just smiled and sat on the other side of the bed, waiting for her to wake up.

It was a few hours later when they arrived at Green River. Terra was almost jumping out of her seat waiting for some kind of news that maybe, just maybe Cyborg wouldn't be able to find something to do so she could go shopping.

"Okay yall, I found our campground and I'm gonna get checked in but then were heading out. I'm not hooking it up just yet" He said stepping out of the car.

Terra looked around and sighed.

"I guess, were not going shopping" She said hanging her head.

"Maybe Cyborg is giving you a surprise" Aqualad said trying to comfort her.

"Yeah, maybe" She said cheering back up. She saw Cyborg walked toward the RV and got really excited.

He walked in.

"Alright yall, here's the plan for today" He Said.

"Well what are we doing!" She yelled

"Well, I was planning that we just go see this Crystal Geyser and then, your free to go" He said smiling.

Terra grew the biggest grin

"You mean all we gotta do is go visit a hole that shoots water and we can go shopping!" She exclaimed.

"Yep, that's it" He said

"I love you Cyborg!" She yelled running into the back getting ready to change.

"And I really don't care" He said looking at the rest of his friends.

"Alright t hen come on, we better hurry so miss mall can get to her mall" Cyborg said sitting back down in the drivers seat.

30minuteslater 30minuteslater 30minuteslater 30minuteslater 30minuteslater 30minuteslater

"Where here!" Terra yelled. She practically jumped out of the RV.

"Where's the rock!" She said with her camera around her neck.

"Umm the geysers over their Terra" Robin said coming out of the Rv.

Everyone soon was out of the RV except Raven who was still not awake.

"BB take it easy, she'll be up soon" Speedy said.

"She better be" He said angry and upset at the same time"

The Geyser shot off a few seconds later. Terra took at least 5 pictures of the shooting water.

"YAY! Can we go now?" She asked impatiently.

"Brat" Beast Boy whispered.

"Yeah we can go" Cyborg said.

(I'm not going into detail about the mall, maybe another chapter!)

They finally came back from the mall. Each of the guys were carrying at least 3-4 bags with them from all the girl's shopping. Beast Boy had one extra he picked up. A bag of clothes for Raven.

"Well ya'll only thing left to do here is to go to bed" He said opening up a cabinet and getting a glass. He filled it with water.

"Yeah Cy's right" Beast Boy said. He yawned and headed to the back of the RV.

"Goodnight everyone" He said before shutting the door. The others just looked at the closed door and then went back to their conversations.

Beast Boy walked in unhappily and threw off his shirt. He looked at the bed and noticed that Raven wasn't there.

"Raven!" He said looking around. She was standing near the window.

"Your awake!" He said running up behind he and hugging her. "I'm so glad your awake, I thought you were never gonna wake up" He said burying his head into her back.

"Beast Boy, I'm alright, I guess my body reacted differently to the medicine.

"Then I'm not giving you that anymore" He said his voice cracking. She noticed the back of her shirt was wet.

"Beast Boy are you...crying?" She said turning around. His eyes were watery and a little red and his face was soft and wet.

"You were"

"I'm sorry, I just thought that maybe, it had killed you" He said looking at her.

She smiled.

"I'm alright" She said wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I have you guarding me right?" She said asked stuffing her face into his neck.

"Yeah you have me" He said wrapping his arms around her waist. He held her there for a few minutes, a few hours he didn't care. All he knew was that he was asleep soon, with her right their with him

Speedy's right, it's gotta be love

Sorry it took like 3 months to update! I was so busy. With school and vacation and writers block! Please forgive me!