Back To The Future

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Chapter One

"Come back here, Evans!" fifth year James Potter shouted. Lily, running as fast as she could, didn't listen. She was sick of Potter and his friends, thinking they ruled the school, though had to admit that Remus was ok. Potter was trying to corner Lily to ask her out on a date as usual. This happened often, Lily running away and Potter chasing her.

A doorway appeared to her left.

'What's this? I've never seen this before." Lily hesitated, but then she heard James coming towards her. She opened it and walked inside, her brilliant red hair whipping on her neck. As soon as the door closed, strange, yellow, flashing yellow lights. Lily covered her eyes with her hands; the light was too much for her. She felt as if she were moving, a very odd feeling.

As soon as the moving and the lights had stopped, Lily took down her hands and quickly opened the door to walk out, telling herself to remember to never go in that room again.

When Lily got outside, the area was the same, but she didn't recognize any of the people! Lily shuddered, suddenly feeling afraid, a feeling that rarely ever happened to her.

'I should probably go see Dumbledore. I hope he's the headmaster here.' Lily hoped so. She liked Dumbledore with his twinkling blue eyes, his kindness, and most importantly, his incredible wisdom that never failed anyone.

She walked over to where the headmaster's office was. There stood the familiar Gargoyle which only opened up to a password, usually a name of a candy or sweet. Lily began saying all the names of candies and sweets she could think of, but the Gargoyle stayed shut until she said, "Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans".(A/N- I couldn't remember the password)

She walked into the office, her fingers crossed for good luck. The office was a strange as usual; with all sorts of objects Lily had never seen or heard of before. When she looked at the desk, there sat Dumbledore reading a newspaper, most likely the Daily Prophet. She walked over to the desk, but Dumbledore didn't notice her until she gave a small cough to get his attention. Dumbledore looked at her, an inquisitive look on his wrinkled, old face.

"Miss Evens? What are you doing here?" Dumbledore asked after a moment.

"Er, actually, I'm not really sure. I was running away from P- a boy in my fifth year when I noticed a door. I quickly ran outside, bright lights started, and it felt like I was moving. When it stopped I ran out of the room and realized I didn't recognize any of the people. Why is that?" Lily said all in one breath. Dumbledore had a serious look on his face.

"You see, many years ago there was a very clever and curious student at Hogwarts who wanted to go forwards as well as backwards in time. As you know, a time turner can only do the backwards part, and is very complicated because your past self is there as well. In his second year this student started working on a project, but it wasn't done until his seventh. He knew he was about to leave Hogwarts forever, so he put a spell so only a few people every several years can go forwards or backwards in time." Dumbledore concluded.

"And I was one of them. What year is it, and won't people feel worried if I'm gone too long?" Lily questioned.

"1999, and as for the answer to your second question, the creator of the time machine made it so time stops until the person returns. We should change your appearance, but not too much. As for your story in why you're starting Hogwarts and aren't in your first year we'll just say that you moved to America to because your parents needed to take care of your very old grandmother, and didn't return in time, though you went to a magical school there." Lily nodded, still in shock.

"Now then, as for your appearance, "Equentia!" Dumbledore held up a mirror, and Lily was shocked to see that her brilliant emerald green eyes were now a brown so dark you couldn't see the pupils, and instead of looking like her fifth year self she looked like a fourth year.

Dumbledore looked at the expression on her face and knew what she was thinking. "Yes, you'll be a fourth year again. I feel that is the best thing to do, and you'll see why in time. Now then, it's almost dinner time, and I'll introduce you there." Lily nodded, and with that Dumbledore got out of his chair, beckoning Lily to follow.

Dumbledore led Lily to the Great Hall, which looked exactly the same as it had in her time, only with almost no familiar faces, though Lily recognized Professor McGonagall and Snape, both looking much older now sitting at the teachers table.

'Oh great, now I'm going to have to call Snape a professor. I wonder if he teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts.' Lily thought to herself. Though Lily did not approve of the treatment that James and his friends gave Snape, she did not him. Snape looked pretty much the same with his long, greasy black hair, only with more wrinkles. Snape glared at her, and Lily realized she was staring. She quickly looked away and stared at the floor instead.

Dumbledore told Lily to sit down at the Gryffindor table while he introduced her to everyone. Lily obeyed and sat down next to an Indian girl with long, black hair.

"I'm Parvati Patil. Who are you?" The girl asked. Before Lily could answer, Dumbledore started to speak.

"I have a couple things to say before you all can start your evening meal. First of all, we have a new student, a girl from Lintoot School who will be staying in Gryffindor. Her name is Lily Jacobs. Second of all, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons (A/N- sorry if their spelled incorrectly) will be arriving next week on Halloween. You may eat." And with that the tables filled up with food. Lily put some perfectly cooked shepherd's pie on her plate and began to eat.

"Why are Beauxbatons and Durmstrang coming here?" Lily asked after swallowing her first mouthful. Parvati and her best friend Lavender Brown gave her a strange look.

"You mean you haven't heard about it? Everyone, even students from America, knows about the Tri-Wizard tournament." Lavender stated, finally breaking the uncomfortable silence. Lily shrugged awkwardly and quickly changed the subject.

"So tell me what all the teachers are like." Lily said.

"Obviously I can't tell you all the teachers, but I'll tell you the main ones. You see the teacher over there in the green robes, and her hair held in a tight bun? " Parvati began, turning her head in Professor McGonagall's direction. Lily nodded. "That's Professor McGonagall. She's the head of Gryffindor, and you do not want to upset her." Parvati and Lavender took turns telling Lily about all the teachers, and before she knew it was time for bed. Lily walked towards the Gryffindor Tower, feeling happy that she had already made two friends.