I can help!

Charlie was wondering around the chocolate room when he saw Willy Wonka.

"Hello Mr. Wonka!" He said, "Where are you going?"

"Why, to the inventing room Charlie." Willy replied.

"Are you going to create a new candy?" That would be unusual, Willy always shared his ideas for new candy with Charlie.

"Umm… You can say that." Wonka turned around and walked toward the boat.

Wonder what he's going to do… Charlie thought.

Meanwhile in the inventing room Wonka was looking for an Oompa Loompa that had tasted one of his full three-corse meal bubble gum.

"Oh come on!" Wonka yelled at the Oompa Loompas that were hiding. "This gum will cure you! I think… Okay I'm 99 sure it will!"

"Mr. Wonka, what are you doing?" Charlie had just appeared from behind Wonka, which made Willy jump.

"WHOA!" Willy turned around, "My dear boy, are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"Sorry, I was just curios of what you were doing in here."

"Oh, alright."

"So… what are you making this time?"

"Actually I'm trying to cure all those Oompa Loompas who ate one my full three-corse meal bubble gum but none of them would even get close to it so they could try it… How 'bout you?"

Charlie looked at Wonka nervously and thought of an idea. "How about you try it on Violet Beauregard, she'll probably need it more that I do."

"Your right but I can't let her back into my factory!" Wonka said crossing his arms.

"Why not?"

"Why not? Why would I? She's a spoiled brat just like Mike Teavee, Veruca Salt and that other chubby kid!"

"Augustus Gloop?"

"Exactly! Oh and did I mention Veruca?"

"You've might have left her out…"

"Well yes… Wait I have a most brilliant idea!"

"What is it?"

"We can ask Violet Beauregard to come back one more time into the factory so she, and none of my Oompa Loompas, can test this candy to see if does her any good!"

Charlie looked at him in a funny way, Hey! That was my idea! He thought. "Wait, don't you mean taste?"

"No." Said Wonka smiling and shaking his head a little.

"How about Mike Teavee?"

"What about him?"

"Well. He's three times the size of his dad and he's three millimeters fat."

"Don't worry, he'll get back to size."


"I don't know but that's what you get for not listening to your elders!" Wonka said in a father-like deep voice.

"Come on Mr. Wonka, I feel sorry for them…"

"Oh butterscotch! I'll just try it an Oompa Loompa."

Charlie watched Willy as he left. He started humming his welcoming song and exited the room. Charlie looked down to his side and saw an Oompa Loompa.

"Do you think we should help Mike and Violet?" He asked it.

The Oompa Loompa just nodded and walked away.