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"Ten points from Gryffindor," Snape snapped.

Once again Harry had managed to be late. You'ld think that after 5 years of being in this class he'd learn.

"Sorry," Harry mumbled as he took a seat.

"Today class we will be making an Amicus Dei. Can anyone tell me what this potion is?" Snape asked.

No body's hands shot up. Snape stared in shock at Granger. Of all people to not know.

"So know one knows. It looks like your average after all Granger," Snape said.

A hand then raised hesitantly up. Snape sighed. He had no time for guessing games.

"If you don't know the answer I suggest you put your hand down," he said.

Yet the hand remained up waving mockingly in the air.

"Fine then yes Potter," he said.

"Amicus Dei means Friend of the Gods. It is used to enhance your normal reflexes. If used for extended peiods of time you could go mad. There are side effects but if made properly they are minor. If made incorrectly it may became a Amicus Liberorum. This potions is Friend of the Children. It is one of the strongest de-aging potions ever," Harry said.

The class was silent in shock. Snape looked like he had had a stroke. He then recovered.

"Very good Mr. Potter. 50 points to Gryffindor," he said.

He heard gasps from a few people. He turned around and glared.

"Turn to page 362. The ingredients are over in the cupboard. Now get started," he snapped.

Harry turned towards Malfoy with a sigh.

"Whose getting the ingredients?" he asked.

"You," Malfoy said.

Harry stood and fought his way through the throng of students. He grabbed everything and returned to his seat.

'Add feather of an Icarus,' he read.

He did and Malfoy started to stir. He was on the last instruction when he heard an 'eeep' followed by "Potter get out of the way!" He felt a burning sensation running down his arms and through his body before he saw darkness.

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