"Oh Dwaco?" Hadrian whispered.

"Ha got you," Draco yelled as he threw a snowball at him.

Hadrian shrieked as the cold substance hit his back. He whirled around and threw a snowball back. Draco growled and began to run at the young dominate. Hadrian shrieked and ran around a tree.

"I'm going to tickle you to death," Draco growled.

"Nuh uh," Hadrian said.

He ran towards Hagrid's house. Draco then pounced. Hadrian shrieked and giggled.

"Stop ... stop... I can no take air... stop ... I gotta tinkle... Dwaco," Hadrian said trying to catch his breath.

Draco lifted the little boy up and smiled.

"I love you. Once we get in side you are going to eat a snack and take a nap. Okay?" Draco said.

"Oooooooootay,"(1) Hadrian said.

"I'm going to kill Blaise for letting you watch that movie," Draco mumbled.

Hadrian giggled and rested his head on Draco's shoulder.

"Love you Dwaco," Hadrian whispered.


"Dwaco?" Hadrian whispered.

Draco looked up from his homework. He removed his reading glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He opened his arms and Hadrian ran to him in tears.

"Sssh baby it's okay. I'm right here," Draco whispered.

"I'm miss my mommy and seuz," Hadrian mumbled.

"Hey it's okay. I'll talk to my mother and he'll talk to Areh James for you."

"Okay. Dwaco can I sleep wif you?"

"Sure, little one."

Draco laid him in his bed and curled up next to him.

"Good night Haddie," he whispered.

"Night Dwaco," Haddie said.


"Mother this is very uncomfortable," Draco whined.

Severus smiled.

"You look just like me when I attended my first ceremony," he said with a smile.

Draco blushed and looked at Hadrian. Hadrian sat there in his emerald robe trimmed in silver. He also wore black long pants with a rose winding up one leg. He was sitting still but his eyes held all of his excitement.

They had been in the vampire city for a week already. The king and queen had just returned. Draco sighed as his mother braided the side locks of hair that framed his face and tied them at the end. Hadrian smiled at him.

"Dw- Draco here," he said with a smile.

Draco looked at the bracelet and choker that was offered to him. The were both dragons that wound into a circle. The dragons had two emeralds for eyes.

"I save dem for you," Haddie said.

Draco silently fastened them on and smiled at his image. He wore a white robe trimmed in emerald green. He had on white leather pants and no shoes. He smiled and took Hadrian's hand.

"Ready to go?" he asked.

Hadrian nodded and they left the room. They were led by Severus to a large room. Directly in front of them sitting on two marble thrones were James and Lillius. They were talking to a man who was kneeling in front of them. Obviously Hadrian did not care because he ran up to James. James' eyes flicked from the man and went to Haddie and he gasped.

"Hadrian," he whispered.

Hadrian stopped right next to the man.

"Hi Mama," he said happily.

James stared at him and tears filled his hazel eyes. Lillius leaned over and said something in his ear. James looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you," he whispered.

He opened his arms and Hadrian jumped into them.

"Oh my little Rus. My little Rus," James said with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Draco stood there and smiled at the picture before him. He watched as Hadrian poured out everything that had happened so far. Then Hadrian brought out Xavier.

"See I knew that Tom shouldn't have bonded himself to you as your protector. You've picked up his odd habit," James said with a smile.

The man on the floor had yet to move.

"Oh I'm sorry. Tom you may get up. I'm sure Harry is around here somewhere," James said.

"He is taking a..."


Hadrian shrieked and jumped off of his mother. Harry entered the hall.



They hugged and began chattering away. Harry took out a garden snake and smiled.

"Tom no let me get basilisk snaky thingy. Say too dangewous. He mowe bad dan basilisk snakey thingy. He wuv to make widdle babies scweam and he act like me no know. But I know and I hate it. He no wuv me but it okay. I wuv him a lot," Harry said.

"I love Draco but he tink it bad to love a little dom. But I almost thwee so I big boy," Hadrian said.


"Never knew he felt like that," Tom said.

"Yeah when he is older Hadrian bottles everything up inside-"

"Then explodes when it becomes to much-"

"And cries on your shoulder but refuses to go -"

"Further." they said together.

James smiled as his son looked up at Draco and smiled.

"Draco I love you," Haddie said happily.

Draco nodded and turned back to Tom.

"Older Harry loves to convince me to do the most dangerous things," Tom said with a smile.

"Older Hadrian took me flying with him. Never thought I would be afraid of flying. I mean he took me into-"

"A dive and stopped barely a foot from the ground," Tom said.

"Don't tell me Harry tried it with you too."

"I had to request a Dreamless Sleep Potion from Sev for about two weeks and a Calming Draught. I thought my heart had stopped."

"He doesn't eat a lot. Usually he has up a glamor so all everyone else sees is a healthy Har- Hadrian. I can't help but think of him as Harry. All these years and he is my intended Prince Hadrian de Vamp. I highly doubt he will accept me when he is older."

"Harry will most likely duel me into an early grave for the sake of his love."

"Older Hadrian is really shy. He blushes at the slightest thing and tries to cover up when in a swim suit."

"You started to-"

"Love him when he almost got killed in fourth year. When he came back talking about you I knew you were alive. The only reason you would come back-"

"It's because Lily sent me back for Harry. Harry for some odd reason wanted me back. I returned and discovered that the little boy I had known for a year had grown into a beauty. He had a lightning bolt scar that changed colors with his emotions, his eyes the most brilliant green sometimes that they glowed in the dark, dark blue hair that when wet made him look- Oh gods what are they doing."

Everyone turned towards Hadrian and Harry. James was the first to scream. Lillius and the others could only stare. Hadrian had cut his wrist some how and held it over Harry's opened mouth. Harry was on his knees and his eyes were closed. Hadrian sported two black wings with silver tips on the feathers. His scar was blood red and as he opened his eyes he smiled.

"Malfoy are you afraid cause you should be. I am the monster that haunts your dreams. You want me but you cannot. Well guess what I could care less. I will have you whether you want me or not," Hadrian growled.

Hadrian then opened his arms and Harry went into them.

"I give you both until Christmas. Figure out what you want before then or else you won't like what we do later," Hadrian said and they disappeared.

James sat there in shock then sighed. Everyone looked at him. He then sighed again.

"Well I guess you are all wondering what that was all about. That is one reason why Hadrian could not stay with me. He tended to go a bit extreme whenever you hurt him, Draco. He almost killed a slave in rage when he was barely one. I thought that if he stayed with you it would never come to that. Now we will just have to wait. Hadrian tends to seek out your scent in a few days. He won't last until Christmas. I used to hide everything that smelled of you until he came crying for you. Then I would take him to your house and Sev would laugh at how he woke you up, made you move, then curled up next to you.

"In this city he is not accepted because he is a halfling to them. If they knew what he truly was they would not hesitate but-"

"They would want to test him and try things that no vampire would have to go through," Draco said.

"Exactly," James said.

Tom looked at them confused.

"What exactly is Hadrian?" Tom asked.

Lilius stood and wrapped his arms around James.

"Hadrian is my son but even more so he is an Icarus(2)," Lilius said.

"They would not refuse him, would they?" Tom asked.

Draco did not respond and walked towards a window.

"Dragon are you okay?" Sev asked.

Draco shook his head.

"He thinks I do not want him," Draco said.


"He thinks I do not want him. Do you have any idea how I feel? I am a horrible submissive. He hates me now. Maybe you should have left me to die that day," Draco yelled.

Sev's face was unreadable and then -SMACK-

"I for one will not regret bringing you into this world. I did not force you this way. I have tried to be the best god damned mother. I stopped you from screwing everyone over including yourself."

"I hate you," Draco growled.

"Well that's too bad Mr. Malfoy because I will never stop loving you. The deal is that I love you and raise you to a good little submissive but no your father had to mess it up by encouraging you to play that bloody game. Now if this is the thanks I get for not being driven to near madness while carrying you then I sure as hell don't want it," Sev yelled.

The others watched as Draco's mask crumbled and he sobbed launching himself into his mother's arms. Before they knew it an angry Hadrian appeared.

"I leave for five minutes and he's in – Dwaco what wong," Hadrian asked and ran to Draco.

Draco smiled and looked at him. He picked up the little boy.

"Nothing is wrong," Draco said.

"Cwy no more I will always be hewe," Hadrian said.

At this Draco burst into tears.

"I love you Dwaco," he whispered.

Draco sobbed and tightened his arms.

"I love you too."



Explanations: For a brief moment Hadrian was older Hadrian mentally. Reason he cannot stay is because if seperated from Draco for a long time he goes crazy. The little scene with Harry and Hadrian is because Hadrian feels that he is losing Draco therefore he takes Harry to make Draco jealous. Review me your questions and I will try to respond.

Next Chapter: It is Christmas. Sevvie Wevvie has come up with a cure. Draco is worried. Hadrian wants a sword. Harry and Hadrian team up. What mischief is in store for these two?