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Title: An Artisans Craft
Chapter: 1

Ch 1: Artisans

A tiny bell sounded as the door to Artisans opened. The customer looked around curiously before stepping inside, as a voice from the back room called a greeting.

"I'll be right out! Please take a look around!"

The voice sounded young and very kind, but slightly flustered – obviously in the middle of something. It was soothing and had a little lilt to it, like the person had an accent, or was pretty young.

Poking around, but not creating a mess, the customer looked at the various pieces strewn around the room. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelery boxes, statues, brooches... All manners of beautifully crafted masterpieces were displayed in all their glory. He saw lapis lazuli stones captured in necklaces, delicate gold anklets, ruby encrusted bracelets, carefully carved oak boxes, and many other interesting and lovely things. Shafts of bright sunlight streamed through the many windows, adding an ethereal glow to the small but comfortable store. Walls of rich cherry wood panels contrasted nicely with the hardwood floors, and the shelves themselves were beautifully crafted metal. Directly across from the entrance was a glass counter, where the cash register perched, and behind it was a small doorway – which obviously led to the mysterious back room.

Hands behind his back, and leaning forward to look into a glass case which held some gold jewelery, he failed to notice the young, lithe man that stepped out from behind the counter.

"May I help you with something?"

Jerking up, crimson colored eyes clashed with deep amethyst as they measured each other up. The voice belonged to a young man – almost a teenager – who had black spiky hair that stuck up like a crown. Purple and gold streaked up into it, almost looking strange, but suiting him perfectly. He had a small face - cherub like - and very welcoming, hosting large amethyst eyes that blinking innocently back at him. He was about 5 foot 4 or so... Kinda short, but in a cute way.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. My name is Atemu... But please, call me Yami. I'm here looking for Yuugi Motou?"

Bowing slightly from the waist, Yami was a very alluring figure. Standing at about 5 foot 7, he carried himself with pride and strength, his leather pants clinging tightly to muscular thighs. A black tank top clung to a muscled torso, leaving slim but strong arms bare, except for a gold band that encircled one bicep. Black hair jutted up into the air, much like the other mans, although there were crimson and gold colored streaks in his, and a chiseled and sharp face held sharp crimson colored eyes. Although the color was unnerving, they held an unexpected softness and they were kind and intelligent. His voice, a smooth baritone, was very pleasing on the ears and sent shivers down your spine.

Swallowing slightly, the amethyst eyed man answered with, "Oh, nice to meet you Yami. My name is Yuugi Motou. You were looking for me?" Yuugi gave Yami a brilliant smile, clasping his hands behind his back. Taking in the slightly shocked look on the other mans face, he giggled and answered the unspoken question that was lingering in Yami's face. "Yes, I know. You were expecting a old man with squinty eyes, right?"

Blinking rapidly to gain his composure, Yami threw his head back and laughed out loud. "I'm sorry. I actually was," he said. "Excuse me for my lack of manners. I just wasn't expected someone..." Here he drifted off, blatantly looking Yuugi up and down.

Blushing an adoring shade of red, Yuugi chuckled. "Someone so young? Don't worry, I get that a lot. Please, sit. What can I help you with?" Pulling up a stool in front of the register, he strolled around the counter until he sat behind it.

Taking up his offer, Yami sat down and rested his arms on top of the glass, hunching slightly in embarrassment. "Well... It's an odd request actually."

Lifting an eyebrow and smirking, Yuugi propped his head up on his elbow and smiled. "Trust me. Odd is someone ordering specially crafted hand-cuffs with emerald inlays and velvet lining. Your request probably is NOT odd."

Yami laughed again and shook his head in disbelief. "I don't want to know who ordered that. But yes, my order is definitely not that odd." Seeming to gather his courage, he reached into his back pocket and took out a folded piece of paper. "I actually want you to make me this." Spreading it out onto the counter-top, Yami revealed a sketch of a beautiful necklace. Draw with bold, strong strokes, it was an upside down pyramid, with a strange eye drawn into the center of it.

Tracing his fingers over the picture, Yuugi frowned in concentration. Flickering his eyes over the notes written on the side, he could see words like: 'gold' and 'necklace'. Eyes drifted to the middle of the pyramid, until they lit up in recognition. "Well. You must be an ancient Egyptian fan."

"Ancient Egypt?" Yami said, sounding puzzled.

"Huh? Why else would you want the Eye of Horus on your necklace?"

Seeing the confused frown on his customers face, Yuugi smiled gently and started to explain. "The Eye of Horus was the Egyptian sign for the great Pharaoh's. It was said to hold great power and help the rulers in their rebirth. Horus was the Egyptian Sky God, or the son of the Sun God, Ra. The way your drawing of the eye is facing, this one is the right eye of Horus, or the Eye of Ra. If you turn it the other way around, it would be the left eye of Horus, or the Eye of Thoth, the Moon God. Get it?"

Seeing the slack jawed expression on Yami's face, Yuugi giggled helplessly. "My grandfather was an archaeologist. He especially loved ancient Egyptian ruins."

Closing his mouth with a snap, Yami smiled. "Well, I'm glad I found you then. You're helping me immensely already."

Ducking his head in embarrassment, Yuugi's face lit up in a slight blush. Turning back to the drawing quickly, to keep himself from staring at the handsome man, he quickly changed the subject. "Uhh... Right, so how big do you want this and when would you like it finished?"

Catching the blush and the stutter, Yami grinned, and lowered his voice to a sensual whisper. "Around 5 inches will be nice," he purred.

"What!" Yuugi squawked, blushing bright red. 'Did I just hear him say what I think he said?'

"I said, 5x5 inches if you can make it. Is that alright?" Yami said, holding back laughter and trying to look innocent.

Catching onto the joke, Yuugi glared and mock pouted. "Yes. That's fine. When would you like it finished? I have a couple of projects right now, but if you need it done quickly, I can probably finish it in about 2 to 3 months. Maybe more depending on if I can get the supplies and what not."

Frowning slightly in concentration, Yami tapped his index finger on his bottom lip. "Well, I don't mind when it's done, if it gets done as soon as possible. Money isn't really an issue either, although I hope it's not too expensive."

Smiling slightly, Yuugi pulled out an order form, grabbing a pen and getting Yami to fill out the essentials. Once he was finished, Yuugi grabbed a paper-clip and stuck both the form and the picture together. "Well, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your drawing, but I'll probably need it. If you would like, you can come by anytime and see how it's being made, I don't mind. I'm here every day and I will probably start gathering all the needed materials tomorrow. Is that alright?"

Nodding his head, Yami smiled at the smaller man while he gracefully stood up. "Excellent. Well then Yuugi, I will see you soon. Thank you very much for your help." Grabbing his hand, Yami placed a small kiss to the back of it, before striding towards the door. Looking back over his shoulder once he reached it, he smirked at the shell shocked look on Yuugi's face. Waving jauntily while he walked away, he turned onto the sidewalk and disappeared.

Yuugi Motou still stood there by the counter, cradling the hand that was kissed to his chest, until his grandfather walked into the store 20 minutes later, asking how his day went.

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