The Kansas nighttime was perfect for anyone who desired to see the stars. If you found yourself in a wide field with nothing obscuring your view, you could have gazed into outer space for hours on end, mystified by its wondrous enigmas. In a lonely, yet mysterious unto itself, region of Kansas, legends were born, or to be more accurate, discovered.

In the little settlement of Smallville, events occurred daily that were beyond the bizarre. Ancient caves, meteor rocks, and strange people are only the surface of the man who would later become known as the fabled Superman. But, let me tell you something. Superman isn't as much as a myth that you think he is, for I met him personally. Of course, it was in his youth, but all great beings have great beginningsā€¦

With the memory of an elephant, I remember everything that happened in those momentous hours. Yet, I feel I owe you a little description of myself first, for how can you understand my story when you do not understand me?

Standing 5' 8", I could have easily passed as a sixteen year old, although I had just passed my fifteenth. My dark, auburn hair helped me intermingle well with the bushes I had concealed myself in during the early moments of this adventure. My clothes were new, yet no one would have known due to the grime and numerous tears that littered them. Carrying nothing more than the burden of my worries and the optimism of a saint, I could move quickly if the situation called for it.

People say that helping others is a vague depiction, so I'll clarify what I intend to do. To me, saving a life is a great occupation, yet I don't think I could handle those kinds of duties. Instead, I choose to help people make hard decisions. However, no job can be done without luck, which is much needed in my destiny. Though you may think anyone could do this job that I do, I assure you it isn't easy. I go about my career differently because I am different.

Ever since a young age, possibly as young as five, I have been able to "magically" help people make a life altering decision. Mostly every time I choose their option, it turns out for the better. Rarely have I made a wrong selection. I have yet to this day understood how I can do this, or why I was enabled to do it. But, God must have given it to me for a reason, so I can only accept it and use it to the max. As years progressed, I was sort of able to enter the minds of others, that way I can better verify what the person truly wants. This can be dangerous though, for what is good for one person, may be just the opposite for another.

You might be wondering what my name is, but I'm not going to tell you. You'll find out in due time. Keep in mind that this story isn't about me, though. This is all about the hero Clark Kent, and how even though he has powers one can only dream of, the mightiest of us have our own problems.