Major Important Author's Note

Attention all InuGang: Story after Naraku, fans!

I'm so sorry for all the confusion everybody! The last chapter, chapter 22, I deleted it because that was an accident! I wasn't supposed to post that so i'm sorry. Plus, I realized that I hated it and it just wasn't my best chap. I actually FORCED myself to write that chap because I didn't want to let you guys down but I was thouroughly disgusted with the result I had written.

I hope you will forgive me but I have come to a horrifying realization! I have gotten the horrible, terrible, awful. . . . .. . . . . . WRITER'S BLOCK! (All authors run away screaming in fear.) I'm sooooo sorry but I can not change this fact. Please understand that this is something I can't change and I am terribly sorry that this has come to be. I really wish I could change this. I really do! I'm sorry!

Due to these circumstances, and a new fact I have realized, I will be making, Flipped: A different Inuyasha Story, my main project! I have come to realize that my mind has become set on this story so i'm sorry but as soon as I find myself out of this writer's block, I promise I will continue my work on this story, but for the moment, I shall be working on Flipped. I truly am sorry and I hope you can understand this. Hopefully this writer's block will go away soon and I will be able to write this again. I know what I want to put in this story but I just can't force myself to write. That would be truly wrong of me to make my loyal fans read something so atrocious as what I force myself to write.

I hope you all can understand this and enjoy my other stories despite the inconvienience I have come across on this one. Please forgive me and I hope this can clear things up for you. Please understand and I hope that i'll come out of it soon. But until then, please enjoy my other works!

Until next time,
katanna tagurasha