Street Fighter II: The Sequel

Street Fighter II: The Sequel

Chapter 1: Ryu vs. Bison

Ryu is walking down the street thinking about the two on one battle with Bison. I must improve. I must continue the fight. He thought. As he was thinking, he could feel a presence coming behind him. He turned around only to see Bison in a truck taunting him. Ryu gets an intense look on his face and yells, "TEASER!"

He then jumps up and kicks at Bison in the truck. Bison gets a surprised look upon his face. This guy has a lot of fighting spirit. Bison thought. Ryu then kicks through the front window of the truck and lands a kick to Bison's face. The trunk spins out of control and skids across the road with Ryu and Bison both in it. The truck eventually falls on its side with Ryu and Bison both inside.

Ryu has small cuts on his arms, face, and feet. Bison has blood oozing from his nose and mouth where Ryu's foot met him. That stupid son of a bitch! He risked his own life just to stop me. Bison thought as he slowly crawled from out of the truck. Bison could have teleported but was actually still weak from the fight with Ryu and Ken. He wasn't use to pain and being defeated.

Ryu slowly crawls up to his feet which are bleeding and has pieces of glass in them. What the hell was I thinking? Oh well, at least now this will be a fair one on one battle. He thought. "Bison! Let's finish this fight!" Ryu yelled with intensity. Bison turned around smiling at Ryu. "You really want to fight me don't you my boy. Well shall we dance?"

Ryu smirked and got into his fighting stance. Bison stared Ryu down. Blood was still oozing from his nose and mouth. Bison ripped his cape off. Ryu tightened his red head band. "I will enjoy this fight Ryu. This will be the end of you." How many times have I heard that? Ryu thought.

Ryu usually did not attack first, but he knew Bison was weak. Ryu being a great warrior knew that when an opponent has a weakness, exploit it. Ryu charged at Bison. Come on you bastard. Bison thought Ryu met Bison with a left hook. Bison blocked it with ease. Bison followed with a punch to the gut which actually landed. Ryu shook the blow off and started attacking Bison with a series of punches and kicks. Bison blocked all of them and hit Ryu with a Psycho punch which sailed Ryu across the road.

"Come on great warrior!" Bison taunted. "Is that all you have? Did you underestimate my power again Ryu? Huh? I was caught off guard last time. I thought this would be a good fight but it seems like I am terribly disappointed."

Ryu got to his feet. I knew this would be a tough battle, but I can't even land a hit. He thought. Ryu was actually frustrated. "HADOKEN!" Ryu yelled as a fireball went sailing towards Bison. Bison side stepped the attack. "You want to use power do you?" Bison said. "Well how about this? PSYCHO CRUSHER!" Bison shouted as his entire body was covered in psycho power as he twirled across the road towards Ryu with unbelievable speed. Ryu had never seen this attack performed and he tried to block it but to no prevail. Bison landed the attack straight to Ryu's chest and stomach and sent Ryu through the bottom of the truck (which was turned on its side) right through the roof of it. Ryu was down on the grass.

As he slowly tried to make it to his feet, he could feel the burning pain in his chest and stomach from the attack. Bison slowly walked towards Ryu as Ryu was slowly making it to his feet. Bison took his right foot and slammed Ryu down to the ground and applied pressure. Ryu grabbed Bison's foot and tried to get it off. Bison actually lifted his foot and stomped Ryu's chest again and applied more pressure.

"What's wrong Ryu? You haven't even landed one hit. Perhaps you are weaker than even you anticipated. Perhaps it is you who hasn't fully recovered from the previous battle." Bison told Ryu as he continued to apply pressure to Ryu's chest. Ryu was aching in pain, but knew that Bison was right. I...have failed myself. I...I was not fully prepared for this fight. Is...this...the end? I feel defeated. Ryu thought with great sadness and pain.

Bison took his foot off of Ryu and picked him up by his neck and squeezed his neck with all of his might. Ryu struggled to keep his breath but to no prevail. Ryu arms dropped and his body lay lifeless in Bison's hand. Bison let go of Ryu's neck and Ryu fell to the ground motionless.

"What a shame Ryu. We could have made history together. We could have ruled the world. What a waste. Another great warrior has fallen to my power. Well at least now no one will be a threat to me. Don't worry Ryu. Your friend Ken will join you very soon. I will get my revenge on all those who oppose me. Shadowlaw will reign supreme once again!"

Bison turned away from Ryu's motionless body and walked over to pick up his cape. I can't believe how easy that was. Who am I kidding? I'm Lord Bison. He thought arrogantly. He picked up his cape and turned around to look at his victim's dead body. "What!" Bison yelled as he looked at the spot where Ryu laid. "Well Ryu. It seems as if I underestimated you," Bison said as he looked at Ryu who was standing up in his fighting stance.

"Your arrogance will cause you to lose this fight, Bison," Ryu told him.

"Is that so?" Bison asked. "I must admit that I like your fighting spirit Ryu. It makes things interesting. I want to have a little fun Ryu," Bison said.

"Shut the hell up, Bison!" Ryu shouted at him. "Let's get this over with!"

"My, aren't we eager for someone who was on the verge of death?" Bison asked with arrogance. "As I was saying before, I want to have a little fun," he said.

"What are you talking about you bastard?" Ryu said with anger and confusion.

"Well dealing with you, Ken, and even that pile of shit Guile, has made me realize that there are great warriors left in this world. Everyone in this world strives to achieve two things. These two things are power and simply to be the best. I believe that I have achieved these two goals, but perhaps I haven't. Perhaps there is a stronger being. It could even be you Ryu. Why, you have survived two battles with me already. I want to truly test my power with the so called best warrior. The question is...who is the best warrior? Is it you? Is it your friend Ken? Guile? Or is it even your rival Sagat? I want to know Ryu. Don't you?" Bison stated.

"If you want to test your power Bison then why don't you finish our fight?" Ryu asked.

"Ah I see Ryu. It's you who want to test your strength. I like that. Well you will test you strength soon enough Ryu. I have a plan. I'll be checking back with you soon."

"What? If you think I'm going to let you leave--

"It's not your choice Ryu!" Bison interrupted. "Have you forgotten who I am? I leave on my own will. Don't worry. I'll be back soon enough my eager warrior. If I was you, I'd be keeping an eye on the news in the next upcoming weeks." Bison said as he vanished.

Damnit Bison. Ryu thought. What are you up to? I can't believe he is still alive. I'm not as strong and focused as I should be. I must continue to travel and fight. Wait, I should warn Ken first. Maybe we can train together. I better get going. It's a long journey ahead.