Title: Will you be mine?

Summery: Hinata was trying to be a student who didn't stand out. But, then a week before Valentine's Day, an anonymous love poem finds itself in her locker! Will she ever figure out who wrote it?

Disclaimer: Do I really have to write this? sigh I don't own Naruto… Ok? So, please don't sue me!

Chapter One: The Note in the Locker

It was a week before Valentine's Day. An annoying day that puts the pressure on singles. While people sung love ballads to one another as the teachers told them to get a room (I think they actually took the offer), Hinata walked down the school hallway.

Hinata stopped in front of her locker, and looked at it. Someone had placed a heart with SN + IY in it on her locker. She shook her head every time Valentine's Day came around, students started to act like love sick fools. It was the ending of forth period, and she had to get her biology notes for class. As she opened her locker, a note fell. It was made on elegant paper, and was folded up. It even had a seal. She curiously read it.

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Someone loves you Hyuuga,

And it's surely not the dobe"

Will you be mine?

Love your #1 Fan

Hinata blushed deeply. She had never gotten a love letter before. Maybe this was all a joke.

"Nobody would love a girl as shy as me" she thought to herself as she walked to biology. She slipped the love note into her binder.

After about an hour or so of class, she went to recycle some scrap paper from a sheet she had to cut. As she got up, she forgot her binder was on the edge of the desk. Now, Hinata was a usually organized girl. But, every once in awhile, she would just stuff her class notes into her binder. So, let's just say it was not a pretty site. Papers flew up into the air, and so did her forgotten note.

She quickly picked up her papers, after blushing hard. The class had laughed at her.

"Oh, and what's this!" Sakura asked as she picked up the poem. Before Hinata could reply, she read it.

"Oh-my-god! Ino-pig here" She whispered as she let Ino read it.

"The cheese the cheese!" Ino said while dramatically acting faint. The letter was really corny. Hinata blushed deeply. She was thankful that the class had already thought Ino and Sakura were crazy, so they paid them no heed. Plus, the teacher had left the room.

"W-who do you think wrote it?" Hinata asked the girls. She really wanted to know who it was, and why they loved her. She thought it was kind of foolish to love someone that you barely knew… but then again she did like Naruto… but then again, that's another story.

"Let's see, here, you see they use the word 'dobe'. So, they know you like Naruto… But, there's only one person who calls him a dobe, and that is-"

"Sasuke' Ino and Sakura had said together.

"But, we all know Sasuke would never write anyone a letter" Sakura started as she looked at Hinata. "Sorry, Hinata, but it's true."

"Yes, but I'm sure the one who wrote it is a Sasuke-wannabe. So, he has a high probability of being really hot!" Ino said as she patted Hinata on the back.

Hinata had felt a bit sad, not because Sasuke didn't like her, but because Naruto didn't write it. After all these years of not standing out, someone noticed her from the shadows, but who?

In the morning, before the school announcements, Hinata went to her locker. She was still confused at who wrote her the poem, and as she opened up her locker again, another letter dropped out. It looks similar to the other one, so she opened it and read:

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Bees are attracted to honey,

Like I am to you"

To be continued...


Author's note:

Yes, I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. It's just to remind us singles, that we are all alone on this commercial holiday… Oh well! The best thing is that the next day, discount CANDY!

Oh, and yes, sorry for the cheesy love poems! I wrote them while I was bored… And Yeah. But, more cheesiness to come!

Also, am I making this anym-ano- jeez, what an annoying word! The mystery person seem kind of stalker-ish?

Ok, I'm almost done my note, did anyone notice a mistake I made? I will just include it into the story from my friend's advice.

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