Title: Will you be mine?

Summery: Hinata was trying to be a student who didn't stand out. But, then a week before Valentine's Day, an anonymous love poem finds itself in her locker! Will she ever figure out who wrote it?


Roses are red

Violets are blue

If I owned any Naru chars

I wouldn't be livin' in this zoo

If I owned Naruto, I'd be living it up in Japan! So, don't you dare try to sue me! I already have enough issues!


Hinata was trying to be a student who didn't stand out. But, then a week before Valentine's Day, an anonymous love poem finds itself in her locker! Will she ever figure out who wrote it?

Sasuke tossed Itachi on his (Itachi's) bed and went back to his room. As soon as he really got to know Hinata, there hasn't been a normal day yet! Plus, she was driving him to do things, such as flirt with men!

This girl, whom one would think was shy and innocent, was full of surprises.

"I guess I'll have to tell her soon…" Sasuke thought as he pulled his blanket over his head and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Twelve: Those darn Teens

"I don't wanna get up" the hung over Hiashi groaned as he rolled over in his bed. Hinata just shook her head. It was well past 7:30, and yet Hiashi was still in bed. He usually got up before the break of dawn; 5:30am.

Hinata put a cup of tea on his bedside table and left the room. She then did the unthinkable; called in sick for her father!

"IS HE ALRIGHT?!" his secretary screeched. Hiashi was known to have only missed one day of work in his life, which was the day that the funeral was held for his dear wife.

"He just has a bit of the flu." Hinata said calmly.

"OH! I told him that he shouldn't have had that shrimp!"

"Shrimp?" Hinata asked. What did shrimp have to do with anything?!

"But, it was cold shrimp."

"But, it was shrimp."

"Ok, Haku…bye."

She was about to leave the house, when she realized she was missing something. Someone to be more exact. Where was Hanabi?!


Sasuke woke up the next morning feeling rather blissful. He got ready for school, and was about to knock on Itachi's door, when he saw a note pasted on the front.

If you knock on this door,

You will die. (HAHDSH)

Since I'm so kind, the car keys are on the kitchen table. With your license.


Then their was a couple of smudges and squiggles on the paper. Itachi probably wrote it while his drunken self went to get a midnight snack.

Sasuke looked at his watch. It was 8:15...He needed to be at school by at least 8:23 to be on time. He grabbed an apple, and left the house. He stepped into the sleek black BMW. As he started to adjust the mirrors, he saw a familiar looking Hummer going down the street. The driver was a bit of a maniac, nearly hitting elementary aged school children, and OMG was that just a squirrel that went flying? Not that he minded about the squirrel. He had seen their true nature on the discovery channel.

Anyways, the driver screeched to a sudden stop halt.

An out of breath Hinata came out of the car. She had been previously running around the house trying to find Hanabi, whom was curled in a ball under her bed.

"Sasuke, I brought back the Hummer." she said with a blush on her face. "Of course he knows you brought back the Hummer… You drove like an insane person!" she yelled in her mind.

Hanabi honked to horn and yelled out the window. "Hinata and Sasuke the pervert! Stop flirting! We're going to be late." She really didn't mind being late for school. She just liked to harass people. Plus, this was a great way to get back at her sister for making her get out of her hiding place.

"Uh…let's go?" Sasuke said as he turned off the car and headed towards the hummer.

"Sasuke, you got your license back?" Hinata asked.

"Yup, but shouldn't you have had a designated driver with you?"

Hinata made Hanabi go into the back as she sat in the passenger seat. Sasuke would be the chauffeur today.

"Well, you won't tell anybody, right Sasuke." she said with a wink. Sasuke blushed.

"See, if you just used that kind of flirtation, I bet you could have even seduced Sasuke's lover yesterday." Hanabi said with a giggle.


After dropping Hanabi off, they had finally arrived at school. Hinata wasn't surprised that Sasuke was a good driver. Well, he only hit two squirrels, while she hit about ten and that was great in her books. Not the fact that they hit squirrels, but the fact that he hit less than her.

But, they were a bit late, but it was alright because Hinata was there. They sat down at their seats, while the class murmured about them arriving together.

"Class?" Kurenai started. But, of course the class still were gossiping and asking Sasuke and Hinata various questions.

"So, Hinata, how does he look naked?"

"I never would have thought that Hinata would fall for a delinquent like you Sasuke."

"Hey do you think that…" another student started when Kurenai started to yell.

"CLASS SHUT THE HELL UP!" The class became silent like a church mouse? Silent like something that's silent.

"Ok, good. Now, we have a very special presentation!" the class started to opposed.

"I said be quiet!" Kurenai cleared her throat.

"Ok, Sasuke and Hinata, you're up." Kurenai said as she took a seat in the back.

Hinata and Sasuke walked up to the front of the classroom and took out a chart.

"Ok… are project is on…"


"…and that's how our kids would look." Sasuke ended.

The class was silent. Half of the class was getting nosebleeds, while the other half was drooling. Some even had a weird nosebleed-drooling combination. It was not a pretty sight. Suddenly, the class had an epiphany. They realized that they probably couldn't get with Hinata or Sasuke. So, they went onto the next best thing.

"I GOT DIBS ON THEIR FIRST BORN!" a student yelled.

"THEIR FIRST CHILD IS MINE!" a girl yelled.

Soon the class became a war zone. The only person who wasn't participating was Naruto. He was under his desk, getting into his normal mischief. He chuckled as he clicked on a certain picture. He then clicked on the 'send' button on his obnoxious orange cell phone.

To Be Continued…


Author's note:

School has been hectic. I'm pretty optimistic for a person whose failing math and their bio mark isn't that good. But, I'm a co-president, and I'm helping to organize many events!

I apologise for the late chapter update. I realized that it was time to update when my friend started to read my poorly written Furuba fics! Now she wants me to update one of those too!

I think I may have unconsciously made Kurenai into an Anko. Maybe I should change her in my mega edit when I'm finished this.

Yeah, and the title is a bit odd, but meh!

Now, what ever happened to Hiashi's car? And what is that Naruto up to now?! Find out next time on Dragon--I mean Uh... Will you be Mine?