Chapter 5

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Olivia had begun to say something, but someone grabbed both her arms from behind, causing her gun to fall out of her hands. Her arms were then held behind her back. She turned her head to look at who grabbed her as pure shock ran across her face.. "Ben!" she was startled.. "What the hell are you doing!"

"Well," Ben said with a small smile, "I owed Victor here a favor, so I told him to stop playing with the kiddies when there was this beautiful woman who had no one to be with her."

Olivia gave Ben a disgusted look. "At this point I'm beginning to wish that he did shoot you," she looked at her jacket that he pulled off and the fake flesh wound on the floor.

Ben's smile grew, "Well I guess we can dream, now can't we?" he was now breathing into her ear as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"Dream on Ben," she pushed her foot hard down his shin and onto his foot. She then turned and smashed the palm of her hand into his nose, practically shattering it. She would have kept going if she hadn't felt the blow to the back of her head and she fell forward unconscious.

Victor grabbed Olivia before she hit the ground and smirked at Ben, "You're an idiot, any woman knows how to step on your foot." He laughed, "That broken nose serves you right for not knocking her out like I had said for you to do."

"Shut the hell up Victor," Ben said while holding his hands over his bleeding nose, "Damn it!" He looked around, "Now where did she hide those kids?"

Victor rolled his eyes, "Who cares?" he then asked, "I'm more then willing to share." He grinned at Ben.

Ben snickered, "Yeah whatever."


Gia sat against the door to the cribs, listening to what was going on. She heard one of the men yell and a loud crack. She hugged her knees to her chest when she heard Victor start talking again. She hoped Olivia was okay, she also knew Andy wouldn't stay asleep for much longer. But suddenly the door was being pounded on, her eyes grew wide and she moved away from the door grabbing Andy and backing towards the wall.

Ben broke through the doors to the cribs, "Hello children, time to come out and convince your new friend that she should come quietly."


"Shit," Elliot muttered as he cracked open the door to the squad room. He closed it again and pulled out his gun, motioning for the others to do the same, "Looks like we wasted our time helping Ben, because he's helping Victor."

"Wait," Fin then said, "What do you mean he's helping Victor?"

John looked over at Fin, "What, did the government come and steal your brain while the rest of us weren't looking?" he rolled his eyes, "Ben plus Victor equals team of sick freaks."

The captain just chuckled slightly at his detectives, "Let's do this later, right now let's get Olivia away from them."

The rest of the group just nodded at Captain Cragen.

Elliot pushed the door open and they all went in quickly, but he looked around and saw no one, "What the hell?" he asked, at a loss for any other words at the moment.

"Where the hell did they go?" Fin lowered his gun as they all searched around. After a few moments the only places left to look were the cribs and upstairs. He was about to head up the stairs when he saw Victor at the top holding Olivia up by her hair. He kept his gun aimed up at Victor.

Victor grinned down at the detective, "Beautiful, isn't she?" he then asked, looking at Olivia.

Olivia groaned slightly as she began to wake up. She immediately felt the hold that was on her hair. She would have struggled but she was still a little dazed from the blow to her head earlier. She did noticed Fin making his way up the stairs slowly, it almost seemed as though he wasn't moving at all.

"You don't have much of a choice Victor!" Elliot said coming up behind Fin, "Just let her go."

Victor was smiling again, "Let her go?" he made it more of a statement then a question. "Alright," he suddenly let go of Olivia's hair and shoved her.

Olivia's eyes went wide with terror as he let go of her hair and pushed her forward. She was off-balance enough as it was, and the shove sent her down the stairs.

"Olivia!" Fin was practically rushing up the stairs along with Elliot to get her.

"Oh my," Victor said as he wrapped his arms around Olivia's waist before she completely fell, "Stay where you are on those stairs detectives," he licked the bottom of Olivia's ear, "I might not feel so generous next time."

Olivia cringed when he licked her ear, and she felt the nausea in the pit of her stomach. She began trying to pull her away out of his arms. Suddenly she stood still, her eyes wide once more. She saw Gia and Andy coming out of the cribs with Ben behind them pointing a gun at the back of Gia's head. "No.." she said quietly, looking at Fin and Elliot, her eyes begging them to turn around.

Fin looked at Olivia's face for another moment before he turned around along with Elliot, "Shit.." he muttered, looking at Ben with the gun aimed at the two children, "What the hell you guys want?"

"Her," Ben stated as his eyes lurked toward Olivia, "And these kids are my bargaining chip."

Elliot stared in disbelief, Ben wasn't paying any attention to John and Cragen behind him and Victor wasn't saying anything about it to warn him.

John came up behind Ben and hit him on the back of the head with his gun.

Ben simply fell to the ground knocked out as Cragen pulled the two children away.

Olivia let out a short breath that she wasn't aware she had been holding, until she felt the gun placed against the side of her head. She bit her lower lip as she looked at Elliot, Fin and the others.

"Don't do anything stupid detectives," Victor said as a grin played upon his lips, "We wouldn't want Olivia to get hurt, now would we?"

Elliot was officially getting pissed with this guy now. He noticed a look that Olivia sent his way and he knew that meant to keep his gun ready because she was about to do something. He simply returned her look with one of his own, showing that he understood.

A coy smile played upon Olivia's lips, "Let me look at you Victor," she said playfully, as her eyes peeked over her shoulder to his face.

"Excuse me?" Victor said, surprise, shock and confusion sounding in his voice.

Olivia simply grinned, "I wanna play Victor!" She flashed him an innocent and exotic smile as he turned her around to face him.

Victor studied Olivia's face, after a few moments he was satisfied that she was serious, but not before he tested her. "You want to play Olivia?" he asked in an odd tone.

She kept that smile on her face even though the disgust ran through her veins. "Yes, I want to play," she replied, then she began to slowly run her index finger up and down his chest seductively.

"Kiss me," he said suddenly. He was enjoying her seductive ways, but he also knew she was never kiss him if she wasn't serious.

Olivia managed to hold her smile on her face even though she felt as though she would kill him if she went through with this for much longer. She bit her lower lip slightly before she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him square on the lips.

Victor was so taken back by the kiss that he lower his gun and attempted to pull her closer, making his biggest mistake.

Olivia felt Victors arms wrapping around her waist, she couldn't stop laughing on the inside at his idiocy. She brought her knee straight up into his groin. She grinned as he hunched over holding his privates and quickly elbowed him in the face.

Victor dropped his gun and fell to the ground in pain, "Damn it!" he yelled as he groaned on the ground.

Olivia smirked and put the handcuffs on Victor once he was on the ground. She grabbed the wallet that was in his pocket and got hios last name. "Victor Emanuez, you are under arrest for the rape of a minor and assault of a police officer," She pulled him roughly off the ground and began walking him down the stairs. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you said can and will be used against you in the court of law," she handed him to Elliot and Fin.

"You have the right to an attorney," Fin then began to finish, "And if your twisted ass can't afford one, some scumbag will be appointed for you." he and Elliot began to walk him to on of the cells.

"Oh and Victor," Olivia shouted before they left the room, she smiled sweetly as she turned to look at her, and she wrapped her arm around Gia's shoulder with Andy now sitting in her lap, "I can see by the way you attack people who have less strength than you that you have an inferiority complex."

Victor simply shot Olivia an evil look.

"And it's completely justified, by the way," Olivia said with a grin as she looked at Gia who smiled back at her. She kissed Andy on the top of the head, "Wave bye-bye to Victor now Andy!" she held back a laugh as Andy waved good-bye. Then she smirked as Munch cuffed Ben and dragged him out as well.

Cragen smiled over at Olivia and the two children attached to her, "Well," he said, "This has definitely been an eventful.." he thought about it, "Morning."

Olivia grinned at her captain, "Not morning Cap." she chuckled, "It's not morning until you've gone to bed."

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