This is a short mini chapter. In some of my favorite books there is a chapter at the end where it explains what happened to several of the characters. This chapter is for Danny0709, who wanted to have more concerning the farmer, and SummerSixEcho, who felt that Doom was defeated too quickly.

Vlad Plasmius stayed floating in the street for several minutes. Usually with Daniel it was fight first and talk later. But something had changed the boy's attitude towards Vlad, and now Vlad was confused. He watched the boy all the time and during the few minutes he had spent in the closet nothing extraordinary could have happened. Vlad shook his head and looked up at the dark sky. What had happened to Daniel he would never discover, but he didn't forget that Saturday night when Danny had treated him like a friend instead of an enemy.

The farmer in the other world quickly became rich because of the hill. Clockwork had felt sympathetic for the country bumpkin and had decided to only erase certain parts of his memory, and let the hill remain unchanged. People came from far and wide to see the marvelous bump in the ground, so the farmer had enough money to get therapy for the strange dreams he sometimes had of three teens appearing out of thin air, and a demon floating over his field.

In the other world's Sam's house, in the large chamber in the basement, the ashes of the time belt sulked. They were still alive, but the cavern had caved in, and the ashes slowly felt themselves hardening. To them, time was gone, and they had nothing to do but sit and remember how close they had come to taking over the humans.

Other worldly Danny frowned to himself. He had another date with Paulina, but he couldn't help noticing that he was having strange feelings of affection towards a Goth girl in his school.

Doom sat in the abyss. It was outside of time and hadn't been changed by Clockwork. There was absolutely no way out, and the company he had didn't help. Many other demons lived in the pit, but they laughed and mocked Doom because he had been beaten by a fourteen year old, a mortal, and a hillbilly. Doom kicked one of the particularly annoying demons, but since it was already dead it simply moved closer and continued mocking him.

Vlad Masters of the other world was humming to himself. His thoughts turned to ghosts and the young halfa who he had met. Clockwork had stopped at the Masters house as they were about to leave like Danny had told them to. Vlad had talked to Clockwork and had pleaded with him. Clockwork had told Vlad that when Danny was sent back into his own world, everything here would return to normal, and Vlad would forget about Danny. Vlad insisted on keeping his memory, and although Clockwork warned him that it was a heavy burden to remember someone who no longer existed in your world, he gave Vlad his promise that he would not erase Vlad's memory. Vlad smiled and continued humming the song he had made up. "Gonna catch them all cause he's Danny Phantom." he muttered, and realized that he missed Danny very much, and wondered if Danny missed him.

Clockwork watched over them all from his castle. He smiled to himself and hummed the little tune Vlad had gotten stuck in his head. Clockwork was the master of all worlds and all time, and as he looked at all of the portals again he let out a relieved sigh, and said, "Everything is finally the way it is supposed to be."