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(A.N.) This is sort of a "What if" situation, and I just couldn't let go of it, so here it is. It takes place at some point in the story but at no particular part. Also, the Harada twins, in this story, know about the whole Dai/Dark and Sato/Krad thing. Other than that all I can say is that this is a weird story that I tought up in Japanese class, so don't hate me for the strangeness!

The moon was high and full, shedding light on the unfolding battle of yin and yang. White and black clashed in the air, the two beings riding the air currents fiercely in order to attack their opponent. They have done this for decades. Two angels, each tortured by the roles they have play, fight for dominance and freedom; one of heaven and one who seemed like a demon in an angel's body.

The midnight angel was called Dark Mousy, the Phantom Thief and curse of the Niwa family. His Tamer was Daisuke Niwa. His black wings tucked tightly into his body, he spiraled out of the way of a golden spear of light. Dark retaliated with a blast of blue tinted magic.

His opponent and opposite was known as Krad, an angel with white wings and the soul that reflected something darker than the Thief's wings. Krad was the cross that the Hikari family bore. The Hikari who currently carried this cross was called Satoshi.

Beneath the two warring men, two girls, twins, watched wide-eyed with awe and apprehension. They did not know the true story behind why they fought, but that didn't stop them from understanding that Dark was the ironic force of good. Krad, on the other hand, with his stereotypical white and angelic appearance, was the literally representation of evil wearing the face of good.

Or was he? Not one of them knew his true mind and soul, not even his Hikari.

The youngest twin, brown-haired Risa Harada, squeaked in concern as Dark took a powerful spell in the chest. Her sister, Riku, echoed her sister's cry. Riku did not, she told herself, care about Dark but about Daisuke. Her Daisuke.

Riku found herself screaming, "Daisuke!"

Risa, at the same time, also cried out, only she called to Dark. "Mr. Dark, fly away! Just get away! You're hurt!"

Indeed this was true. Dark bled from many wounds and was so very tired. But he wouldn't, not ever, fly away from a battle with Krad. He wasn't a coward.

Krad turned his dark gold eyes on the two girls. He hated them, hated their eyes. They were just so… so kind and warm, and he had never had a look such as that turned to him. They looked at him with fear and pity and hate. He was so tired of seeing those things. He just hated their eyes, their identical eyes. He wanted them to leave, to disappear. Magic gathered in his palm, he flung it at them.

The ground under the girls collapsed as Krad's power tore the earth to shreds. Risa and Riku fell among the rocks and debris towards the sea, but only Risa hit the water. Riku was safe in Dark's arms. The Thief hadn't had time to grab both of them, so he had caught his Sacred Maiden, his real love.

Krad! Satoshi's voice echoed through Krad's mind. The angel knew what his Tamer was going to say. His Hikari wanted him to save the girl. Surprisingly, Krad found he wanted to save her too, but for different reasons. He could use the girl against Dark; trap him by using her as bait.

Dropping down to the water, Krad pulled the floundering girl out of the water and held her easily, cradling her against his chest. She coughed violently, her lungs trying to rid themselves of sea water. Shivering, Risa clutched at him as he rose higher and higher in the sky, leaving Dark and Riku far behind.

"P-please let me go," Risa pleaded as her teeth chattered. She was soaked to the skin and her clothes, meant for spring, offered no warmth in the icy atmosphere. "Hiwatari? Please, if you c-can hear me, let me go." Her dark brown eyes filled with tears, her face soft and vulnerable.

Irritation lanced through Krad. "Master Satoshi is not hear, girl. You speak to me and me alone." He was not Satoshi, nor was Satoshi him. They were separate beings, and Krad hated it when he was thought of as someone other than himself. He was an original.

"Then who are you?" Risa asked, not understanding. Instead of replying immediately, Krad looped around a flock of birds and glided through rain laden clouds. Shrieking as he briefly turned upside down and then later as the cold cloud closed in around them, Risa buried her face in his chest and she could fell hot tears streaking her cheeks. She didn't mind flying with Mr. Dark because he was careful and made her feel safe, but Mr. Krad didn't. He flew too high and too fast, and he didn't hold her tight enough. Feeling like she might slip from his grip was not a comforting feeling at all.

Frowning, Krad glanced down at the terrified girl he held. Only a moment ago she had asked him to let her go, but now she clutched at him in fear of falling to the earth. How ironic. "I am Krad, girl. Remember that." His reply had been cold, like the air. "And do not keeping grabbing at me like that. I will not drop you."

Risa didn't loosen her grip, but instead curled in closer to him. She was freezing. Her khaki skirt and dark green blouse stuck to her skin and were beginning to get tiny crystals of ice. Krad's body was warm and her instinctual reaction was to gravitate to that heat. "That is not comforting, considering it feels like you are going to drop me," she muttered into his shirt.

The demonic angel glared at the top of her head, but held her more tightly. Anything to stop her shaking and complaining. It was distracting and annoying.

"Where are we going?" Risa asked, slightly more at ease now that she felt a bit safer. "Why did you kidnap me?"

"I'm taking you to a place that Dark is sure to find in time." Not bothering to answer her other question, he dove from the shelter of the clouds towards a small mill on the outskirts of town, in the middle of some sparse woods. The ocean was a far and distant echo to them now.

Upon landing, Krad all but dropped her to the ground and then dragged her by the arm into the mill's main chamber. Inside, he shut the door and locked it, golden light glowing around the frame with magical energy. He leaned against the wall and began the long wait for Dark.

"…Mr. Krad?"

He ignored her, eyes closed.

He heard her sigh of annoyance. "Mr. Krad, why do hate Mr. Dark so much?" He felt her sit down on the floor next to him.

"Because I am supposed to," he answered without thinking. "It is the way things have to be."

"But that's not a reason!" Risa protested, shocked. "Who said you had to hate him? That isn't right!"

Krad almost laughed at how innocent she was. She didn't understand anything. "My creators made it so, girl. That doesn't give me a chance to find a reason." He opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling, silently observing the small animals that had made their homes in the rafters.

"I don't understand," Risa said softly, pulling her knees into her chest and hugging them tightly.

"No," Krad commented bitterly, "no, you don't. No one does." He fully intended to glare at her, let his hatred for humanity show, but found that her impossibly large and soft eyes looking up at him. He still hated her eyes. The orbs were still filled with pity. He didn't want pity, he wanted… He wanted acceptance. He wanted freedom.

"Then tell me. Make me understand," Risa told him. She had never noticed that Satoshi and Krad did share one thing: pain. Pain from being alone for too long. "Tell me why you hurt Hiwatari; tell me why you hate Mr. Dark. Tell me what you want and what you dream of. Tell me about who you care about. Tell me and I'll listen. I'm good at listening when I want to." She really did want to know. She wanted to help Krad and Satoshi. No one should be lonely and in pain all the time. No one. Not even a demon.

Slowly, and almost against his will, Krad did tell her. He told her why he hunted Dark and the history of the Niwa and Hikari families. He told her that he dreamed of freedom. He talked and talked, never before realizing how much he needed, wanted, to say.

"If you want a different life, just change it," Risa told him simply. "And you still haven't told me who you care about. And don't tell me you don't have anyone! Everyone has someone they care for and someone who cares about them."

"I do not care for anyone and no one cares for me," Krad said anyway. As far as he knew, it was true. The only person he came close to caring about was his Hikari, but Master Satoshi certainly did not harbor any affection for him.

"That's not true!" Risa exclaimed, "I care!" She had jumped to her feet, and grabbed his arm. "I care what happens to you and Hiwatari, just as I care about what happens to Daisuke and Mr. Dark!"

Krad looked down at Risa and looked into those hated eyes. Those eyes he hated. But now, he hated them for a different reason.

Hands moving of their own accord, the blond angel bent down to the eyelevel of Risa, his pure white wings flaring out for balance. He brushed his lips against her forehead with more gentleness than anyone could have ever guessed.

Blushing a pale pink, Risa stood motionless as Krad stepped away and opened the door to the mill. He looked back at her and whispered so softly, "A Sacred Maiden with eyes like a mirror. I hate those eyes."

Krad flew away, leaving Risa to wonder what had happened. Sometime between being kidnapped and Krad's exit, she found that she welcomed his company. She found that he wasn't the monster everyone thought he was. She found herself wondering why no one had bothered to find the heart that laid under all the layers he presented the world.

As Krad flew away, he could only think of her eyes. He hated them. Hated her. Hated her for finding the chink in his armor, for making him feel. Her eyes had transformed into mirrors that showed him his own pain and loneliness. They also reflected her desire to help him. There was no fear, no pity. Just kindness and caring.

Those two things were worse than what he had seen in her eyes all those times before that night. For those to two things made Krad want something he knew he could never have.

Her love.

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