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Eyes II: Vision

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"Risa!" Riku Harada called from the outside her twin's locked door, "Risa, are you all right?" Her sister did this a lot. She just locked herself in her room for hours and no one knew what she was doing in there. She wouldn't let anyone go into the room when she was gone either. The door was always locked. Risa said she was redecorating and wanted to surprise everyone.

"I'm fine," Risa insisted from inside, holding a paintbrush in her hand. "I'll be out later!" She put another coat of paint on the wall, carefully balancing on the ladder. The sounds of her newest Martina McBride CD and the crackle of the plastic tarp she'd put over the carpet filled the room. Absently, she pushed a strand of brown hair behind her ear, smearing paint all over her cheek and hair. She did a lot of things like that, while she was daydreaming. She daydreamed more than she used too.

Ever since talking to Mr. Krad.

She didn't really think about Mr. Dark anymore, other than the occasional hello to Niwa or a news broadcast. But those same things also brought to mind Mr. Krad, because Mr. Krad was a topic that was intertwined with Mr. Dark. The same was true with Hiwatari. She'd tried to talk to him many times since the night in the mill, but he'd ignore her and walk away hurriedly. No, that wasn't true. Once, only once, he'd said, "Why do care? He's a monster. He's not worthy of your compassion." As he'd walked away from her, she could've sworn he'd added, "And neither am I."

She couldn't understand it. Didn't Hiwatari, of all people, see that Mr. Krad suffered too? He hadn't chosen to be the way he was. He was created. She didn't know by who, or how, but she did know that he had a heart and soul like everyone else. And that fact alone made him "worthy", as Hiwatari said, of her compassion.

Sighing, Risa closed her can of paint and cleaned her brush in a bucket of water. Stowing the supplies in her closet, she also changed out of her old t-shirt anda pair of Riku's old pants that she'd borrowedinto her pajamas. She stopped and looked into her mirror. She looked at her eyes a great deal now, trying to decipher Mr. Krad's words. "A Sacred Maiden with eyes like mirrors." What did he mean?, Risa thought to herself, as she often did. Then she went out onto her balcony, where her sleeping bag waited. It was summer now, and plenty warm enough to sleep outside.

Gazing at the sky was becoming her new favorite way to fall asleep. She could imagine them dancing, or that they were worlds far away where people didn't suffer like they seemed to here on Earth. She also thought that, somewhere, Hiwatari and Mr. Krad would look at the same stars and, maybe, know that she cared about what happened to them. Both of them.

Yawning widely, Risa climbed into her puffy pastel pink sleeping bag. She left her CD player on. She mad a mental list of the things that she would need to finish her room. She had finished the painting and had already bought new lamps and stuff. With joy, she realized that all she had left to do was put it all together tomorrow!

It had been hard work to do her room. She hadn't just painted over her light pink walls and discarded her assorted pink room accessories; she also painted designs across the walls. They weren't very good, but they were better than she'd thought they'd be. Of course, Niwa had shown her how to paint them and he had made her do a lot of versions on small canvases before she'd done anything to her walls.

Other than that, she'd done everything herself.

Lying on her back and smiling with pride, Risa looked at the stars like she did every night. Like many nights before this one, she could've sworn that she saw the shadow of wings being cast over here, but that was impossible. Just the vision of a sleepy girl.

As she fell asleep, a hand brushed across her forehead. Risa's eyes snapped open, surprised, giving her a view of golden hair and eyes. Large white wings curved majestically from Krad's back. Unmoving, Risa just smiled up at him. She knew that he wouldn't want to talk. He was like Hiwatari that way. Neither of them liked to talk to people. Then again, Krad had talked to her before, but still…

An unreadable look crossed Krad's face, and, slowly, he smiled back. The expression seemed so incomprehensible to him. Risa sat up and said quietly, "Hi."

He didn't return her greeting, just gripped her chin quickly and looked at her. His eyes bore into hers. Finally he stated, almost with resignation, "I hate your eyes."

Risa felt hurt. "Why? What's wrong with them?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That's why I hate them," the angel told her, fingers tightening on her chin.

"I don't understand." That was becoming her standard response to things that Krad said.

Krad smiled bitterly. "I know."

Martina McBride's song, "God's Will", playing in the background, Risa softly reached out and touched his shoulder. She could almost physically feel his pain and loneliness. Krad's hand fell away from her face, almost in defeat, and Risa cautiously shifted to her knees and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, carefully resting her head on his left shoulder. "I don't need to understand," she whispered.

Golden light shone from his body, but Risa didn't move. In moments, she found herself hold not Krad, but Satoshi.

"Why?" the Hikari whispered, voice almost tortured.

"I have a vision, Hiwatari," Risa replied quietly. "A vision where no one is lonely or sad or in pain. I want it to come true, especially for you and Mr. Krad."

"I don't understand how you could feel sympathy for him," Satoshi told her. "He's a monster, a demon. He causes pain. I just don't understand how you could feel such compassion for him."

"Everyone deserves a second chance."

"I still can't fathom it."

"Do you need to?" she asked, burying her face in his neck.

He was silent a long while. Satoshi looked over her head at her almost finished room, and smiled in astonishment. He looked down at the back of her head and finally answered, "No, I don't."

Satoshi would have never thought it possible that Krad could influence someone like Risa Harada quite like he had. The Hikari Angel had even inspired her to redo her room. It was almost childlike in its simplicity and innocence.

She'd painted the walls a pure white, with a gold border near the ceiling. And all the way around the room, she'd painted a simple decoration.

She'd painted gold, blue, and white wings.

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