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Chapter One

None of them could really remember why they were celebrating. Nor could they recall why it was being held at Carter and Stuart's apartment. Maybe it could have been something was signed or it might have been somebody's birthday. It didn't matter. All that mattered at that moment was they were sitting in a circle ready to play Spin the Bottle. It didn't help much that most of them were quite drunk.

"I'll go first." Mike announced and lazily reached out and spun. Everyone clapped until it stopped and landed on Stacey. She smiled and the two carefully bent together for a quick kiss. It didn't last very long and the bottle was quickly passed onto the next person.

It finally got around to Carter, and it seemed it had taken forever, so he hoped it was worth it. While he was waiting, he had drunken a little more alcohol, as did everyone else, and the kisses had seemed to become longer and more intense. Carter considered just going back to the quick peck like it had started off as, but decided spilt second before spinning, that he would make it as long (maybe longer) and as intense (maybe more intense) no matter who it was. Even if it was Paul for goodness sake. But he really hoped it wasn't Paul.

"Spin! Spin! Spin! Spin!" They chanted and Carter laughed as he spun. He almost felt the need to close his eyes in fear of landing on Paul… or Stuart. Maybe that would be a problem as well. He wasn't expecting who it stopped at though.

"James?" Carter furrowed his eyebrows and stared at the man across from him.

"Me?" James put down his beer and jammed his thumb at his chest. Carter thought about his decision to do the kiss long and deliberated changing his mind but decided not to chicken out and just do it.

James saw how slowly and carefully Carter was moving in and figured, before it was too late, that Carter was going in the same direction kiss wise as everyone else had been going. He hadn't hoped to kiss that way, especially with another guy, but he was in the spirit (kind of) and he figured it wouldn't be much different than a woman (he hoped) so he moved a little closer.

They're lips met and for a split second, Carter felt as if nobody else but the two of them were there. James played along only so as not to be made fun of for chickening out and continued. They simultaneously parted their lips, but there was no tongue. James tilted his head to one side slightly and Carter breathed in faintly. Everyone was beginning to look around at each other uncomfortably trying to figure out if they would have to pull the two apart. Carter was pleasantly surprised at how… well… how good James was. He was more than good… he wasn't sure if he could pick one word.

Carter did have the thought 'what the hell am I doing!' and the even more prominent thought 'am I really that desperate to get some?' as he continued. He realized that everyone else was most definitely staring and maybe even beginning to worry a little but he almost didn't care. Maybe he was that desperate. Carter decided to finish it off with grabbing the young man's bottom lip with his teeth and pulled as he backed away, letting go as he finally went to sit back in his previous spot.

James just managed to stare with large eyes. His cheeks were extremely red and he swallowed tentatively. Carter looked around at everyone's faces finally letting what he did actually sink in. Mike was finally first to speak.

"Party over everyone. We've got work tomorrow." He pulled himself up and everyone followed suit out of the apartment expect for James and Carter who stayed put.

"Um…" James managed to blurt out after the door slowly clicked closed. Stuart had followed everyone out, knowing they weren't indeed going home, but going to the bar around the block to give them a moment alone. Stuart had wanted to stay to see what might have happened, but decided he'd just ask later.

"Yeah. I'm sor…" Carter began to apologize as he stood and tried to make himself busy by cleaning up so James couldn't see how nervous he was.

"Don't… apologize." James stood and picked up the bottle, staring at it a moment before tossing it in the trash.

"Why not?"

"Just… don't." James shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged. Carter finished cleaning as much as he could lay his fingers on at that moment and leaned against the counter.

"So…" Carter tried to say something, hoping to clear the suicidal silence. Instead, much to his surprise, he saw James move and then felt lips upon his again. James put his hands on either side of Carter, trapping him. Carter was shocked and unsure of what to do for what felt like a minute but was most likely less. James stopped and stared confusedly as if he had no idea what he just did.

"I… don't know what I'm doing." James stated, clarifying his look.

"Neither do I." Carter smiled back, almost invitingly. He moved in first this time and placed his hands the only place they could reach - James' hips. James jumped a little. "Is that okay?" Carter squinted his eyes slightly and went to take his hands off, but James pushed them back on and put his hands where they were before.

"No… I'm alright. It's okay."

"So before we do anything, I just want to clarify something here." Carter paused. " Both of us agree I'm gay."

"Yeah." James nodded.

"And both of us agree that up until recently, meaning now, you have been most certainly straight."

"Yeah." James repeated himself slower than before.

"And neither of us have an idea what we're doing but apparently we're doing it anyway."

"I guess so."

"Good enough for me." Carter shrugged. That settles it, I am that desperate, Carter thought.

They both went in at the same time and practically smashed into each other with impatience. They started the same way they had the first time - giving each other time to part their lips. James cocked his head again and that indescribable kiss, as Carter could only come to call it later, was there once more. Carter couldn't help but wonder why women seemed repelled by this man. The kiss was almost like he had amazing experience. Carter got so lost in thought, he didn't expect the tongue that ran across his bottom lip. He grasped tighter on James' hips and James only tensed a moment before relaxing again. Carter couldn't remember the last time either of them took a breath and he didn't really care as the tongue came back again. Even while all of this was going on, he couldn't help but worry that someone would walk in (like Stuart or one of the women forgetting their purse) and see them.

He gave up thinking when the younger man's tongue took a chance at finding Carter's mouth again. Carter didn't want to be outdone so he let his tongue push the other one out of the way and take over. James tensed for a third time and Carter pulled away.

"Are you really alright with this?" he finally asked, staring the man in the eyes.

"Why?" James questioned without giving a straightforward answer.

"You keep tensing up."

"Oh." James looked disappointed and brought his hands down to his sides, letting his head drop slightly to face the floor. Carter continued to leave his hands on James' hips though and stared curiously.

"You don't have to stop…" Carter heard himself saying and mentally slapped himself. You promised yourself you'd try and wait for Mr. Right and here you are making out with a straight man no less! And to top that all off, you basically invited him to continue. But then again, if the guy is experimenting or something, it's better to experiment with someone he knows than a stranger… Carter sighed.

"I don't?" James looked up and creased is eyebrows.

"You're not… bad." Carter shrugged it off like he told guys that everyday.

"Really?" James looked to brighten up a little, but he tried to hide it.

"aw, who am I kidding! You're really good!" Carter laughed and James smiled.


"Yeah, really." Carter nodded and looked around a moment. "Do you want to move somewhere more comfortable?"

"Actually, I was thinking maybe we could stay where we are and see what happens." James suggested.

"Can't disagree with that." Carter couldn't control anything he was doing - his speech… his hands… his tongue apparently.

Instead of putting his hands back on the counter, James placed his hands where Carter's shoulder blades were and moved in closer. Before they kissed again, Carter asked one last question.

"Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

"I'm pretty sure, yeah." James smiled amused unsure of what brought on the question. Carter smiled back and stopped talking. James leaned in again and their lips barely touched. Carter wasn't sure whether it was the alcohol or tension that was making his head hurt, but nothing seemed too important to break away. They were just about to kiss again when the door slammed open and there was a loud gasp.

The two men pulled apart and turned to face a stunned Nikki. She looked like she was waiting for an explanation and Carter went to open his mouth, but Nikki put her hand up and shook her head.

"Say nothing. I'm just here to get my purse." She snatched it from next to the open door. "I saw nothing. I'll them you guys were cleaning up." Nikki turned to walk out but came back in. "We're talking tomorrow morning whether you like it or not." She pointed as she closed the door.

"Maybe we should lock the door." Carter moved to the door and locked it without waiting for an answer.

"Do you think she'll tell?" James asked quietly when Carter walked back.

"Nah. She'll keep quiet." Carter brushed off the worry from both of them. "Now…" Carter gripped James' hips and pulled him in close. James took a sharp intake of breath. "Shall we continue?"

"Sure." He wasn't sure where to put his hands this time. He settled on placing them in the middle of Carter's back. They connected again and immediately let their tongues explore this time, instead of waiting. James dug his fingers into Carter's shirt and something about that mixed in with the kiss caused Carter to jerk forward. James took another sharp intake of breath at that movement. He couldn't figure out why, if he was experimenting the way he was with who he was experimenting with, this felt so right. And why now? Why did he wait until now to try this? If the bottle hadn't landed on him when Carter spun, would he still be here? At least, he thought, this is another thing I can cross off my 'things to try' list.

Carter finally let his hands move down to James' lower back, just near where his shirt met his pants. He allowed his hands, again, to move to James' buckle and started to undo it. James pulled away and looked down.

"What're you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Carter never took his eyes away as James looked back up.

"Okay, then."

"You're okay?" Carter checked before resuming.

"Yeah… I just wasn't expecting…"

"Do you want to stop?"

"No… no… I'm-I'm fine."


"Okay." James nodded and leaned in again and Carter finished the belt and moved onto his button and zipper. After finally pulling them down he felt silk boxers brush against his hands.

"Silk huh?"

"Is that a problem?"

"No. Just… making an observation." Carter offered. James took a big chance and drifted his hands down to Carter's waist. James looked up.

"Can I…?"

"Do you want to?"

"I don't know."

"Well then."

"Fine." James ended up placing his hands where the buttons on Carter's shirt met the button holes. With strength Carter hadn't known James possessed, James rip the shirt off to reveal Carter's undershirt.

"Wow." Was all Carter could spit out. "You're absolutely positive you've never done this before?" Carter raised an eyebrow.


"Could've fooled me." Carter pulled James' head in and let his fingers tangle in his curly crop of hair. Having no real shirt to grip now, James slipped his hands in the back pockets of Carter's pants.

Carter finally had enough of standing where they were and began to walk forward. James followed his footsteps awkwardly, unwilling to let go. They continued kissing as Carter fumbled for the handle to a closed door. The door swung forcefully open and the two stumbled into the room. Neither noticed it happened to be Stuart's bedroom they walked into and neither really cared as Carter slammed the door behind them.

They crumpled down on the bed, James on the bottom and Carter on top. They continued to intensely kiss. And Carter opened his eyes and finally recognized that the bed sheets did not belong to himself, but Stuart. He thought that maybe this was a bad idea, but the look on Stuart's face if he found out would've been priceless, so he said nothing.

The moved as one - it seemed - until they were fully on the bed, the sheets already disturbed by their motions. Carter never imagined that he would end the day with this, but he could think of worse things. Before he had time to think about anything else, he felt James' hands disappear from Carter's hips.

Carter wondered where they went, until he heard the familiar sound of his belt coming apart. He still had a hard time believing that James had never done something like this before. James didn't take off the pants and instead slipped his hands half inside.

Oh, yeah, were the only two words that skittered through his mind. He quickly unbuttoned James' shirt and expected an undershirt he would have to make his way through, but there was nothing except flesh. Carter slipped his hands inside the open shirt and let them travel to his back, pulling him closer.

Carter, the more seemingly experienced of the two, began to kiss the younger man's neck, finally reaching his collarbone with soft kisses. James finally managed to remove Carter's pants, and placed his hand on his lower back, pulling him closer, if it was possible.

"Dear God…" James murmured.

"You're alright?" Carter inquired, breathless, pausing only a moment to separate.

"Yes, yes…" James gasped and pulled Carter's groin to meet his again. "Quite alright."


About an hour or so later, Stuart used his spare key to throw the door open. He was so drunk he didn't hear the moans emitting from a bedroom and sleepily collapsed on the couch, falling fast asleep.