This is the final chapter. Thanks so much to everyone who has been reading and enjoying this.


Rogue struggled to shake her head, grappling for anything metal around the room. She looked at the Professor, unable to believe that he was controlling her, forcing her towards the plane. No, please, I don't want to go, she yelled at him, twisting violently around to look back at Magneto, reaching towards him. The plane's ramp closed, blocking her view of him.

We're going home, Xavier told her. She hit the wall with her fists, crying hysterically as the plane took off.

Rogue bolted upright with a strangled gasp, her hands outstretched. "Rogue?" Magneto questioned, placing a gentle hand on her back.

She turned to look at him, tears stinging her eyes. "He made me leave," she said, her voice strained, as she lay down beside him, burying her face in his neck. "I tried to stop him, to hold onto some metal, but I couldn't."

Her arms gripped his shoulders as she shook. He pulled her tightly against him, the hand holding her causing bruises on the skin of her shoulders. "You will not be forced to leave, Rogue," Magneto said, tugging her hair with his other hand.

She hiccupped against him, trying to calm herself. "I will not allow it," he continued, his grip tightening.

Slowly, her breathing steadied and she loosened her hold on his shoulders, relaxing against him. Her thoughts turned to the children, wondering if they would be allowed to make the decision to stay or leave. She frowned, pulling one of her hands to curl under her chin. "What about the children?" she asked.

"If any of them wish to stay, Rogue, Charles will not be allowed to take them," Magneto said and she looked up at him.

"He could make them go," she whispered, images in her dream flashing in front of her. "He could make you let them leave."

His fingers dug into her shoulder and she gasped. "I am one of the few on this planet that Charles is unable to control," he said, pushing her off of him.

Her eyes widened as he grasped her hands, pulling them above her head as he rose over her body. He released her gloved hands, using his power to keep them in place. His fingers trailed lightly down her arms, moving to her hair. She cried out as he tugged her strands of white. He pressed his lips to hers, taking advantage of her parted lips, seeking her tongue with his own. She arched against him as his fingers pinched her nipples.

"Do you like that?" he asked huskily, repeating the motion. She nodded, unable to speak, overwhelmed by his touch.

There was a knock on the door and he pulled away from her. "Get dressed," he told her, moving down to nip the side of her breast, his tongue moving to soothe the purple mark, before moving off of her.

Rogue felt him release his hold on her hands, her fingers drifting unconsciously to her breasts, skirting over the mark he had left on her. "Dressed, Rogue," Magneto said, looking possessively at her.

She pushed herself off the bed and collected her clothes, quickly putting them on as Magneto moved towards the door. "It's time," Mystique said as the door opened.

Rogue's eyes widened, looking towards the other woman and then back at her state of undress, embarrassment washing over her. "We'll be there shortly," Magneto replied, letting the door close.

Rogue pulled on her shirt and tensed as he pulled her to him. "I believe we will see the children first," he said, brushing her hair from her face. She smiled, blushing under his intense gaze. "When this is finished," he continued, pressing her body with his own to the wall. "I believe there is much we have to discuss."

His fingers entwined with hers, bringing her hands over her head. Her eyes widened as she felt him hard against her, moaning as he ground himself into her, not quite able to believe she was the cause of his current condition. "Yes, Rogue," he whispered in her ear, his voice low and silky. "You do this to me."

She bit her lip, each thrust causing indescribable pleasure. "It will be better than this," he told her, his hands moving to her waist, pressing her tightly against the wall, "when I make you mine."

"You've done a remarkable job, been such a good girl," he continued, placing kisses across her jaw.

She groaned as his tongue trailed along her neck. "You will be so happy to have joined me," he said, one hand moving up to roughly squeeze her breast. His fingers brushed against the bite mark.

She looked at him, eyes dark with lust. "You will be mine," he continued, giving her a searing kiss as he thrust one more time against her. She shook, her body coming undone, before going limp against him. He deepened the kiss, his hand continuing its torturous pleasure on her breast.

"All mine," he said, pulling away from her, brushing hair once again from her face.

He moved away from her, opened the door and exited the room. She followed him, trying to control her breathing because of the hunger in his voice, her anticipation building.


Rogue looked towards the children, watching their faces as they listened to Magneto. She heard him but did not process anything he said. The younger mutants looked anxiously at him, fear evident on their faces before all of them nodded.

"I want to go home," one of the older girls said, looking down at her feet.

"You can't," Rusty said, scowling. "They're taking mutants from their families. Remember?"

"I want to go with the Professor," the girl said, looking back up at Magneto. "My parents told me to stay with him."

"Mine too," Roberto replied.

Rogue watched as the two children joined Mystique in the doorway. She shook her head as the girl's friend joined them, images of what could happen to them flashing in her mind. "I'm staying with Rogue," Paige said, tugging on Rogue's hand.

Rogue looked down at her and smiled. "I want to fight," Rusty said determinedly. "I'm staying."

"So am I," Sam agreed, nodding as he stood beside his friend.

"You understand that by staying here you agree to follow the rules or suffer the consequences," Magneto said, looking intently at the three young mutants.

Rogue glared at that, pulling Paige protectively against her. "Yes, sir," the children said.

He walked towards the door turning back to them as he reached the doorway. "Do not leave this room," he warned, "The metal in this room will keep you safe from Charles' mind control."

Rogue's eyes widened at that. "Rogue," Magneto continued, waving impatiently for her to join him. "What do we do?" Sam asked, and she looked back at him and Rusty.

Their earlier bravado was gone; instead they were directing matching expressions of worry at her. "Read, play a game of chess," Rogue replied, offering them a reassuring smile. "I'll be back."

The three children nodded and she followed Magneto from the room, her anxiety growing. Images from her nightmare replayed in her mind and she looked at fearfully at Magneto. His gaze stayed straight ahead but she felt the links on her arms tighten. She relaxed a little at that, forcing herself to continue walking towards the hanger.

As they neared the doors, Magneto placed a hand on her back, his touch calming. They walked in and she felt her mouth go dry as she watched the other children walking up the plane's ramp with Mystique. They're so young.

As are you, Xavier replied in her mind. She whipped her head towards him, her body tensing. He looked calmly at her before directing his attention to Magneto. "Where are the other children?" Xavier asked, wheeling towards them.

"They have chosen to stay," Magneto replied, his voice hardening.

"They are my responsibility," Xavier began.

"You've done such a great job," Pyro commented from the wall, shaking his head as two of the rescued mutants boarded the plane.

Magneto held up a hand, effectively silencing him. "We agreed that they would be able to make the decision to stay or leave," he said, folding his arms across his chest.

Rogue cringed as his hand left her back, moving her hands to caress the metal in her gloves, needing something to hold onto. "No," Xavier replied, his eyes narrowing in anger. "I agreed that the rescued mutants had the capacity to make that decision. They are children. As is she." He looked towards her and she took a step back.

"She has made her own choice, Charles," Magneto responded, the links on her wrists tightening again.

"No, she has not," Xavier said irately. "You made that choice for her by manipulating her with promises of touch."

Magneto's eyes narrowed in response. "I'm staying here, Professor," Rogue said, pleading with him to understand. "Mutants need us to--"

"On the plane, Rogue," Xavier interrupted, his gaze never wavering from Magneto's.

She felt her body begin to move towards the plane, eyes widening in horror, her nightmare coming true. "Erik!" she shrieked, trying to force her feet to stop, to turn back to him.

She was wrenched backwards, Magneto's arm circling her waist, pulling her to him. "I tried to do this diplomatically but you have left me no choice," he said lividly.

She watched as his other hand waved towards Xavier, sending him and his wheelchair backwards into the plane. A loud tearing sound resonated throughout the hanger as the ramp to the plane was forced closed and the door to the outside was wrenched opened. The plane took off a few seconds later.

Rogue turned in his arms, laying her head against his chest, gripping his shirt and shaking uncontrollably. The hanger door shut and she jumped at the sound. "Avalanche and Callisto, the new recruits are waiting for instructions on what to do," Magneto said. "Blob and Caliban, you have kitchen duty. Pyro, you are with me."

Quickly, everyone but he, Rogue and Pyro exited the room. "Calm yourself, Rogue," Magneto said, releasing his grip on her.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to take a step back from him. "Both of you," Magneto instructed, walking out the door and motioning for Pyro and her to follow.

"I can't believe Xavier tried to make you leave," Pyro whispered as they walked down the hallway.

Rogue wrapped her arms around her body, watching as Magneto's fists clenched at his side. Silence fell as they walked through the hallway, towards the Magneto's study. She needed to see the children, to know that they were safe and that Xavier hadn't somehow snuck them onto the plane. They climbed the stairs and the doorway opened. Paige ran straight towards her and Rogue wrapped her arms tightly around the girl, forcing herself not to cry.

"We get to stay?" Rusty asked, putting the paperweight back down on the desk.

"Of course you do," Pyro replied, smiling at him. "Did you think we'd let the Xavier get you?"

"We…" Sam started, looking at his sister and friend and then back towards the older mutants. "We were afraid he would make you."

Rogue's grip tightened around Paige. "Paige, Rusty, Sam," Magneto began, "You will go with Pyro. Now."

Rogue released Paige and watched as the three children left the room. Paige turned and waved before the door closed, cutting off her view. She barely had time to look away before her body was pushed into the wall, Magneto's lips capturing hers in a bruising kiss. His hands moved urgently over her body, nipping her neck and causing her to moan. He released her, stepping back, a predatory gleam in his eyes. He opened the door with an impatient wave and grasped her hand, dragging her out of the room. Her mind reeled as she followed him towards his bedroom, every nerve ending on fire in anticipation.

"If you want to stop, Rogue, now is the time to say so," Magneto informed her as they stood at the threshold to his room.

She looked at him and shook her head. "I don't want to," she replied, barely able to finish the sentence before his mouth was on hers again.

His hands gripped her waist, pulling her harshly against him. She clung to his shoulders, her thoughts chaotic as he moved them into the room. Her back connected with the wall again, his mouth leaving hers to place rough kisses along her jaw and neck. "Mine," he said, his hands tugging at her shirt.

"To touch," he continued, his hands running up her stomach underneath her shirt.

Unconsciously, she licked her bottom lip, overwhelmed by the hunger in his voice. She couldn't believe this was really going to happen. She'd given up on ever touching anyone intimately, her fear of absorbing them forcing her to keep even Bobby away. "Yes," she breathed, her grip tightening, pushing all thoughts of Bobby from her mind.

Magneto's hands moved to her breast, cupping them and brushing his thumbs roughly against the nipples. Her head jerked to one side and she bit her lip. His hands moved back down her body, trailing along the hem of her pants.

Her eyes widened as he unzipped her pants, one of his hands sliding beneath her panties. Her breathing became ragged as he slid one finger into her before he pinched her clit. She shuddered against him, her eyes never leaving his, as he began a steady rhythm with one finger sliding into her again, his thumb brushing against the nub every few seconds. She barely registered his other hand pulling at her pants and panties, dragging them down her body, her focus on the sensations his hand created in her.

She groaned in frustration, trying to kick off her jeans and underwear without hampering him. He smirked and she felt her body rise slightly from the ground. He helped her remove them before setting her down. His mouth moved towards hers, his fingers moving faster.

"To taste," he whispered in her ear, removing his fingers and bringing them to his mouth. Slowly, he licked them and she moaned, eyelids becoming heavy. He gripped her shirt, pulling it over her and dropping it to the floor.

He dragged her to him and moved them towards the bed. He undid her bra, removing it from her as they walked, his gaze never leaving hers. She shivered under the intensity of his gaze, his desire evident. "To take," he said, pushing her onto the bed.

She looked at him, watching as he removed his sweater, her breathing ragged. She laid her head down on the pillows, reaching a hand out to him. He walked towards her, moving onto the bed. He sat up on his knees, towering over her small form.

He took hold of her outstretched hand and guided it to his belt. She pulled the strap open and away from him, her fingers moving quickly to unbutton his pants. Her fingers shook as she pulled the zipper down, her gaze not wavering from his. He looked predatorily at her and she gasped as she felt him hard through the material of his pants. He grabbed her hands and forced them roughly above her head, using his power to once again hold them there.

He removed the rest of his clothes and pressed his lips to hers, seeking her tongue with his own. Using one hand he propped himself above her, allowing his other to move down her body, first caressing her neck and then moving to rub her breasts, before venturing southward. She arched into his touch as he slid two fingers inside of her. His lips left hers, staring intently at her face. She cringed at the pleasure-pain as his touch became harder. His thumb flicked her clit and she jerked into his hand, crying out.

His hand left hers and he moved over her, his hands resting on either side of her head. "This will hurt," he told her, his erection pressing against her stomach, "but I'll make it feel better."

She nodded, eyes focusing on his face as he placed himself against her opening. Slowly, he pressed into her, her eyes widening as he stretched her. She bit her bottom lip, eyes watering at the pain. Her inner muscles clenched around him and he hissed. She clenched her fists, gasping for air as he began a slow rhythmic series of thrusts.

She was on fire, each thrust sending her closer to the edge. His finger brushed over her clit again and she closed her eyes, crying out in pleasure. She arched into him as his pace quickened, small keening noises escaping her as she tossed her head from side to side. "Come for me," he told her, pinching the bundle of nerves between his fingers.

Rogue cried out, tightening around him, a vicious climax taking over. "Yours," she gasped, arching one last time against him.

He continued to thrust into her and she looked at him, her eyes heavy with lust. "I will do anything for you," she told him, arching back into him. "I will kill for you."

He pressed his lips to hers, giving her an intense kiss. "I will die for you," she told him as he released her.

His eyes darkened at that, his hands pressing hers down onto the mattress. He thrust one more time, biting her hard on the shoulder. A loud guttural growl escaped him as he came hard inside of her. "Mine," he hissed.

"Always," she whispered as he rested his forehead against hers.

He released her hands and rolled off of her, pulling her gruffly to him. Rogue laid her head on his chest, absently tracing circles on his skin before he grasped her hand with his, stilling her movement. Her thoughts were racing a mile a minute, doubt and worry engulfing her. She hadn't done much; part of that was uncertainty, and part of it was that she had been completely overwhelmed by what he was doing.

"You should shower," Magneto informed her and she looked up at him, resting her chin on his chest. "Breakfast will be ready shortly."

"What about you?" she asked, trying to read his face. "Are you coming?"

"To shower with you?" he asked and she reddened, glaring at him when he smirked at her embarrassment.

"Breakfast," she replied, hitting him lightly.

He grasped her hand, gripping it tightly. "I have a few matters I must deal with first," he said, releasing her.

She nodded and pushed herself off of him. She moved to the edge of the bed, trying to locate all of her clothing on the floor. Shyly, she turned back to him. "Is there a problem, Rogue?" he asked.

"I…" she began, biting her lip at his intense gaze. She looked down, unable to complete her sentence, unsure what she had been about to say.

"Go shower," Magneto said, gently cupping her chin and raising it so she could see his eyes. "I'll have someone fetch your clothes."

Rogue's eyes widened at that. "Paige will learn to sleep without you," he informed her, dropping his hand and retrieving his own clothes.

She nodded and watched him for a few seconds, remembering the skin on hers. "Shower, Rogue," Magneto stated, pulling on his sweater. "Or I will bring you to breakfast stark naked."

She quickly got off the bed and moved towards the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it, running fingers across the bite mark on her shoulder. His mark. Shaking her head, she went to the shower, knowing that he would follow through on his threat and make her eat breakfast naked.


"I'm starving!" Paige exclaimed, clutching her stomach for dramatic effect.

Rogue shook her head, smiling at the girl, as they walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. After showering, Rogue had found clean clothes laid out for her on the bed, but Magneto was not in the room. Nor had he been in his study. So she had gone to check on the children and had found them on their way to the kitchen with Pyro.

"We get to train with Pyro," Sam told her, grinning excitedly. His sister rolled her eyes and Rogue raised an eyebrow, startled at how much Paige's expression reminded her of her own.

"Yeah," Rusty said, nodding.

Pyro shrugged, trying to be nonchalant but failing, a small smile on his face. "We're going to be late for breakfast," he said, speeding up.

The two boys did the same. Rogue suppressed a laugh at the sight, stopping when she felt Paige tug on her hand. "I thought you were starving," Rogue said, turning towards her.

Paige looked seriously at her, eyebrows scrunched in thought. "You aren't sleeping in your room anymore," she said. "Callisto took all of your clothes."

"Yeah," Rogue replied, waiting for Paige to continue.

"Are you leaving?" the girl asked fearfully, chewing her bottom lip.

"No," Rogue assured her. "I'm…" sleeping with Magneto…how do I explain this?

"Rogue has a new room, Paige," Magneto said from behind them.

The two looked at him. "Why?" Paige asked, curiously looking between the two of them.

"Paige, honey," Rogue began, kneeling down in front of her, "you're a big girl. You made the decision to stay here all by yourself. I know you can sleep in your own room."

Paige looked down at her feet, took a deep breath, and then looked back at her. "What if I have a nightmare?" she whispered, her eyes wide with fear.

"Then, you come and find me," Rogue told her, brushing hair from the girl's face, "and I'll come and stay with you until you can fall asleep again."

Slowly, Paige nodded. "You promise you aren't leaving?" she asked.

"I promise," Rogue replied.

"Okay," Paige said, hesitantly nodding.

"Cool! Pancakes again!" Rusty yelled, his voice carrying down the hall.

"Oh no!" Paige groaned and took off running. "They'll eat them all."

Rogue stood up and watched her go, smiling at the child's resilience. She turned back towards Magneto, feeling slightly nervous. "Hey," she said in greeting.

He looked at her, his gaze unreadable. "I see you managed to successfully shower and change," he replied, the corners of his mouth curving slightly.

She glared at him in response, sticking her tongue out. Her gloved hand smacked her face and she scowled at him. "Xavier is not happy with you, Erik," Mystique said and Rogue looked behind her, watching as the blue mutant walked down the hallway towards them.

"Charles is unhappy about a great many things, Raven," Magneto replied, offhandedly.

"Training after breakfast," Mystique told Rogue and continued her trek towards the kitchen.

"After that, you have training with Avalanche and then dinner duty," Magneto informed her, placing a hand on her back and guiding her down the hallway.

Rogue nodded as they walked into the kitchen. As they passed the table closest to the door, she frowned, hoping that the other children would be alright. The links on her wrists tightened briefly and she cast a quick glance towards Magneto, who dropped his hand from her back, waving for his chair to move so he could sit. She sat at his side.

Rogue grinned as she Paige swiped a pancake from her brother, reprimanding him for taking too many at one time. Pyro and Rusty laughed as Sam glared in response. She could hear the new recruits conversing loudly with Blob and Avalanche, while Mystique and Callisto discussed the children's training.

Rogue took a bite of one of the pancakes, the slick metallic of the fork caressing her tongue. Home.