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Warning: Implied slash, lots of water due to showering, and all the fuss therein.

Shower the People

Singin' in the Rain

James Potter likes to shower at night.

It's the only sensible time, really. He's always felt slightly unnerved by those who can climb in between nice clean sheets to sleep when they're covered in sweat and grime after a full day of classes (er, pranks) and work (er, pranks), and a full evening of flying around playing Quidditch. He likes to be clean when flies off to Dreamland on his prized broomstick.

Showering at night has other benefits, though, besides merely satisfying a desire to be clean when he sleeps. When he showers before bed, the other boys in the dorm are still awake, and are therefore much less likely to threaten death, or at least severe bodily harm, as payment for rousing them from their precious slumber, when he gives in to his favorite showering pastime.

James likes to sing in the shower. Loudly. Off-key.

Well, James doesn't like to sing off-key, but, despite the caustic comments of his so-called friends, it's not his fault. He's tone deaf. Remus once told him, in a rare display of frustration, that he wouldn't know the right notes if they jumped out of the bushes and tried to clobber him. Another time, Sirius had snidely remarked that the hazel-eyed boy couldn't carry a tune outside to burry it, which was really a shame, since he had murdered it so spectacularly.

Over the years, though, James's horrendous singing has merely become one of the things his friends accept about him, just as he accepts their quirks. They tease him about it, but they mean their jibes no more viciously than he means his. Tit for tat.

Peter turns into a rat. The slightly rotund boy has an inordinate fondness for onions, and all sweats, and has a strange affinity for rubber ducks.

Remus reads too much (though if you call him on it, he will merely give you a look that says clearly 'there's no such thing as reading too much, you ill-mannered, immature, uneducated, unrefined, barbaric, boisterous brat, now leave me to my books'). He wakes up early and seems to actually like it. He takes things too seriously (except for Sirius himself, of course), studies too zealously, and is far too prudent for any self-respecting Marauder's good. And, of course, he's a werewolf, but no one, not even the renowned James Potter, would ever dare to rag him about that… except for Sirius, of course.

Sirius, well… Sirius is a pureblood, but so is James, they're related, after all; second cousins three times removed, or third cousins twice removed on some side or other, something like that, they've never bothered trying to properly navigate the twisted pathways of their kinship, though they could easily just look it up. And besides, James knows better than to bring up Sirius's family. As for other mockable material, well… James is a good enough friend to keep it to himself; it's not all that funny anyway, when he thinks about it.

So James graces his friends with his off-key voice. Loudly. He does like to sing loudly. And every once in a while, the others even deign to join in.

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