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Warning: Implied slash, lots of water due to showering, and all the fuss therein.

Shower the People

Coming Clean

Lily Evans loves to shower.

She likes to shower in the morning. She likes to shower in the evening. It doesn't matter when.

She likes to stand under the spray and soak away… everything.

She washes off the sweat and dirt that even the cleanest person accumulates during the day. She washes away her cares and worries. She washes away school – classes and work. She washes away her stress. She washes away fights with her friends and irritation with her sister. She washes away the expectations of her parents and her teachers. She washes away her tears.

Lily likes to be clean. She likes the feel of the shampoo rinsing out of her hair, and of the razorblade gliding smoothly across her skin.

She stands under the showerhead and lets the water beat down on her neck and shoulders and back, easing the tense muscles and soothing her very soul.

The things she wants that she can't have, for whatever reason, don't hurt quite as much when she can drown her thoughts in soap and steam. She lets the water fill her senses, its thunder in her ears, its taste in her mouth. Eyes closed against the soap she can smell lavender and lily-of-the-valley. The scents and sounds and tastes ease her mind as the pressure eases her body.

The water cleanses her, and when she steps out of the shower, relaxed and sparkling clean, she has opened a new page that's just waiting for her to write on it. And if she spills her ink, it's okay, because she can always wash it off next time.


A/N: Just realized I never said where the songs (that is, the story and chapter titles) are from. 'Singin' In the Rain' is from, go figure, Singin' in the Rain. 'Do De Rubber Duck' is from Sesame Street. 'Think Too Much' is by Idina Menzel. 'I Know What Boys Like' is by Pure Sugar. 'Hot Stuff' is Donna Summers. 'Coming Clean' is Hilary Duff. And, last but not least, 'Shower the People' is James Taylor. So, what'd you think of my first ever drabble fic? Please review!