All righty guys, this time it's for real. I've given up this fic to someone else. Last time I said someone was going to adopt this fic, that person vanished off the face of the planet or something. So I was a little pissed off and ignored everything concerning it for a while. Now I'm just too busy with life and work. From now on, if you PM or leave a review on this fic here, it will go to her email address. If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at ceraphyn at gmail dot com although I'll warn you that I hardly ever check that email anymore (I only use another email but that's for work, sorry guys).

I've given her ALL my notes and boy did that take like a month or two (I had A LOT of notes). She's rewriting the entire fic so it's more her style and makes more sense. I've liked what I read so far, if you don't please don't take it out on her. Please be as nice with her as you've been with me, it's not her fault I'm saddling her with crappy fic (my opinion). She's also working on her own fics, so her updates may be sporadic, and she only just got back from an out of town emergency. You can PM this account and the messages will go to her. So if you want to ask her when she'll get around to uploading the story, go ahead.

She refuses to get an account here on FF and I don't blame her (there's way too much stuff now). You can find her at AO3 and her pseud is Liliume. If you saw that I'd changed my name on this account, it was because I was going to give it to her but she said "hell no!" archiveofourown dot org /users/Liliume

So that's it for me. Thanks again for all the support everyone! :) Remember to remove spaces and replace at with the (a) for email and dot with an actual dot.