People requested the story here, and I thought I'd give it a try but if it gets taken down then I was right and I won't post smut here again.

LoReLaI's KiTcHeN

Lorelai and Sookie are sitting at the table. Since its Saturday they had gone shopping to New Haven, where they met up with Rory. Since Rory was with them Sookie hadn't brought up the subject that was currently clouding her mind. But now, after putting the coffee pot on, Sookie was going to un-cloud her mind.

"Look at this" Sookie said pulling something out of her purse.

"What is this?" Lorelai eyed the two little pills that were resting in the middle of her palm. She got up and went to get the coffee.

"Viagra pills, I found them on Jackson's night table" Sookie said worriedly.

"Ew!" Lorelai quickly dropped the two pills by the coffee maker. "And way too much information, Sookie" after getting hers and Sookie's coffee, she sat down again.

"Sorry but I had to tell someone" Sookie defended herself as she added sugar to her coffee.

"Can't you talk to Jackson?" Lorelai asked, really wanting to shield herself from this conversation.

"I can't talk to Jackson!" Sookie freaked.

"Why? Cat ate your tongue?" she took a drink of coffee smiling.

"He doesn't know I know" Sookie stated ignoring Lorelai's attempt of a joke.

"Know what?" Lorelai was confused.

"About his dysfunction" Sookie waved her arms.

"Oh, Sookie! Gross" Lorelai had a yuck face. She really didn't want to talk about that.

"Does it happen to Luke?"

"Sookie!" Lorelai was amazed Sookie had asked.

"Was that a yes or a no? Because if it was a yes, then maybe this isn't such a big deal but if it was a no, then I should probably start to worry" she rambled.

"Maybe they're not his" Lorelai said the first thing that came into mind, she just wanted to get the subject away from where it was headed.

"Not his? Then whose are they? Oh my God! Jackson's gay!" Sookie blurted out.

"What?" Lorelai was giggling by now.

"The pills belong to his lover" Sookie sounded a little hurt. "How could I not see it? He's a produce guy after all. That's practically like screaming 'I'm gay, I'm gay!' at the top of you lungs"

"Jackson is not gay, Sookie" Lorelai said.

"And the way he talks, his voice gets so high pitch sometimes" Sookie apparently decided to ignore Lorelai.

"Sookie, honey, Jackson is not gay and his voice is not all that bad"

"Not all that bad?"

"Well, he does get squeaky sometimes" Lorelai admitted and that made Sookie giggle.

"He does squeak with the best of em" Sookie was smiling. The front door opened then closed.

"Just go talk to him but don't mention his squeaky voice or his weird profession" Lorelai said smiling.

"Can't I just mention his squeaky voice a little bit?" Sookie asked motioning with her index and thumb finger just how much. Lorelai shook her head smiling. "Didn't the door open a while ago?"

"Yeah" Lorelai dismissed it with a hand wave. "It was just Luke"

"How do you know? There hasn't been a peep from the other room"

"He's upstairs changing" Lorelai simply said. "He doesn't like smelling like grease"

"Oh" Sookie said with a nod. "Well…" she stood up. "I better get going" Lorelai stood up also. "Today was fun and very productive" she lifted her many shopping bags from the couch.

"Totally, we should do it again. When I get a hold of Luke's credit card that is" Lorelai added.

"Definitely" Sookie smiled and they walked over to the door. "Bye"

"Talk to him" Lorelai said to Sookie's retrieving back. Sookie waved her off. Lorelai sighed and closed the door happy that she didn't have that problem with Luke. Speaking of which, she walked upstairs.

LoReLaI's BeDrOoM

"You ok?" Lorelai's concerned face on. Luke was sitting on the edge of the bed, elbows on knees and head on hands.

"Yeah, just a headache" he mumbled.

"Aw" she walked closer and sat next to him. She slowly rubbed his back.

"I said headache not backache" he said amusedly.

"Oh, sorry" she played along. She climbed on the bed behind Luke, and began massaging his temples. "Better?"


"I know what'll help you feel better" she cooed.

"I'd love to but my head is seriously hurting"

"Not that, although it might help" Lorelai said with a smile, which he couldn't see. He chuckled. "I was thinking you can take a bath"

"Sorry but I don't like bath's, although a shower might help'' he added. "That and painkillers"

"I'll let you go get the painkillers if you let me fix your shower"

"Fix my shower? Didn't know it was broken" he said amusedly.

"Not that kind of fix" she said in a duh voice. "In the candles n' fragrances kind of fix"

"Oh. I can take the candles but no fragrances" he grumbled, like every man would.

"How about scented candles?" Lorelai offered the key to a good relationship is compromise. Meaning getting my way as much as possible Lorelai thought.

"Those things are such rip offs. The damn candles never smell like the stupid fragrance, the only smell you get is the one from the burning scented oil. Which, oddly enough, smells like burnt oil" Luke rambled.

"Is that a 'yes' or 'no' to the scented candles?"

"No, I don't want to add to my headache"

"But I can put candles?" she wanted to make sure.


"Yay!" Lorelai shrieked and stood up.

"Could you talk in a lower voice?" Luke asked placing his hands where hers used to be.

"Sorry" she said in a manly voice.

"Oh yeah, that's much better" he said sarcastically.

"Wow, you're grouchy when you have a headache" Lorelai pointed out while she searched for the non-scented candles.

"Everybody is" Luke said.

"Go grab the pills while I fix the shower"

"Sure…" he stood up. "Where are they?"

"I think there's a few lying around the kitchen somewhere" she waved it off while she smelled candle after candle and separated the scented from the non-scented ones.

"No more than five candles" he said seriously before walking out of the room.

"Seven candles it is" Lorelai said loudly enough so he could hear her. "I'll grab you some comfortable clothes also" she told him after a few seconds.

"Thanks!" was Luke's response from somewhere downstairs. Where the hell does Lorelai keep the pills? And what does 'lying around in the kitchen' mean anyways? Luke was looking in all the cabinets. Damn it Lorelai, all this looking and thinking is making the headache worse. He grumbled while harshly closing a cabinet door. And that's when the corner of his eye caught sight of them. Of course they're next to the coffee pot. Everything is always next to the coffee pot in this house. Luke thought while he reached for the pills.

"Found them?" Lorelai asked from the bathroom, she was arranging the candles.

"Yeah" Luke was filling the glass with water. Once halfway filled, he downed the two pills and all the water. Man I hate pills.