Uncut and Uncensored

A WeEk LaTeR

"So… what are you guys doing tonight? Same as last week?" Sookie asked with suggestive eyebrow movement.


"What?" Sookie asked innocently. "It's not like you didn't have fun" Lorelai blushed.

"So not the point" Lorelai said and Sookie giggled.

"So what are you doing?"

"If you must know we're going on a date"


"Yep, we're going out to a fancy dinner and all of that" Lorelai declared with a big smile.

"Somebody's getting spoiled" Sookie cooed.

"Yes, somebody is. And this somebody is really enjoying it"

"Good, so, what time is he picking you up?"

"Seven, that's why I'm leaving now" Lorelai smiled.

"Have fun" Sookie said, again with the eyebrow movement. "Oh! Do you need another one of those pills?"

"Sookie! Is everything about sex to you?" Lorelai asked amused.

"Yes" Sookie simply stated.


"You're late!" Lorelai said when Luke walked through the door.

"It's seven ten" Luke said frowning.

"Yes, you said you'd pick me up at seven"

"You're never ready by the time I say I'll pick you up"

"I know, but that's not the point" Lorelai said with an 'angry' face and then broke off into giggles.

"You're mean" Luke said glaring at her.

"I know" she gave him a kiss. "Give me a minute and I'll be ready, I just need some lip gloss" Lorelai ran upstairs and Luke sat on the couch with a sigh.

A LiTtLe BeFoRe TeN

"I thought you say you didn't do fancy stuff" Lorelai said in a soft voice.

"I don't"

"Tonight you did, and you did it pretty well, I think I might get used to it" she teased.

"Don't, not to the dinners or to me getting all GQ-ed up for dates, this was a one time ordeal" Luke said focusing on the road.

"MmmHmm, I still loved it though"

"I'm glad" Luke said with a hint of a smile.

A LiTtLe LaTeR

Luke was sitting on the edge of Lorelai's bed with her sitting side ways on his lap, they were softly kissing. They pulled back because of the air lack and Luke just looked at her in awe. Lorelai focused on undoing his tie's knot, with no hurry. She pulled at one side once the knot was gone and the tie slowly rolled off his neck.

"Hi" Lorelai whispered with a big smile.

"Hi" Luke whispered back before kissing her again.

Lorelai stood up and pulled Luke up with her, not once breaking the kiss. Luke was nibbling at her bottom lip while Lorelai slowly undid the buttons on his shirt. They both felt arousal slowly growing. Luke was pulling up Lorelai's dress and bunching it up in her waist. He pulled back from the kiss to take her dress off.

"Huh" Luke said once the dress was on the floor, he was running a finger under the edge of her bra which made Lorelai giggled because she was ticklish around the ribs. "Didn't think you were wearing one" Luke mumbled.

"Why, because it's strapless?" Lorelai ran her finger over his soft-stubble-less cheek.

"How is it holding it self up?" Luke frowned and Lorelai giggled, he took it off.

"That's a secret" she whispered before kissing him again and taking off his dress shirt and undershirt.

Lorelai slowly worked his belt while they kissed, she pulled the belt out of the belt loops slowly, it was weird when she did that because normally she'd just unbuckle the belt and take his pants off. Luke sighed when the back of her hand brushed over his crotch.

"Lay down, baby" Lorelai whispered.

"MmmHmm" Luke pulled back with his eyes still closed; he sat on the edge of the bed and lifted his head, eyes still closed. Lorelai smiled at how cute he looked.

While Luke got comfortable on the bed, Lorelai took off her shoes; Luke's eyes glued on her every movement.

"Could you stop staring?" Lorelai asked gigging.

"No" Luke answered simply. "Take those off too" he pointed to her small pink panties.

"Huh, forgot I was wearing any" Lorelai teased and slowly shimmied them down her legs, she slowly and seductively wiggled her hips to get her underwear past them; she saw Luke staring more intently and his breathing changing.

Once free from her underwear Lorelai walked over to the bed, adding something extra to her walk. She crawled on top of the bed, starting by the foot of it, and she only stopped crawling once she was by his midsection. Lorelai straddled him; Luke was still wearing his pants.

"Don't you think you're still a little too over dressed?" Lorelai asked while slowly moving her hips against him, grinding over him, to stimulate both of them.

"Just a little" Luke answered playing along looking up at her smiling face.

"Hmm… I thing we need to change that" Lorelai said with and exaggerated nod. "But first…" she leaned down and kissed him. After a little while she pulled back. "Ok, now… what was I going to do?" Lorelai asked and just when Luke was going to answer she exclaimed. "Oh right!" she exclaimed, gave him a peck, and straightened up. Once she was back to straddling him she went back a little and got to work on his pants button and zipper, which were done in no time. Luke sighed, and closed his eyes again, enjoying the feel of more freedom.

Lorelai turned around, she was still straddling him but now all he could see was her back. She leaned forwards until she was lying fully in his legs before she began to untie his shoe laces. Luke moaned at the new view he had, Lorelai was dripping at how aroused she was.

When both shoes were untied Lorelai took them off and carefully placed them by the foot of the bed, she straightened back up and grabbed the hem of Luke's pants. She had to lift herself up a little bit in order to remove the pants from his thighs. Lorelai slowly pushed his pants off of his legs making sure to drag her fingernails all the way down. Once off she let the pants crumbled to the floor on top of his discarded shoes. Next to go were his black dress socks, when the second sock was off she made sure to suck on his big toe a little which made Luke groan loudly. Lorelai giggled and Luke got even be reaching forward a little and touching her which made her gasp in surprise and arousal.

"Luke…" she sighed, his toe forgotten; Luke smiled and kept teasing her. After a little while Lorelai straighten back up and turned around so she was now back to facing him. "You did that on purpose" Lorelai narrowed her eyes at him; Luke smirked and placed his hands on her thighs, rubbing them slowly.

"So did you" Luke shot back and Lorelai smirked before starting to gyrate her hips against him. "And you're still doing it" Luke said with a big smirk on his face.

"Are you complaining? Because it doesn't seem like you are" Lorelai pressed down harder against him.

"Not complaining" Luke said through gritted teeth, closed eyes, and groaning.

"Thought so" Lorelai kept going until Luke pulled her down for a long kiss "Mmm… loose the boxers" Lorelai cooed when she pulled back a little.

"Hold on" Luke said before pulling her down for another kiss wrapping his arm around her, pulling her tight against his body. When they pulled apart all you could listen to were their heavy breathing.

Lorelai sat back up, and it took her a couple seconds to break the silence.

"Serious, Hon, loose the boxers" Lorelai repeated and Luke chuckled. She loved when Luke chuckled like that because it made his ab muscles contract and show more. His chuckling turned into moaning when Lorelai raked her fingernails over his stomach and all the way down to the hem of his boxers. "Who's laughing now, huh?" Lorelai teased, Luke looked up at her with a glint in his eye before suddenly flipping them over, which caused a yelp from Lorelai; she started giggling. "Look at you all eager"

"I am not eager"

"Oh yes you are" Lorelai giggled more; Luke narrowed his eyes at her, he pressed all of his body tightly against hers and lowered his head until he was millimeters from her lips. "Luke?" Lorelai asked in a whispered.

"I am not eager" he repeated in a whisper making Lorelai feel the puff of air against her lips. She stared into his eyes, for what seemed like forever.

"Luke…" she whined and moved her hips against him. "It's not fair; you have more will power than me"

"Yes I do" Luke said with a smirk, gave her a peck on the lips, and pulled back to take his boxers off.

"You're mean" Lorelai pouted when Luke pulled back. "You're pretty" she cooed when his boxers were gone. "Don't say it because you know you are pretty" she added before Luke said his 'landmark' I'm not pretty speech; instead he just gave her a glare. "Fine… you're ruggedly handsome. Now get back here"

"I don't see how that's better, but I'll take that over 'pretty' any day" Luke said crawling up her body again, he got comfortable between her legs, his arms holding him out above her. Lorelai bit her bottom lip at the feeling of him hard against her. She reached up and brought his lips crashing down on hers.

Lorelai pulled back taking a sharp intake of breath, eyes closed, and mouth hanging open as Luke pushed inside her while sucking on her neck. He stayed still for a little while giving them time to enjoy the feeling. Lorelai reached behind him and gave his ass a good squeeze to get him moving.

Luke kept a slow steady rhythm, ever since the beginning they had both wordlessly agreed on slow passionate love making. Lorelai always thought it was impossible to reach climax by doing it this way, she didn't know that if you did it with someone you really love then it didn't matter; Luke knew what buttons to push and when, just like she did for him.

Between sighs and moans Lorelai giggled whenever Luke brushed his knuckles against her ribs. She reached up and sweetly brushed the sweat that started to form on his forehead, he smiled down at her. With her hands still on his face she pulled him down for a long kiss, which she only pulled back from when she started shaking a little.

"Luke! oh!... oh, Luke!..." Luke smirked for a brief seconds before her contracting around him brought Luke to his undoing.

A CoUpLe MiNuTeS

Lorelai was lying on her back, Luke was lying next to her on his side; he kept kissing her shoulder, his right arm draped over her stomach.

"Hey?" Lorelai wondered.

"Yeah?" Luke asked, his right hand drawing patterns on her stomach.

"As much fun as last week was, and as much as I love horny Luke…" he scoffed at that. "… I love romantic Luke better"

"Can't you settle for normal Luke?" he wondered with an amused tone.

"No way, while normal Luke is ok for the everyday, the other facets of Luke are way too entertaining to ignore" she teased.

"Good to know I entertain you" Luke rolled his eyes.

"Oh, you do more than entertain me" Lorelai reassured and placed a hand atop of his on her stomach. "But still… this was way more fun then last week"

"Yeah, it was" Luke kissed her and then settled back next to her. Lorelai turned so Luke was now spooning her.

"Good night, Luke"

"Night" he mumbled already falling asleep.

"Thanks for getting all GQ-ed up" she teased and Luke grumbled.

"I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you remember how I looked because I'll never do it again" Luke said and a little silence fell between them.

"Yes you will" Lorelai added when she knew he was asleep.

I hope you enjoyed the smut series 'Them Pills'.

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