My Sassy Witch

Author's Notes: WOW bet you guys did not expect an update from this story! I'm very very happy to be back, and must apologize to those of you who have honored me by putting this story on alert but were left hanging. Thank you all for your loyalties and I'm so lucky to have reader and reviewers! Well a lot has happened since I began this story (mainly, the Seventh Book), so from now on, this fanfiction will continue as if the last book never happened (although, of course it really did and I loved it!). Thanks a lot, everyone!

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A Worthy Skive

Harry thumbed through the latest edition of Which Broomstick absentmindedly as Professor Flitwick called attendance. Rumpling his messy hair, he stared glumly out the window; wishing classes were not back in session.

"Ronald Weasley."

Ron had skived today to take Hermione to one of those Muggle musicals she had been longing to see for her birthday. "Here!" Harry called from behind his magazine. He smirked; Hermione must have drilled Ron to study extra hard for that last exam for him to ranked so high in the class; his name was one of the first to be called. His eye caught sight of a new article about his old Quidditch captain Oliver Wood, who was now starting Keeper for Puddlemore United.

"Dean Thomas."

Harry glanced behind at Seamus, who shook his head, "I've got me accent, mate."

Harry rolled his eyes; somehow it always fell on him to cover for his friends; not that he minded. "Oi!" he called with his head subtly turned to the side. He chuckled as he finished the article…he would have to remember to owl Oliver come out for a drink some time, and maybe ask if there was any news on when his team might be looking for another reserve Seeker. His attention shifted longingly out the window again…clear skies, perfect for flying, if only he go out for a ride on his Firebolt…

"Harry Potter."

He wondered if Professor McGonagall had meant it when she had said she would notify him if she heard of any Quidditch recruitment coming up. She had seemed pretty adamant that he finish his schooling the first time he had talked to her about quitting his Auror training...

"Harry Potter?"

Flying would be SO much better than being cooped up in class…

"Is Harry Potter absent, then?"

Harry's daydreams were snapped back to reality. "Er? NO! Oi, I'm here!"

Professor Flitwick frowned, swaying from the top of his pile of books. "Answer the first time next time, Mr. Potter! You'd do well to pay more attention in class!"

Neville and Seamus sniggered as Harry grinned sheepishly. As Professor Flitwick's squeaky voice droned on and on about various sorts of disguising charms, Harry's minded wandered from the classroom like it always did.

"Despite the ease that some naturally-born wizards called Metamorphaguses can transform their appearances, it gives them only a slight advantage, if any. You will find that most of the most renowned Aurors in the history of the Magical word were not Metamorphaguses, but exceptionally skilled in Charms."

The sky was extremely blue today. Not a single cloud in sight. Was there any wind? How good would it feel to be flying right now?

"It is crucial that an Auror be versatile in his or her wandwork. Using the same disguise more than once, though tempting in its convenience, could potentially lead to compromising anonymity and endangering your mission. For example, in the case of Wendelin the Weird, Hthe whowho we now know suffered from an acute case of OCD in her zealous addiction to being burned, thus resulting in her allowing herself to be caught by Muggles during the Medieval witch hunts a total of forty seven times…"

The door to the lecture room suddenly swung open. Jerked rudely from his daydreams, Harry followed suit with his classmates and glanced to the door to see the source of this disruption. Even Professor Flitwick stopped mid-sentence as a raven-haired beauty stepped in, shaking back her long straight locks. Harry's mouth dropped open. Oh. Bloody. Hell. What in the blazes is SHE doing here?!

Cho's light brown eyes were apologetic as she gave a quick respectful bow towards Professor Flitwick, who nodded back and cleared his throat to continue his lecture. "As I was saying, Wendelin the Weird's hand at charms were, at most, fair, and thus, she relied heavily on many of the same glamour charms in her disguises, such as…"

Harry slid down in his seat and cursed himself for not having his father's invisibility cloak on him. He purposefully avoided meeting Cho's eyes, and shuddered when she spotted him and swept gracefully into the desk next to his-why in Merlin's shorts did Ron have to be absent today?! He chanced a glance at the girl, who seemed to be paying close attention to this lecture that she did not even belong in.

"Now, as a result of her lack of variety in glamour charms, there were several occasions in which Muggles recognized her, and so Magical Reinforcement had to be sent in to do damage control-"

"Excuse me, sir?" Cho raised her hand as Harry stared at her in dumb shock. "How about a break?"

Harry buried his face in his arms. This wench sure has nerve! She trumps in forty minutes late and is thick-skinned enough to as for a break?!

But Professor Flitwick just glanced at his watch and started in surprise. "Oh my! I have been speaking for quite some time haven't I? Of course, let's break for…five minutes?" Humming happily, he leaped down from his pile of books and scampered out the door.

As his classmates chattered excitedly around him, Harry reluctantly to Cho after deciding it would be more dangerous to continue ignoring her. He was surprised to see her smiling brightly at him. I never noticed that dimple in her left cheek before.

She tugged on his arm. "Let's go." She turned to get up from the seat.

"Go? Where? Are you taking the mickey? I'm in the middle of class!"

Cho frowned, "So? He took roll already, didn't he?"

True. Harry thought. He never thought there would be a day he would be taking this side of the argument, but he would rather attempt to give Snape a bubblebath than agree with the likes of her. "I can't miss this class," he insisted.

Cho tried acting cute again. "Come on," she begged smiling sweetly. Her eyes widened innocently.

Stay strong. "I told you; this class is very important to me!" Harry responded firmly.

Her demeanor froze to cold instantly. "Fine." She snapped coolly, getting up and flipping her hair behind her shoulder. Without looking back at him, she stalked out of the room.

Harry breathed out in relief when she disappeared out the door and his male classmates all began swarming him with questions.

"Who was that?!"

"Me mam said Mrs. Weasley told her you got a girlfriend, mate, but I never believed it!"

"You mean it's true?! Why haven't we met her?"

"You sly bloke! So how far have you guys-"

"She's a slugger! How did git like you get such a knockout?"

Harry shook his head and raised his arms for silence. "Boy, boys! It doesn't matter how good-looking a witch is! A girl needs to ACT pretty too!" He groaned. "And THAT one is ruddy well the bossiest, rudest-"

"Harry Potter?"

Harry and his friends turned to the front. They had not even noticed Professor Flitwick reenter the room.

"Yes, sir?" Harry raised his hand.

"Ah, there you are, Mr. Potter." Professor Flitwick glanced down at his roll sheet. "You may go."


"I said you could go now. I will not mark you absent."

"Er-what, Sir?"

"Wasn't that witch that just left your girlfriend?"

Blushing amidst the hooting of his friends, Harry answered, "Er…yes sir?"

"Well, off you go, then, son!"

Harry beamed at this turn of luck. Packing his bags, he grinned gave some slight bows of thanks, making his way through the buzzing sea of students. "Thanks a lot, Professor Flitwick!" he called as he reached the door.

"Oh, and Mr. Potter?"

Harry turned, "Yes, sir?"

Professor Flitwick beamed cheerily. "If you can, raise it with her!"

Harry felt himself blush beet-red but he grinned all the same as his classmates cheered and applauded.

Stepping into the hallway, he let out a puff of air and scratched his head. Cho whirled around, her eyes lighting up at the sight of him. "Yay! So it worked then?" She linked her arm in his. "Let's go!"

Harry grinned sheepishly down at her. "Thanks for getting me out of class. Where're we going?"

Cho smiled back at him. "It's a surprise!"

Harry laughed. "So what did you tell Flitwick to make him let me out?" he asked as they started walking down the corridor.

"Oh, I told him that I was going to get an abortion and that you are the father."


"Harry? What's wrong?"

Harry's face contorted in sour horror, sputtering incoherently.

"Harry? You okay? Hey, where are you going?!" She grabbed his arm as he staggered back towards the classroom. "Get back here! You wanna die?!"

"NO!" Harry gasped, trying to wrench free of her grasp. "Professor Flitwick, it's not true!"

Cho rolled her eyes. "Oh, stop being a baby! Come ON!" She began dragging him away.

"IT'S A LIE, PROFESSOR! I SWEAR IT'S NOT TRUUUEEEE!" He reached his arm out helplessly towards the classroom as he felt himself get pulled farther and farther away. "NOOOOOO!"

"Race you to the pitch, loser!"

"I'll wait for you there!" Harry bopped her over the head as he sped past her, swinging his broomstick over his head.

The sound of laughter never sounded sweeter in his ears. Cho caught up to him and jumped onto his back shrieking and laughing. Harry ran to the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch and mounted his Firebolt, shooting straight up into the air. Cho yelled in surprise as she clung to keep her balance on his back. Cursing into his ear, she hopped off and mounted onto her own broom and proceeded to chase him around the field. When Madame Hooch made her way onto the pitch, Harry nodded at her and waved in thanks as she released the Golden Snitch from its box and he and Cho raced towards it.

No flight in my life was ever so exhilarating as that one. I'll never forget the joy that shone on her entire face as the wind whipped her hair in disarray, nor the smile and laughs from her lips as we flew around my old pitch for hours that day. Skiving class that day was the best thing I'd ever done.