Title: Pain

Author: Faker of Innocence (miraraykai88 at yahoo dot com dot my)

Summary: Bryan has never experienced pain. But when he actually felt it, was it enough time for him to find the reason of his pain before it is too late? One-sided BryanxRay, slight KaixRay.

A/N: This is my first beyblade fic. Heck, this is even my first fic! This fic slightly contains shonen-ai, meaning boy with boy relationship, so don't like, don't read, kay? Oh, it also has one-sided love.

Disclaimer: If I own Beyblade, you can expect a lot of flirting among those gorgeous bladders. Do you see them doing that? Nope. So, I don't own them, and never will.


It was something Bryan never used to feel. But he knew it when he witnessed it.

He heard it from the scientists who taught him to destroy his emotions; he hurt and then killed them. He could hear it from their horrified screams of terror.

He saw it from the Chinese blader whom he fought during the Final tournament when he used Stroblitz to attack him. He could see it in those nervous, yet determined pair of golden eyes.

He heard it from the voices around him when he hurt his opponent badly during the first round of his match against the Asian Bladebreaker. He could sense it from the people who worried about his opponent's condition - Ray's condition.

But he never thought, that someday he would actually feel it himself.

He didn't know how to describe it the first time he felt the weird feeling. It was stabbing incessantly at his heart whenever he saw the oriental youth surrounded by friends, especially when said youth stood close to his stoic team captain. He thought it was just some kind of loneliness.

However, the feeling became worse all of a sudden.

But when he realized what those feelings were all about, it was too late for him to grab the one reason that triggered all those weird feelings in his soul.

It was too late for him to change it; he felt an enormous pain in his heart when he witnessed the kiss which Ray, the teen whom he had loved for so long, shared with Kai to show their love to everyone present, unconscious of the pain in Bryan's soul.

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