Chapter 1

It was the year 1912 when Melissa Thompson started her life once again. After an unhappy marriage two years ago with her now-dead husband Jonathan Baker, a rich man from London, she decided to escape her home. Of course she knew that she would never see her family again but that didn´t matter by that time.

She still had a few pictures of them always with her. All that the woman with the long blond curls wanted was leaving her past behind, no matter what comes.

Jonathan hadn´t left her much money, yet it was enough for a ticket to a new life that would begin on a ship, that was called R.M.S. Titanic.

After all she went through because of her previous "love" she was quiet fed up of those arrogant-money-people, as Melissa used to call them. But there was still one advantage: she had no problem with choosing the 2nd class on the ship instead of a first class travel.

Melissa´s clothes were made up of almost only skirts or sometimes dresses, but still in a very elegant style. She wore her hair in a messy bun with many strands hanging out.

Her biggest problem was that she didn´t know how to carry all her bags and purses onto the ship and then also being punctual. She already had two purses hanging around her neck and two more around her hips. That meant five big and three small bags were left over. Melissa had no idea of where to go once she was in America but she was pretty sure she could find a home.

With a rope she tied smaller bags to the her trunks and then put the remaining bag under her right arm.

And now you could really say she was no rich person. Wrapped in her coat, scarf and hatshe stalked through the harbour of Southampton. Melissa´s ticket were held between her clenched teeth. She had to take every step careful in order not to drop them.

The crowd of people was big butthe ship was huge. Never before in her life Melissa had travelled by sea and now she was going to travel on a luxurious liner.

Hundreds of people were in the harbour, waving their hands to the passengers and telling them good bye. She didn´t even notice that she was standing in the middle of a street and forgetting everything around her.

Suddenly she was reminded as something cold and hard touched her arm, that was covered by her light brown coat. Melissa jumped in surprise and looked into that direction. A car stood closer to her body than it would be for her liking.

It´s driver looked out of the window and started cursing and insulting her immediately: "Can´t you watch out, damn scold!"

She opened her mouth to answer but the man who had shouted the last sentence continued: "Don´t dare raising word to us! The next time I won´t stop the car and then you can protest when you´re lying under the wheels!"

Melissa stepped aside, unable to do anything else. The shock sat deep in her bones. She watched the car drive past her. Now she noticed her ticket lying on the ground. It had fallen down as she wanted to reply but had no chance to. As far as possible she bent down and picked them up.

She hurried and stormed up the ramp and inside the ship.

"Hey! You forgot to show us your ticket", a man called after her. Of course! How could she be so naive and believe everything´s alright after a car hit her her only almost.

She turned aropund and walked back to the door. Melissa held her head high in the air, showing the rich people who were passing her that there was a lady inside her. She showed the men that they had to take the ticket out of her mouth, which they did.

"Thanks!", she said and walked on. The men had a disgusted expression on her face when Melissa left them standing there.

Her happiness of being freed from her ticket got destroyed by a cracking sound under her feet...

I really need to know if you like this story so far. There so much more to come and it´s very important for meto knowif I should continue it. This is my first Titanic-fic, please be kind!