Chapter 6

It didn´t take much time of Melissa to leave her cabin again. She had brought a couple of books with her but it was still boring. She had once been on the deck for second class and noticed a few chairs there. They weren´t even half as comfortable as the first class deck chairs were but they would do. Melissa grabbed her favorite book 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen and took a walk through the corridors.

Sometimes she enjoyed being alone, even if that made her think about her past. She had been so glad that nobody had demanded to know more about it.

As she took her first step onto the deck and she could feel the rays of sunlight again she forgot everything around her. Sitting down on one of the chairs she opened her book and started reading. Melissa had read it so many times but still found it exciting and romantic.

She had only been little when she had dreamed of such a lovestory, like between Lizzy and Darcy in her book. She had wanted to marry a man like Darcy with so many different sides and of a beautiful wedding in a white wedding gown with her family and children in her later life. Melissa sighed and closed her eyes for just a moment. But she still slipped into a light slumber.

Cal´s POV:

Why does this always get out of hand? But Rose probably wanted it that way. I tried! I really tried but she preferred to stare into space instead of talking to me. She seems to think that I don´t notice when she fakes a smile but I do!

And as if the situation wasn´t bad enough this newly-rich woman Mrs. Brown thought it would be funny to make a joke of this!

Well, Rose left the table and I had to run after her to bring her back. Her mother just didn´t want to leave her in peace for a moment. No, I HAD to go!... Women! These illogical creatures. Rose can have no doubt that she´s related to Ruth!

I really had to clear my mind after meeting her at the reiling. But what was I to do? Maybe taking a walk would be the best...

Back to narrator´s POV:

Cal walked aimlessly over the deck. He was still frustrated about everything that had happened in the last few minutes. Following Rose would have been the biggest mistake he could have made.

After his first steps he was stopped by a man, who had attended the same university. "Cal? I can´t believe it´s you I´m meeting here", he said a shook Cal´s hand. "Pleasure to see you again, Arthur", he assured him. But it was a lie. Arthur had blond hair, that was longer than Cal´s and dark eyes. He was as tall as the other man and had been his best friend for years. Until Arthur had gotton jealous of his friend.

"Now tell me: what brings you on the Titanic? Still looking for a proper wife, huh?", he asked without a hesitation.

Cal pulled his hand out of his grip and replied calmly: "Actually not. In fact I´m soon to be married a few weeks after I get off the Titanic. And you, Arthur?"

The blond man got the irony of it and his expression had changed into a scowl. "As you know, I appreciate the female company but I don´t feel ready to settle down, yet. Who is the lucky woman of your dreams, if I may ask?"

"You may ask me, of course." Cal noticed the same old jealousy again. The way he had pronounced 'lucky' was like something disgusting. In their youth the two couldn´t be parted but Cal had better luck with women than Arthur. And though they were of the same age it was Cal who looked older and more experienced at that time. Not that the slightest had changed about that.

"You can ask, but don´t expect an answer from me!", he added and strode past him. HE wouldn´t give him the chance to scoff at Rose.

He had to get away from this man. The sooner - the better. Walking down the stairs to the second class deck he looked around. He wanted to make sure nobody would notice him there before sitting down on a deck chair.

Running a hand through his thick black hair he saw somebody shifting in the chair beside him. Something rather heavy dropped to the floor.

The noise made Melissa wake up. As she noticed her book lying on the ground she bent down to pick it up. She ignored the man sitting next to her until she leaned back in the chair again. Her eyebrows shot up at the sight. "Mr. Hockley, what brings you here?"

Cal now had to look at her. Why couldn´t just everyone leave him in peace? "Miss Thompson, you can believe me, I´m also not too happy that our paths cross again." Melissa gulped. She hadn´t meant to let her voice sound that harsh but he was right. She wasn´t happy.

"Good that we finally agree. So if you don´t mind, this part of the ship belongs to my part and you should go back to yours!"

He jumped out of the chair, almost flipping it over while doing so and glared at her: "It´s not on you to throw me off the ship. Even when this is only second class I can go wherever I wish! You are the one who could easily be thrown off my part!"

Melissa closed her mouth. Her jaw had dropped. How dare he! "I have no intention to go to your people for even a second! The dinner was more that enough!"

With that she got a stronger hold of her book and went back inside. How dare he?