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Chapter One: He's Your What?

Olivia Benson was sitting at her desk staring at her partner across from her. Elliot looked up from the file he was reading to find her staring intently at her. He raised his eyebrows and asked,

"Something on your mind Olivia?"

She squinted her eyes slightly and tilted her head to the side, trying to decide whether she should ask him the question or not. She decided what the heck and so she went for it,

"How you doing? You know since the divorce is final and everything"

His smile quickly faded at the mention of his divorce, and a serious, yet sad look took it's place. Olivia could tell he wasn't doing so well, but she knew he would never admit it to her voluntarily, if at all.

"I'm fine" he answered

Olivia lowered one eyebrow at him and said,

"Elliot I have known you for eight years. I can tell when something's bothering you, and considering we just closed the latest case we were on, I know that isn't what's bothering you, so it must be something personal. Like maybe having to do with your kids."

Elliot lowered his eyebrows and said,

"Just because we are partners doesn't mean I have to tell you everything that's bothering me"

"I didn't say you had to tell me anything. I just want you to know that if you need someone to talk to, I'm here." she told him

Elliot kept looking at her before he said,

"I know"

Olivia nodded before getting up and going over to the coffee maker to get a cup of coffee for herself and Elliot. Then she walked back over to his desk and handed him the cup she made for him and smiled at him. He looked up at her and smiled back before saying,



Just as she sat back down at her desk Cragen came out of his office and went over to the two of them. He looked from Elliot to Olivia before saying,

"Just got a call about a six year old girl found beat up pretty bad. They think she might have been raped. You two up to it?"

Elliot looked at Olivia and knew what her answer was.

"Yeah Cap, we got it" he told him

They arrived at the hospital to meet the little girl there. Elliot said he would talk to the Doctor while Olivia went in to talk to the little girl. She went into the room the little girl was in and found her sitting on the table, her knees pulled up into her chest and she had her head leaning down on her knees. Olivia saw the little girl and her heart melted. This little girl was so adorable. She had curly brown hair down to her shoulders, and bright blue eyes that stood out against her dark curly hair and olive complected skin. Olivia and Elliot both found it the most difficult when they had to work with children. She slowly approached the little girl and the girl looked up at her with fear in her eyes. Olivia noticed the look and so she stopped walking towards her and said,

"Hi honey, My name is Olivia. I'm a police officer." as she told the little girl that, she took out her badge and showed it to the little girl.

The little girl's face softened a little, so Olivia continued on,

"Do you mind if I come sit next to you and talk to you for a little bit"

The little girl just shrugged her shoulders, so Olivia walked up to the little girl and stood in front of her.

"So do you think you could tell me your name?" Olivia asked the little girl

The girl looked up at Olivia without answering, so Olivia tried again.

"Sweetie did you live in the apartment building that the policeman found you in?"

The little girl nodded her head, so Olivia continued on,

"Well then, can you tell me your name so that we can find your mommy and daddy and tell them you are here"

The little girl's eyes got wide when Olivia mentioned her parents and so Olivia asked,

"Did you know the person who hurt you sweetie?"

The little girl looked down at the floor and Olivia knew that that meant yes.

"It's okay sweetie, you can tell me who hurt you and then we will take him away and he will never hurt anyone else"

The little girl looked slowly back up at Olivia and finally spoke,


"I promise. Can you tell me who hurt you?"

"My mom's boyfriend. He lives with us." The little girl said softly.

"Okay, and what's your name honey?"


"Wow, that's a beautiful name" Olivia told the little girl with a smile

The little girl smiled back at Olivia's comment.

"Has your mom's boyfriend ever hurt you before?"

"One time he hit me when he was mad"

"Honey I need to ask you if he touched you anywhere? Somewhere you didn't want to be touched?"

The little girl shook her head no, so then Olivia asked,

"Has anyone ever touched you somewhere you didn't want them to touch?"

The little girl then looked down at the ground again and Olivia knew that was a yes.

"Can you tell me who touched you?" Olivia asked gently

"One of his friends" the little girl said softly

"Was he a friend of your mom's too?"

"I don't know. They are all over a lot"

"Okay honey, can you tell me any of their names?"

"Tom, John, Andy, and Mark"

"Which one is your mom's boyfriend?"


"And which one touched you?"

"Tom. He said if I told anyone he'd kill me"

"Don't worry sweetheart, we won't let that happen." Olivia told the little girl, just as Elliot walked into the room.

"That's my partner Elliot. I'm just going to go outside and talk to him okay?"

The little girl nodded before Olivia and Elliot stepped outside her room to talk.

"Doctor said she was definitely raped. No signs of semen, although they did find a hair and it's definitely not the little girl's." Elliot told Olivia

"She told me that it was her mom's boyfriend who hit her, but it was one of his friends that touched her. She's scared he's going to kill her." Olivia told Elliot

"Well that SOB is gonna have to go through me first" Elliot said angrily

"Me too"

"You know how one of the neighbors found her in an apartment?" he asked her


"It was your apartment building they found her at" he told her

"What, are you sure?"

"Yeah, I don't know why the Captain didn't mention it" he said

"Well let's get over there and start questioning the neighbors" she told him

"Let's go"

They got to her apartment building and found out the little girl lived at the very end of Olivia's hall.

"That's impossible, I've never seen her before" Olivia said when they found out

"Liv we work crazy hours, your paths probably never crossed"

"Until now"

They began questioning the neighbors, when one of them mentioned seeing a little boy around ten years old talking to the little girl before they started hearing a bunch of commotion. Elliot happened to be talking to the man who saw the little boy, and the man said he watched the little boy go back into apartment 5D. Elliot knew that apartment. It was Olivia's, so that couldn't be right.

"Sir are you sure that's the apartment you saw him go in"

"What do you think I'm lying to you" the man said annoyed

"No it's just I know the woman who lives there and she doesn't have any kids" Elliot told the man

"Well then you must not know that lady right there very well. Is she your partner?" The man asked Elliot

"Yeah why?"

"Because I know she's the cop that lives there, and I have seen her with that little boy several times. So maybe it's you that needs to be questioning her" the man said before closing the door in Elliot's face

"So did you come up with anything useful?" Olivia asked him as she walked up to him

"Depends on how you look at it?" he told her

"The man who lives here says he saw a little boy around ten years old talking to the little girl before everything happened"

Olivia shifted a little uneasily and Elliot could tell what he had just said made her nervous.

"Do you want to know what else he told me?" Elliot asked her

Olivia looked at him and closed her eyes,

"Elliot I can explain"

"Well you sure as hell better" he said slightly raising his voice

"I guess we need to go talk to that little boy" she told him as she walked towards her apartment and got out her key. She unlocked the door and walked inside, Elliot right behind her.

When they walked inside Elliot saw a plate with a half eaten sandwich left on it and half a glass of orange juice on the counter. But other than that he didn't see any sign of kid living here. Maybe it was all a big misunderstanding. But then Olivia called his name,

"Sweetie it's just me, could you come out here for a minute, I need to talk to you"

A few seconds later a little boy came out of one of the doors in Olivia's apartment. But when he saw Elliot the little boy froze.

"It's okay sweetheart he sort of knows" Olivia told the boy

So the boy continued to walk over to them, and as he got closer Elliot had to catch his breath at what he saw. This little boy looked exactly like Olivia. He had the exact same facial structure, the same build, and the same auburn colored hair that was slightly long, which made him really resemble Olivia. Then when the little boy had reached Olivia, Elliot noticed his eyes, they were the exact same deep brown as Olivia's. Olivia put her arm around his shoulder and looked at Elliot.

"Elliot I would like you to meet my son, Oliver. Oliver this is my partner Elliot"

"I know mom, I've seen him before" the little boy told her, causing Olivia to smile

"Nice to meet you Oliver" Elliot told him, still in shock

"Nice to finally meet you too" Oliver told him reaching out his hand for Elliot to shake. Elliot took his hand in his and shook it, while smiling at the boy.

"I can't believe you never told me about him" Elliot told her.

Olivia could tell by the tone of his voice that he was disappointed in her, and slightly hurt.

"It's not really her fault she couldn't tell you. Besides I've only been living here about two years." the boy told Elliot

"Two years is a pretty long time" Elliot said to both the boy and Olivia

"I promise I will explain everything to you Elliot. But right now we need to concentrate on catching the perp who hurt that little girl." Olivia told him

"You mean Callie?" Oliver asked

"Yeah honey, did you know her very well?" Olivia asked her son

"Yeah. She used to come over and play video games with me sometimes, when her mom's friends were over. I think they would do drugs over there or something, cause they always brought a few bags with them, and there were always the same four guys. Two of them are pretty scary, they've got tattoos all over them and long hair and stuff" Oliver told his mother

"Did you ever hear her mom and boyfriend arguing?" Elliot asked him

"Yeah, that's when I would go over there and listen through the door, and if it sounded like someone was getting hurt I would knock on the door and ask if Callie could come over and play. If her mom or the guy said no, then I would ask if everything was okay, and they would usually say yes" the boy told them

"Oliver I have told you a million times not to leave this apartment" Olivia told him sternly

"I know mom, but I know someone is getting hurt over there, whether it's Callie or her mom, or both of them." the boy told her sadly

"I know sweetie, I just don't want anything to happen to you" Olivia told him

"Is Callie okay? I heard a neighbor and the police come down the hall and I watched out the peephole. There was a lot of noise down there, and I went to check on her earlier but John told me to go away or he'd make sure me and her never saw daylight again" Oliver told his mother and her partner

"He threatened you" Olivia stated moreso than questioned

"He's not a nice guy mom, I told you, I'm pretty sure he hurts Callie and her mom sometimes. You know like when da-" he was telling his mom before she cut him off

"Okay Ollie that's fine, thank you" she told him looking at him a certain way, which he understood meant to stop talking. Elliot watched their interactions with each other and he knew they were hiding something else.

"Did you see anybody leave that apartment before the ambulance and police came?" Elliot asked the boy

"I just saw John and Anna, Callie's mom, and Andy leave. I was watching out the peephole because I heard a lady crying, and when I looked out Andy and John were like dragging her down the hall" Oliver told them

"You didn't see anybody else leave?" Elliot asked

The boy looked down at the ground and then looked back up at him and then over to his mother.

"I saw the other two guys leave a while later and so I went out on the fire escape and I saw them get into a white suburban...But before they got into it, I saw them look back up at the building and...and it looked like they saw me, and they pulled out a gun and then put it back inside their jacket" he told the two detectives

"Oliver, do you think they were looking at you?" his mother asked him

"It seemed like it. They've seen me before when I've come over to check on Callie, and they definitely don't seem to like me, or any other kid for that matter" he answered her

"Are you the one who called the police sweetie?" his mother asked

He nodded his head before answering,

"I was scared, I didn't see Callie and I didn't know what had happened. I just didn't want the police to find out who I was, and I knew other neighbors had seen or heard what was going on"

"You're a brave kid, just like your mom" Elliot told the boy

Oliver smiled before saying,

"I know, what did you expect"

Elliot and Olivia looked at each other before Oliver spoke up again,

"Is she okay?"

Olivia turned to her son, tilted her head to the side and gave him one of her half smiles before answering him.

"She's hurt pretty bad and she's scared"

"Can I see her" he asked

Olivia looked from her son to her partner before her son pleaded with her.

"Please mom, it'll probably cheer her up a little, you know, to see a friendly face. Besides I want to make sure she's okay"

Olivia smiled at her son before looking back over to Elliot who gave a nod.

"Okay fine, but only for a few minutes okay" she told her son

"Okay, thanks mom" he said, as he, Olivia, and Elliot left the apartment to head to the hospital.

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