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Synopsis: Like many other nights, Dark is supposed to steal yet another Hikari artifact. But during the heist, Satoshi managed to confront the kaitou and ended up spilling a love potion on Daisuke. Now what is Satoshi to do when Daisuke is turned into a submissive and perverted lovesick puppy!

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Warnings: this is YAOI, meaning boy/boy (though I'm sure most of you know that already…) so if you hate it… THEN GET OUT! There might be some lime in future chapters. And probably smut. Lemon… I don't know, I'm still thinking about it. Oh yes, and tables will turn. In future, Daisuke will be stalking Satoshi, not like the usual (it is known that Satoshi's the one who does the stalking!). Dark will be in hysterics about Daisuke's new behaviour while Krad's going to be quite vulgar about it… yes; he will enjoy the torment on his host. Umm… I guess that's it-- for now. So be warned!

The clock strike for nine pm. An excited crowd of fan girls and boys (mostly girls!) waited outside the art gallery for the show to start. Reporters and their camera crews were impatient to cover their live report on their TV stations. And the teams of policemen are anxiously flustered in trying to keep the hungry mob from entering the gallery while waiting for the legendary thief to strike.

Everyone was eagerly looking for the sign of those mysterious black wings.

On top of the highest tower of the clock tower, a dark mysterious figure clad in black leather clothing stood, shadowed by the glistening moonlight. His dark amethyst eyes glistened as he watch the crowd below. He felt the adrenaline rushed into his veins, as he was ready to begin his once more daring performance.

He called for his wings and extended it to its full glory. He smiled as he took a leap and soared across the starry moonlit sky and made his entrance.

" It's show time!"

Hiwatari/Hikari Satoshi stood and stared at the Hikari art piece, while listening to the pile of reports sent to him by the monitor. Nobody was allowed to enter the room that contained the phantom thief's target, which was the order of the young commander.

One of the reason was because of the bumbling policemen tendencies to blunder and the other was… ordinary humans was not suppose to know what happen between the thief, the commander and the art piece.

" Phantom thief Dark has escaped trap no. 11!"

" He has set off alarm no.9 but… where the hell is he?"

" Monitor shows that he's on the second floor but squad 5 reports that they're chasing him on the ground floor!"

" It's like there's two of him in different places but at the same time!"

" Damn! How does he do that!"

Satoshi gave a sigh. Yes, the men who work for him are bumbling idiots!

" Like you should talk!" Krad hissed scornfully, " You couldn't capture the thief either!"

Satoshi mentally glared at his inner demon. " Quiet, Krad! I have no time for your criticizes! Don't you worry, I will capture Dark!"

" So says you," Krad rolled his eyes loftily, " but we both know that would never happen. Not as long as you harbor feelings for the wing tamer."

Satoshi felt the icy tendrils of Krad's fingers sliding from his strands of blue hair and down to his pale snowy cheek. " Satoshi-sama…" Krad whispered, and Satoshi had the feeling of Krad breathing down his neck. " You are so attached to the boy, how would you capture Dark, the thief that resides in the body of your beloved? You have your duties, dear host, and you must fulfill it. And to do so you must destroy everything that stands in your way, even the Niwa boy, especially the Niwa boy! And that… I can help you there. Release me, Satoshi-sama, and I'll get rid of the Niwa for you, if you're so reluctant. Let me out, let me rid of those who has caused us to suffer for centuries."

" NO! No, Krad," Satoshi growled, " I will not let you touch Niwa-kun. You know I won't harm him, and you know what I'll do if harm ever comes to him…"

Krad let out a mirthless laugh. " Foolishness, Satoshi-sama. You would not kill yourself in order to save the Niwa. For one thing, I simply won't let you."

" We will see…"

Satoshi walked towards the Hikari art piece that Dark has planned to steal and examined it. ' The Fallen Angel's Love Medicine', an art piece created by one of his ancestors. It was delicately crafted glass vial with a bottle stopper shaped like an angel's wing. Inside the vial contained liquid with a mother-of-pearl sheen and it was swirling in characteristic spirals. Like all of the Hikari artwork, this piece has powerful magic or a curse, though records didn't say what it was. Satoshi wondered what type of magic/curse the artwork contained and what was the liquid inside of it.

" If you're so curious to know," Krad whispered loftily, " I can tell you."

Satoshi raised his eyebrows enquiringly. " Oh? And how would you know?"

Krad gave an uncharacteristic snort. " What a question! Satoshi-sama, do you know how long have I lived in this world and whose bodies I reside in? I was there when all your ancestors still lived, I watched in all my ex-host when the Hikari's were in their prime of glory to their downfall. I watched, hear and even assist in making their proud masterpieces. Why, I even-"

" Okay, OKAY! I get it!" Satoshi cried exasperatedly, quite tired in listening to Krad's rant. " I get it. You were there, you probably know more about this artwork more than I do."

" Hmph. Of course, I do!"

" So would you please skip the lecture and tell about this art piece?"

" Very well, then. If you insist," Krad cleared his throat and straightened up. Satoshi was amazed to find that he pictured Krad as some school history teacher about to recite an old lecture. " ' The Fallen Angel's Love Medicine'. It was created by Hikari Ai, a sister of one of my ex-host. It holds a curse called ' The Curse of The Lovelorn'. Judging by its name, I'm sure you'll get a general picture of the artpiece's magic."

" ' The Curse of the Lovelorn'?" Satoshi repeated curiously, " What does it do?"

" Shut up and let me finish!" Krad snapped then continued. " Hikari Ai suffered from unrequited love, she was in love with a man (thank God not a Niwa!), but being a Hikari, she doesn't know how to express her feelings— sort of like you, isn't it, Satoshi-sama?" Krad gave a smirk. Satoshi just rolled his eyes in reply. " The only way Ai oujo-sama can express her feelings was through art. Thus, she created this art piece out of love for that man. Unfortunately, her yearning for the man was too strong and she put a little too much feeling in her artwork hence her Hikari powers manipulated it into a curse. And that's how we get 'The Curse of the Lovelorn',"

" I see…" Satoshi mused thoughtfully, " but you still haven't told me what the curse do,"

" I'm getting to it!" Krad growled, glaring at his host, " do you want to listen or not?"

" Sorry, sorry, my bad!" Satoshi shivered when the icy demon still glared at him. ' Damn,' he thought resentfully, ' Krad's being so enthusiastic. Guess he likes showing off his knowledge—or maybe it's just that he likes the sound of his voice!'

" Now, where was I?" the demonic angel pondered for a while

" Umm… you were about to tell me about the curse?"

" Ah, yes. As I was saying, Ai oujo-sama's feelings were manipulated into a curse. A very powerful and disastrous one to be exact. So in order to seal the enchantments, Ai oujo-sama's brother, my ex-host, created 'The Fallen Angel's Love Medicine',"

" Wait a minute, I'm confused," Satoshi cried a small frown appearing on his cool face, " I thought you said Ai-san created the Love Medicine? Not her brother!"

" She did!" Krad gave a twisted smile, " they both did. Satoshi-sama, what you see here isn't one piece of artwork, but two! Ai oujo-sama's powerful artwork is in the form of the liquid in the glass vile. Her brother created the vile to contain his sister's artwork. So really, it works in symbiosis!"


" Now, remember you asked before what the liquid was? Well, that liquid was Amortentia. Satoshi-sama, do you know what Amortentia is?"

" … No…"

Krad's twisted smiled widen into a manic grin, it was as though he found the content quite amusing. " … Amortentia…" he whispered slowly and deliberately, giving off an aura of ultra creepiness, " … Amortentia is… a love potion, the most powerful love potion there is. Just a tiny drop, and the victim falls for the first person they see. It's very powerful, this potion. Usually people have to drink the love potion for the effects to take place, but this potion works even if a drop fell on the skin, so it's very dangerous. It cause a lot of havoc and chaos in the old days, lots of people running around declaring their love and devotion… it was quite amusing actually!" Krad smiled evilly as he reminisced some old nostalgic event.

Satoshi listened carefully to what Krad had said. A love potion… created to make a person to be infatuated enormously. Just think what would happen if a drop fell on Niwa… No! Satoshi shook his head, trying to get rid of the perverted thought that came to mind. There was a slight tinge of red rising on his cheek that he chose to ignore.

" Ah, well!" Krad sighed breaking out of his memory-filled reverie; " it was fun while it lasted. The Love Medicine's curse was the most amusing curse, I do suppose. It gave the last Niwa that tried to steal it a lot of trouble. Speaking of Niwa, shouldn't they be here any minute?"

Satoshi blinked and glanced at his watch. " You're right," he agreed silently, " they'll be coming soon, so I'd better get ready. And DON"T even think of trying to get out!"

Satoshi sent a mental glare at the ice demon. Krad flash a pouting look instead.

The young commander went and hid in the shadows, waiting and waiting for the thief to drop by.

" Hey, Krad. You still haven't told me what the curse is!"

" Hmmm? I already did! I told you, that if a drop of Amortentia touched the skin then the person would instantly fall in love with the first person he sees. That's the curse!"

" Ah. I get it!"

" Sooo… are you going to use it?" Krad asked slyly, and Satoshi had the image of Krad nudging him—which was admittedly downright weird!

" What do you mean by that?" Satoshi asked sharply.

" I mean, are you going use it to on the Niwa?"

Satoshi felt a fluster of panic run through him. ' Wh- why do say that? N-no, of course I wouldn't use it on Niwa, I wouldn't even dream of it!"

" You were thinking about it just now!" Krad pointed out slyly then gave a furtive laugh, " Satoshi-sama, don't even bother to deny it. I reside in your body; I know what goes through your mind! We are one and the same. Though I must say that I wouldn't mind if you use the Love Medicine on the Niwa. He'd be a slave to your will and do anything you say. Now… won't that be fun? Just imagine the Niwa doing your bidding, and all the things he would give you—including himself…"

Satoshi felt the heat rising through his body, as he imagined all the delicious possibilities… Krad gave a smirk as he watched his host. This would be the perfect time to transform!

Unfortunately for Krad, Satoshi saw that coming and quickly he banished away his dirty thoughts.

" That was so low!" he hissed furiously at Krad, " you know I wouldn't do that to Niwa! I love him so much that I want him to be happy and free. I don't want him to love me because of some love potion; I want him to love me for me! Though I know that would never happen…" Satoshi added silently, more to himself than to Krad.

Krad just rolled his eyes callously and snorted. " What utter rubbish!" he cried, " only fools would think that way. Ah, well. Your choice!"

Satoshi fell silent as he waited for the damn thief to come; his entire mind was on the Fallen Angel's Love medicine and on his beloved Niwa.

Dark was skipping down the hallways and waving at the security cameras, much out to spite the already infuriated police officers.

" There he is!" someone yelled from behind.

" Get him!"

Dark gave a manic grin and lightly jump up and hid near the ceiling, watching with undeniable glee as officers hurried to the place he was last in.

" That's impossible! He was here a few minutes ago!"

" He must have gone! Quick, he can't have gone too far!"

" This way, let's go!"

Dark's grin widens as he watch the police went away, not bothering to look up to the ceiling.

Dark dropped down to the floor and landed on one foot with immense gracefulness. " That was too easy!" he laughed, hands on his hips and swaggered to the next room.

" Daaaaark…!" Daisuke whined at the back of his mind, " I don't like this. Stop playing games and just grab the artwork and go!"

" Oh, come on, Dai-chan," Dark flashes a cheeky grin at his tamer, " just stealing is no fun. Toying with those idiots in uniforms makes this job waaay more interesting. Besides, you gotta admit, you enjoy this thrilling lifestyle!"

" No, I don't!" Daisuke replied firmly, crossing his arms to prove his point, " I don't enjoy dreading every hour that we might get caught. And there seems to be way more policemen then there were the last time. Just get the artwork and let's get out of here. Now!"

" Awww… you're no fun!" Dark pouted then sighed. " Guess you're right. Think it's about time I steal that art piece right now. Better hurry before creepy boy dies of boredom…"

Dark headed towards the room that contains his target. He easily bypassed every obstacle and traps set out for him.

" Dark, do you think Hiwatari-kun would be here, guarding the art piece?" Daisuke asked innocently.

" Oh, Dai-kun," Dark sighed exaggeratedly, " Because you call for him, he'll surely to come. I know you miss being around him, but really, it will do to steal without him around!"

" What's that suppose to mean?" Daisuke asked sharply.

" Nothing… except I couldn't help but feeling that you secretly want to see the creepy blue commander…"

" What! No, I don't!' Daisuke's faced flushed a brilliant red. " Why would I want to see someone who wants to put me in jail?"

" Dai-chan, Dai-chan…" Dark tsked, shaking his head with fake sympathy, " you don't have to keep it from me. I know you have a secret crush on him!"

" What! Whatever gave you that idea?"

" For one thing, you always ask about him; two, you two eat lunch together; three, you'd always being nice and smile at him (disregarding the fact that you have an effect on him!); and four, why is it you don't seem to care the fact that he is constantly stalking you?"

" I was being friendly!" Daisuke yelled waving his arms around cutely " is it so wrong in being friendly? And Hiwatari-kun was not stalking me!"

" Yeah, right!" Dark scoffed, " so how do you explain it when we always bump into him or when we saw him lurking about in front of your house?"

" Coincidence," Daisuke answered simply, " it was all coincidence when we saw him do all that. Or maybe he wants to tell me something but can't find a way to talk to me!"

" Yeah, right. I'm sure he wants to do more than just talk. Come on, Dai-chan, I saw the way he looks at you. It was like a cat ready to pounce on an unsuspecting mouse!"

" The same look you'd give to those poor unsuspecting girls?" Daisuke asked innocently, though there was a trace of a sly smirk on his face.

Dark rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. " Oh, hey, Dai-chan. Don't make this about me. You know I can't resist going up to a hot chick—and they sure can't resist me!"

" You're disgusting!" Daisuke shook his head disapprovingly, " and I don't care what you say about Hiwatari-kun. It's all just your big (and perverted!) imagination!"

" Hmph. Whatever you say, Dai-chan…!" Dark sang playfully.

He entered the room and quickly scanned around. There was the target but… no creepy commander. 'He's probably lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce!'

Dark thought with a snort, ' how typical of him. Well, let's just get on with this, shall we?'

Dark walked up to the Fallen Angel's Love Medicine and observed it. " This is it?" he cried out loud with disappointment, " looks like an ordinary glass bottle filled with water to me. What's so special about this art piece?"

" Oh, it's much more special than you think, thief!" a cool voice came from behind. " It's very special indeed!"

Dark gave a smirk and turned around facing the young genius, who was stepping out from the shadows. ' See, what did I told you,' Dark thought to himself smugly, ' he was hiding in the shadows, just like I said. How predictable of you, commander!'

" Dark, stop being so smug!" Daisuke cried rolling his eyes.

Dark blinked. " Huh? You heard me?"

" Yeah, you were thinking that out loud."

" Oh!"

" Konbanwa, Commander. Lovely evening, isn't it?" Dark greeted mockingly and tipped off an imaginary hat.

" Yes, I must agree it is." Satoshi mused, his eyes steadily on the smirking thief, " but, unfortunately, I have no time to admire the night sky."

" Well, you should. It's that wonderful time of night, when the stars shine it's brightest and the moon illuminates the earth softly. A night for lovers, you would say," Dark flashed a grin and cocked his head slightly. " Tell me, commander. Is there someone you'd think of on a night like this?"

Satoshi raised his eyebrows slightly. " If there is, I wouldn't tell you!" he answered coolly.

" Ah, so there is someone then!"

Satoshi know that the thief was just stalling him. He pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose and took a step forward." Why are you interested?" he asked, " Ah, but you don't have to tell me. Some things should remain a mystery. Anyway, lets get to business, shall we?"

Dark smile cockily. " Yes, lets!" he casually reached his hands out to the Love Medicine.

Satoshi's eyes widen slightly. " You know I'm going to stop you from stealing that artwork, don't you?"

" And you know I don't care!" came the simple reply. The Love Medicine was now in the hands of the phantom thief.

" A chase then?"

" Ah, you know the outcome."

" But that won't stop me from trying!"

Dark smirked and took off, with the last Hikari heir hot on his trails.

" You know, I couldn't help but think how weird this is," Daisuke mused out loud, " Why is it that every night we steal, you and Hiwatari-kun have a short chit-chat then he goes after you then you get away then the next morning you two acted like nothing happened… if you think about, it's kinda scary!"

"I know, Dai, "Dark cried happily as he dodge Satoshi's out-stretched hands," but this is how the way things are. Would you like if it's the other way round?"

" No…" Daisuke replied slowly, " but it would do if you don't taunt Hiwatari-kun all the time, he always end up exhausted and agitated the next day, even though he tries to hide it…"

" Awww… but where's the fun if I don't get him mad? It'll just be a boring old chase with the boring old commander after a cool sexy thief like me. That won't do, you know. At least if he's mad, he'll strive to get me and when he gets desperate that's when the excitement begins!"

" Just as long as Krad doesn't get in the way!" Daisuke muttered dully.

" Even better!" Dark cried happily.

" You're crazy, you know that!"

" Awww… thanks, Dai!"

Dark cackled gleefully out of spite when he threw a few stink bombs at Satoshi. The young commander nearly tripped when he caught a whiff of the horrible stench, it smelled like a cross of rotten eggs, dead fish and some outdated food that has stayed in the refrigerator for a long, long time.

Dark caught a glimpse of the commander trying very hard to gasp for fresh air and smirked.

" DAAARK…! That was MEAN!" Daisuke wailed angrily.

" Oh, come on. I was testing what you learned in chemistry today!" Dark cried cheekily, " You'll might get good results in the next exams!"

" Damn you, Dark!" Satoshi yelled angrily once he recovered, and soon he was back on track.

" Damn, he never gives up!" Dark muttered, as his sprint turned into a full speed dash. Somehow Satoshi still managed to keep up with him.

" Well, that's Hiwatari-kun for you!" Daisuke cried cheerfully.

" Shuddup, whose side are you on?"

Dark flung a few more stink bombs but Satoshi was ready for it.

" Oh no you don't!" he yelled as he dove forward and grabbed the hem of Dark's long leather trench coat. He pulled him down with him and Dark accidentally stepped on a stink bomb.

' Crap!' he thought in panic, and the reeking stench invaded his nostrils. ' Oh God, it stinks bad!"

Dark wheezed trying desperately to breath. Satoshi gave a triumphant smirk and neared the phantom thief. " How'd you like the taste of your own medicine, thief? Now, the other medicine if you please?"

" In your dreams, creep!" Dark yelled and kicked the bellows of Satoshi's stomach.

" Ooof!" Satoshi glared at him and tackled Dark, snatching the Love medicine away from him.

" Give that back!" Dark bellowed and made to grab it back.

There was a struggle, as both Dark and Satoshi fought to keep their hold on the Love Medicine; Satoshi was holding the bottom part of the glass vile while Dark's hands was clutching the winged bottle stopper.

" Hands off, you creep!"

" No, you hands off, Mousy!"

Suddenly, there was a sound of a crack and much to Satoshi's horror; the bottle stopper's seal was broken. Dark's eyes widens in surprise when he fell backwards to the floor pulling the bottle stopper with him. A blinding white light came out of the vile blinding both of their eyes.

A minute pass, and Satoshi's eyes were regaining their sight. ' W-what happen?'

" Oh, dear!" Krad drawled lazily, " looks like we got trouble ahead, Satoshi-sama…"

" W-what do you mean?"

" Look into your hands."

Satoshi look down to his hands. He was still holding the glass vile but to his horror, it was empty!

" The- the Love potion—Amortentia… where's it gone!"

" Ah, look ahead of you, Satoshi-sama!" there was a trace of gleefulness in Krads voice that made Satoshi's spine tingle and gave him goose bumps

Satoshi look ahead and to his surprise, Dark was gone—instead, in his place was Daisuke, who had passed out on the floor.

" Niwa-kun!"

Satoshi rushed to his side and scooped him up. " Niwa-kun! Niwa-kun! Daijobu ka?"

Satoshi stared at the fainted red head; he didn't look like he was injured or anything, he looked like he was sleeping. That was a relief to Satoshi and he cuddled the red head he loved so much. He pressed his face into Daisuke's fiery hair, inhaling his sweet scent.

' Interesting…' he mused with a sigh, ' he smells of strawberries, vanilla and… cinnamon!'

" That's because Amortentia gives out different scents to different people, usually the scent of what attracts them the most," Krad explained readily, " you smell strawberries, vanilla and cinnamon; but I smell pine trees, spices and blood!"

Satoshi blinked. " w-what? Amortentia?"

" Yes, Satoshi-sama. Amortentia."

Satoshi froze when it suddenly hit him. " W-wait, y-you don't mean…" he look down to Daisuke with a horrified look, " you don't mean that- that Amortentia… was spilled all over Daisuke!"

" Yes, Dark changed into the wing tamer before the potion was spilled."

" No! but that means that Daisuke will-" Satoshi stopped when he felt the red head stir in his arms.

" Oh no!" Satoshi thought dreadfully.

" Oh yes!" Krad gave a manic grin, a gleeful glint in his eyes, " and now, history repeats itself!"

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The Fallen Angel's Love Medicine: if you have vol.1 of the DNA series, you'd know the artwork. I just borrowed it from the book instead of making it up like most people do. Honestly, I'm just to lazy to create my own artwork and it hurts my brain to think (though I hope people don't think I'm some airhead at this statement! Heh)!

Though the series never exactly told what kind of magic the Love Medicine possess, so I made up the Curse of The Lovelorn (see! I'm not some airhead after all)!

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Tensai genius

Konbanwa good evening

Ai love

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