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" Satoshi-kun, ai shi teru…"

Ai shi teru…

Ai shi teru…


Satoshi woke up with a sigh. He's been tossing and turning all night, unable to fall asleep. Daisuke's words kept ringing in his mind, like an endless echo.

The boy sighed once more and stared up at the ceiling. It was a silent night, and his room was dark with only the moon's soft glow as the light.

Ai shi teru…

Oh, if only it were true… Satoshi closed his eyes glumly. Ever since Daisuke had declared his love towards him, Satoshi couldn't get the words out of his head. He had no idea what happened after the confession but somehow, hearing Daisuke's words didn't bring him any happiness, it gave him a hollow feeling deep inside of him.

Satoshi tried to relive the scene. It was somehow fuzzy and ambiguous to him because the impact of Daisuke's confession caused his mind to be in a state of hazed shock.

He remembered Daisuke, with all smiles and a hopeful glimmer in his eyes, holding on to him as he declared his undying love for the young commander. He remembered the shock that had hit him as he listened to the redhead's babbles of sweet nothings, and he was surprised to find the feeling of pain and bitterness that suddenly rose within him.

" Do'aho!" Satoshi remembered saying hoarsely, as he pushed the redhead and looked away with a pained expression. " Don't say things you don't really mean!" he had hissed through clenched teeth.

He recalled the stunned look on Daisuke's face. He remembered realizing that he was trembling as he saw the flash of hurt on the redhead's expression.

" What? But, Satoshi, I do love you," Daisuke had insisted, " How else could you explain about what happened these past few days? I-"

" Uso!" Satoshi snapped, a scowl suddenly formed on his face, " you don't love me. You think you do but you don't! How could you love someone like me? Why would you? Why would anyone love me?"

" Satoshi-kun, don't say that. Of course, there's always someone who loves you and I-"

" No, shut up, Daisuke!" Satoshi bit out harshly, his pupils dilating in silent anger, " you say you love me, that's obviously a lie! You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, nor are you thinking straight!"

Satoshi closed his eyes shut and clenched his fist. " You think, you think that just because you have a brief infatuation towards me, you're in love," he said with a shuddering voice, " well, you're not. And I won't be played the fool! I- I won't have my feelings be toyed with, I won't get my hopes up only to be shattered into little fragments of pieces. I won't give you a chance to hurt me!"

With that said, Satoshi turned around and tear away from the heartbroken redhead.

Satoshi sighed once again and turned to his side. Not only did he kept hearing Daisuke's voice repeating his love over and over again, he couldn't get the look of hurt on the redhead's face out of his system.

" I am such a fool…"

He thought with another melancholy sigh.

" You are not a fool, Satoshi-sama," Krad whispered soothingly, " you were protecting your own heart. It was a wise decision you made, not taking the opportunity of having the Niwa. It will probably lead to some serious regrets later."

" You're just saying that because you don't want me to get closer to Daisuke," Satoshi muttered glumly, " even when you were being a perverted freak, you secretly wished that I won't take advantage of Daisuke in his state. Don't take me as a fool, Krad, I saw through your act!"

" Hmph. Even so, Satoshi-sama, I was right, wasn't I?" Krad replied brusquely, " You won't do anything, because you know the eventual outcome. Even though he may seem so zealously infatuated by you now, you know it won't last. He'll abandon you the moment he is rid of the curse, and will probably hate you too…"

" Why are you doing this to me, Krad?" Satoshi queried with a tired voice. It was a question being asked so many times before, yet needed to be asked once again.

" Why do you torment me so? You know that I know this is what has been set for me, that I can never be free from these cruel chains of fate. Why do you feel the need to rub salt on the wounds?"

" Because, my Satoshi-sama," Krad replied simply, " it is my duty to do so, to make sure you fully abide to your obligations and not run off with Niwa or something equally as foolish. I just do what I need to do, and so should you, Satoshi-sama. Now, stop agonizing over your unrequited love for the Wing Tamer and focus on destroying his clan!"

" Oh, how simple your mind works!" Satoshi cried sarcastically, " what? You think it's easy for me to destroy the one thing I ever truly cared about? You think I could just forget everything and start a wild killing spree? Do you really think that I would kill Daisuke when I pine for him, long for his unattainable love?"

" Hmm… is this why you're having trouble with killing him?" Krad mused, " Because you long for his… love?"

Satoshi rolled his eyes in disbelief. " My god! It took you this long to finally figure that out?" Satoshi shot scathingly.

" Ahem… well, I guess it could be arranged…" Krad said quietly, almost in a thoughtful way.

" Wha- wait, what? What are you talking about? What are you up to, Krad?" Satoshi demanded suspiciously.

" Ehh… before I was just teasing you," Krad started with a fiendish smile, " but now, I decided to be generous and let you be with the Niwa!"

" … Am I hearing this correctly?"

" Yep!" Krad cried cheerfully, a little too cheerful if one might add, a not so good sign for Satoshi to be on the alert for the demon's sanity. " Here's the deal; you can go to the Niwa and have your wicked ways with him, I will not intervene. Now all I ask of you is once you have your little fun, we kill him! Now how does that sounds?"

" …" Satoshi's face was as blank as a board before giving a disgruntled groan. " Krad, please do not waste my time with your ridiculous notions. I have better things to do than contemplate on your sanity!"

" What?" Krad cried indignantly, " I'm being serious here! I'll let you have wild sex with the Niwa if you let me kill him afterwards. It's a fair trade! So, what say you?"

" No, God damn it!" Satoshi hissed through gritted teeth, a shot of headache seared through his forehead and he rubbed the bridge of his nose agonizingly. " I have had enough with your fanatical approach, now will you please just leave me in peace?.!"

" Hmph. Fine. Such a fine display of gratitude, and all I ever wanted to do was help," Krad muttered sulkily, then with a dramatic sigh, he continued, " very well then, Satoshi-sama. As you wish, I'll leave you to dwell on your unrequited love for the Niwa. But it's your fault you didn't take my offer, since there won't be another chance that I'm feeling as generous as I am now. It's your loss; actually, so now I'll give you an image of what you've just missed. To think, you could have the Wing Tamer bound in bed with chains, and you, from the bottom slowly crawling up to him, gently letting skin touch skin, as you lick your way through up, up, up till you reach his-"


Krad's amused chuckle rang through his head like an echo as he slowly resides to the unknown territory of his tamer's mind. Satoshi grabbed his pillow and pressed it against his head, hoping to tune out the unwanted echo in his mind; whether it's the sound of Krad's voice, or Daisuke's words of confessions.

But it was Daisuke's voice that rang clearly in his mind, and with Krad retiring to his den, the reminiscences of earlier events replayed once again, now with full force.

Satoshi groaned at the thought of the redhead, hoping the words would stop repeating itself, because it wasn't true. Those treacherous words… it wasn't real. Daisuke did not love him, no matter how much Daisuke thinks he does, no matter how much Satoshi wants it to be, in the end it all brings down to this. Daisuke does not love him.

Satoshi-kun, ai shi teru…

And it hurts.


And all Satoshi could do was angst about it. How depressing.

" If only I could tell you," Satoshi murmured with a sigh, " I love you too, Daisuke…"

The last Hikari stayed that way, lying in his bed as he mulled over his love till sleep gradually claimed him.


" Daisuke, stop this! You're overreacting!" Dark bit out with frustration.

" No, I'm not!" Daisuke wailed, sobbing through his pile of tissues and popped a large caramel chocolate in his mouth, " I'm behaving just as any normal person would! Especially when they've been rejected by the one they love with all their hearts!"

Daisuke burst into another fresh wave of tears, as he scooped from a large tub of chunky fudge ice cream with cookie dough and stuffed it in his mouth, sniffling pathetically.

Dark grimaced and wrinkled his nose with revolt. " Ugh! You're disgusting! Don't stuff yourself up like that; it's making me nauseous! And stop eating all those junk, it's gonna make you sick!"

" I can't help it," Daisuke blubbered tearfully, taking a big munch out of a rich moist chocolate cake, " I'm depress, I need all the chocolates I can get! I just got rejected, dammit!"

Dark rolled his eyes derisively, " Stop being such a drama queen, Daisuke. It's not the end of the world!"

" Shut up, you don't know how I feel! It took me everything I got just to spill my guts out to Satoshi, and all I did was got him mad!" Daisuke howled as he stuffed more ice cream into his bulging mouth. He pulled out a tissue from the tissue box and blow his nose hard making a sound like a trumpet, before crumpling it up and tossed it into a waste basket. " And now, what am I supposed to do?" he wailed pitifully, " I can't live without Satoshi-kuuuuuuuun…!"

" I repeat, stop being such a drama queen!" Dark cried, " You're overreacting. Geez, I never knew you were this sensitive! No wonder the creep turned you down, you're so… needy!"

" Dark! Stop being mean to me!" Daisuke pouted, glaring at his other half, " its one thing Satoshi-kun hates me, I don't need you to worsen it up! I love Satoshi, but why doesn't he accepts it?"

" Well, duh! Daisuke, you can't force someone to love you," Dark cried impatiently, " look, its obvious Hiwatari doesn't feel the same way you do, so get over it already! Just let it go! There's no use dwelling on it, it's the past now. You still got Riku, don't you?"

" In case you've forgotten, Riku and I broke up!" Daisuke snapped waspishly, " and I have no intention of getting back together with her. Satoshi's the one I want, Satoshi's the one I need. I don't want anyone but him!"

" Jeez, what's so special about him? Why are so adamant about wanting him?" Dark demanded with a frown, " Why are you suddenly having these- these… feelings towards him when just a few weeks ago you insisted that he's just a friend? Daisuke, something does not feel right. Your feelings aren't natural, I can sense it. "

" What? You think I'm not really in love with Satoshi? You think I'm somehow being controlled by an unexplainable force, a magic spell maybe, and it cause me to go crazy over Satoshi-kun?" Daisuke demanded looking rather miffed, his voice rising with each sentences.

" Now, that you've suggested it, I do, actually!" Dark replied calmly.

" Well, you're wrong!" Daisuke cried heatedly, " I am in love with Satoshi, truly, madly, deeply! And he'll return my feelings!"

" How?" Dark asked looking bored, " how will he return your feelings? He just rejected you, didn't he? And made it damn clear that he doesn't feel the same way you do."

" Well, I'll make him fall in love with me," Daisuke replied adamantly, "I don't care what you say, I'll do everything in my power to make him fall in love and I won't stop till he realize that he's the one for me. Yeah… that's right!"

Daisuke suddenly sat up with renewed vigor, a look of sheer determination as he wiped away the chocolate smudge on his face, "Satoshi and I… we're made for each other! I can't let his rejection faze me; it's all part of the ordeal to test my love for him! I'll pass it, you'll see. And once Satoshi sees it too, we'll live happily ever after, just me and him!"

"…" Dark gave a deadpanned look. " Daisuke… do you know that you sound like Risa?"

" What? No, I don't!" Daisuke cried going red.

" Seriously, you do!" Dark insisted, " you're behaving like one of those lovesick fan girls obsessing over their crush. Damn! Their freakiness must have somehow gotten to you. Oh, Daisuke… what am I gonna do with you? You're such a girl…"

" I tell you, I'm not!" Daisuke yelled with a flush, " Argh! I don't have time for this. I must get ready!"

" Hmm? Get ready for what?" Dark asked curiously.

" Get ready for operation ' Capture Hiwatari Satoshi's Heart'!" Daisuke cried grabbing a pen and paper, " All right, let's get it on! Yoisho!"


The phone rang incessantly, demanding attention. Satoshi picked it up, trying to ignore the ringing sound in his head.

" Moshi moshi. Hiwatari's residence," Satoshi annunciated, " this is Hiwatari Satoshi speaking."

" Ah, commander. It's me!"

Satoshi raised an eyebrow. " Saehara? Don't tell me… another notice?"

" Yessir! It's taking place at the Fortuna museum at the usual time. I'll fax in the details."

" Very well, I'll be over in a few. Wait for me till further instructions, got that?"

" Yes, commander!"

Satoshi put down the receiver and frowned. Another heist… crap, he didn't want to deal with Daisuke right now, not after what happened earlier…

The young commander sighed as he picked up the fax he just received.

' Well, lets get it done and over with then,' he thought dully as he scanned through the paper.



I'll be stealing the

"Glass Illusion"

From Fortuna Museum.

Phantom thief Dark



" Unforgivable!" Emiko screeched, stomping her foot and waving her arms feverishly as her face went red with boiling fury, " I never sent out any notice. Someone must have forged the notice under Dark's name."

" That's right, oku-sama!" Towa agreed cheerfully, " someone got jealous of Dark's fame and wants to hog it all for himself. Oooh… rivalry! There's gonna be a competition, how exciting!"

" How dare some wannabe thief impersonates Dark! It's totally unforgivable!" Emiko clenched her fist, fire blazing in her eyes as her face gave off a dark, threatening look, " Just you wait, you copycat! I'll capture you and torture you in every indescribably excruciating way possible, and that'll teach you not to mess with the Niwa family! I'll tie you up and tickle you to death! I'll stuff you up with chocolate ice cream till you get so sick, you'll never look at another chocolate or ice cream again! I'll- I'll… I'll force you to watch a 72-hour marathon of Teletubbies! (V-c: Gasp! The sheer horror!) "

" Yeah, you said it, oku-sama!" Towa crowed gleefully, egging her on, " Go! Go! Oku-sama! We mustn't let that thief get away with it, must we? Let's make 'em suffer! Oh ho ho ho ho!"

Daisuke sweat drops as he watched his mother ranted and raved fervidly while the family's maid eagerly cheered on, adding her additional comments here and there. " Ne… ne, Okaa-san…?"

" Daisuke!" Emiko grabbed her son by the shoulder, staring down at him gravely while emitting a dark aura. More sweat drops raced down Daisuke's face at the shadowy look on his mother face.

" Don't worry, baby!" Emiko cried darkly, " I'll capture that no-good impostor! Don't you worry about thing for mommy will take care of it, you'll see! Tonight, when that so-called thief strikes, I'll nabbed him and teach him a lesson he'll never forget… mwa hah ha ha!"

Daisuke smiled weakly at his mother. " Ah, 'kaa-san. Daijobu dayo. It's ok; you don't have to do a thing about it. There's nothing to be worried about!"

" Iie, Daisuke!" Emiko winded, looking at him incredulously, " we must do something about it. We're talking about Dark's reputation here. Our family's business will be at stake if we let that imposter on the loose!"

" Okaa-san," Daisuke soothed with utmost patience, " I said daijobu. You don't have to do a thing about that impostor, because there isn't one. That notice was real, not a fake."

Emiko looked surprise and frowned. " What? That's got to be a mistake, I didn't send any notice nor did your grandpa-"

" There's no mistake," Daisuke asserted firmly, " because I was the one who sent the notice."

Both Emiko and Towa blinked owlishly at him. " E-eh? Y-you sent the note?"

" Yup!"

" Ehhhh?.!" Towa gasped and hurried over to Daisuke, checking his forehead, " Daisuke, daijobu ka? Are you ill? Do you feel dizzy? Are you thinking straight?"

Daisuke chuckled weakly. " Um. Daijobu, Towa-chan. Genki dayo!"

" How strange, Dai-chan," Emiko said skeptically, " I thought you don't like going out on a heist. But now, you send the note on your own. Are you sure you're all right? Are you coming up with something? Would you rather stay at home, because I really don't mind if you don't want to go out tonight."

" Ah, iie arigato, 'kaa-san. I'll go," Daisuke answered firmly. ' Hn. Why is it the only time she doesn't want me to go out on a heist is when I voluntarily do it? Doesn't she trust me?' Daisuke thought with a pout, ' well, whatever. I just want to go there to see Satoshi tonight!'

Daisuke blushed and giggled giddily at the thought of the icy blue commander. He imagined Satoshi and him standing on top of the rooftop alone, the night was dark and starlit while the moon cast a soft glow upon them.

" Satoshi. I have come," Daisuke would say, " I have come to steal, as promised!"

And Satoshi would smile that mysterious smile of his and say, " Yes, I know you have."

" I have come to steal your heart, and you cannot stop me!" Daisuke would bore the look of steel determination yet with a blazing fire of passion in his eyes.

Satoshi would chuckle in an oh-so enigmatic yet so sexy way that makes Daisuke's heart melt. He would take a few steps closer till they are only inches apart as Satoshi gently lifts Daisuke's chin up so their gaze are even. "Now, why would I stop you?" he'll ask, his startling blue eyes glittering in the dark, " after all, you can't steal what is given to you."

Daisuke would blush the color of a soft delicate rose, his sparkling scarlet eyes locked into the deep sea blue with a loving gaze. " Oh, Satoshi…"

" Daisuke, ai shi teru…"

Daisuke would feel his heartbeats faster as Satoshi's lips slowly descended to meet with his… only to be beaten with a powerful punch by Dark!

" Ah, gomen!" Dark cried, flashing a smile, " but this daydream is really starting to make me gag!"

Daisuke blinked before realizing that his little fantasy was interrupted by his alter ego. " Dark!" Daisuke pouted furiously, " You jerk! Why did you have to intrude my fancy?"

" Because, it's so cheesy and I feel like I wanna choke myself!" Dark replied nonchalantly, " besides, Emiko's been calling for you for the past few minutes."

Daisuke blinked at his mother vacantly. Emiko gave him a soft yet serious smile.

" Talking to Dark?" she asked, " what did he say?"

" It's nothing, really!" Daisuke replied hurriedly.

" Really? He didn't say anything about the heist?"

" Oh, he's totally fine with it, okaa-san," Daisuke shrugged.

" Pfft. Only because you made me to!" Dark muttered grudgingly.

Daisuke ignored the thief and smiled at his mother. " Saa… I guess I have to get ready now, 'kaa-san. Sore ja!"

The redhead hurried out of the room to prepare for tonight. Emiko stared after him, a worried frown clear on her face. " Ne, Towa," Emiko said quietly, " Should I be worried? I mean, it's just an intuition but… I couldn't help but feel there's something slightly wrong about Daisuke… I know even though he does his job well, he'll always complain about it. But now, his doing it on his own free will…"

Towa shrugged. " Maybe he's just being independent, oku-sama?"

" Maybe…" Emiko agreed softly, " I should be proud but… I couldn't help but worry…call it a mother's intuition, I guess!" Emiko cast a smile at the maid.

" Well, maybe it would help if we know what artwork he's stealing tonight?" Towa suggested helpfully, " What's the name of the target?"

" Hmm… I'm not sure. I think it's called… the 'Glass Illusion'?"

Towa's eyes widens in surprise. " Na-nani?.! The- the 'Glass… Illusion'?.!"

Emiko raised an eyebrow enquiringly. " Yes… why? Do you know about it?"

" Y-yes… I do, actually," Towa admitted.

" Oh?"

" Yes, I know it very well. The 'Glass Illusion'… is another artwork created by Hikari Ai!"



Do'aho: Fool (note: another word for it in Japanese is ' baka', as I'm sure everyone knows that. But calling a person ' baka' is not as terribly insulting as being called an ' aho'.)

Moshi moshi: Hello (used when speaking into the phone)

Oku-sama: Madam

Sore ja: well then (note: someone once reviewed asking the meaning of ' ja ne'. well, from what I understand, so correct me if I'm wrong, ' ja' is an abbreviation to ' sore ja'. So, when someone says ' sore ja' or ' ja ne' when leaving, it's like saying " well then, I'll be off!")

Uso: (you) lie


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