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Another Halloween Night


"You retrieved this message four hours ago? Why weren't we told immediately?" Green Arrow demanded, waving the piece of paper under Superman's nose. The Man of Steel stood at the head of the table. He'd convened an emergency meeting of a select few of his team mates –- two to be exact.

"Batman was keeping it from us?" Wonder Woman asked, folding her arms across her chest.

"By the look of it," Superman muttered. He didn't like this. "I have also found evidence of…" He paused and shook his head. "Of Mantla."

"What!" Wonder Woman's face drained of colour. "Hera help us."

Ollie's arm's fell to his sides. "Mantla. It can't be. We… " His eyes grew wider and he dropped his attention to the note. "Hang on! You think this message is more than just…" Green Arrow's mind jagged on the dreadful thought. He lifted his strangled gaze and let it fall on Superman. "We have a Mantla spy on Earth trying to communicate with its homeland. Batman!"

"Maybe." Clark truly wasn't sure. Batman had a tendency to do things his own way. That didn't always mean taking his colleagues into his confidence.

"So, how do we tell if Batman's been 'infiltrated' or if he's just playing God again?"

"Ollie," Diana growled. Now wasn't a time to debate Batman's 'style'. As a matter of fact, if the Mantla were back, they didn't have time for anything at all. "What are we going do?" she appealed to Superman, her voice betraying the grave fears she felt.

Superman frowned, scanning the information he had requested from Star Labs.

Diana stepped up beside him and read the report. "If he's been infiltrated, it will be impossible to tell," she whispered.

"For us, yes," Superman agreed. "However, I know someone who may be able to help us."


Continued in Act 2

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