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Arrow Struck

Chapter Three

Sweet Dreams

The others had left without a word, leaving the two love birds to their cuddling.

"So where should we go on our date?" Robin inquired. He stroked Raven's hair lovingly and kissed the top of her head.

"I dunno."

"Movies? Fair? Dinner? A combo? Or all three? Dancing, maybe?" the boy threw answers out left and right. He wouldn't let her know, but he hadn't been on a date in at least a year and a half. Well, three years if you didn't count his dreadful experience with a human-moth crossbreed and his blonde bombshell of a spoiled daughter. He was sure he'd be a little rough.

Raven shrugged. Honestly, she didn't care what they did. She had her newly found Valentine date who she'd been swooning over for some time. She couldn't care less what they did. Four long years without a date worried her though. Hopefully he wouldn't take it personally if she was a little rough around the edges. But then again, who was she trying to fool? Of course she was rough around the edges; that was who she was. She was a dark girl who loved her personal space and down time. Any idiot (Beast Boy) who got in her way of that was as good as dead.

"Fine. Be that way." Robin joked. "How does dinner and the fair sound?" The masked hero supplied. He could tell Raven would never admit to something she'd want to do- especially on a date.

"Sounds good." Raven replied, hugging her love tighter.

"So I'll pick you up at your door at seven?"


"Is it alright if we take the motor cycle?" He asked her. Driving cars had never been his thing. Now, if he had a sports car, now that would be a new thing entirely.

Raven opened the door to reveal Robin standing in her doorway. At least, she thought it was Robin. He was wearing a pair of jeans, a red polo shirt, and a gray sweatshirt. His black hair was down instead of spiked with some pushed across his forehead. But what really caught Raven's attention were his eyes. Yes, his eyes. He'd actually taken off his mask. Pools of handsome blue stared back at her. She couldn't believe he'd actually taken off his mask.

Robin smiled when he saw his date's reaction to his state of masklessness (A/N: do you like my word?). He looked her over. She'd dressed normally, too. A pair of worn faded jeans hugged her hips with a silver star-covered belt atop them. She wore a navy tank over a baby blue fishnet top. A navy zip sweatshirt was in her arms.

The two stood there for a moment, taking each other in.

Wow. I love his look. He's not trying to hide his body, is he? Raven thought.

Gosh. I love her shirt. She's got killer curves. Robin pointed out to himself.

"Nice top, Rae." Robin said quickly.

"Nice eyes." She smiled. Robin held out his hand and she took it, following him down the hall.

The couple enjoyed dinner at the pizza place. They chatted about everything- but mostly things to get to know each other better. Robin confided his real name to her. Richard Grayson. She listened as he told her stories of his training to become the Boy Wonder and of his childhood experiences. Raven told him of her mother and Azarath, her old neighbors, and bullies that had teased her. When they came to a silence, Dick filled the void.

"I know this isn't the most romantic place for a date." he said, tracing the condensation on the outside of the glass that held his root beer. He looked down as if embarrassed. The dark girl tapped his foot with hers to make him look up.

"It's fine, Dick." she said sincerely. "Honestly. I mean, I haven't been on a single date in, well…"

"You can tell me." Robin insisted.

"You first." she retorted, smiling.

That smile is so beautiful. But now she has a way to make my heart melt. It's like a power. How can I not tell her? "Three years." He used vocal tones. Once again, he examined his soda. Raven snorted. He didn't look up. "I know. It's a really long time."

"It's been at least four for me." Raven's smile faded. He tapped her foot this time and took the last bit of soda from his cup.

"Wanna get outa here?" Boy Wonder asked, smiling. Raven nodded, and after Robin paid, they drove off to the carnival.

The two played games and rode the bumper cars at least ten times that night. They couldn't resist buying some cotton candy. They had a blast and couldn't have had more fun. They were with each other, and that's what mattered to them. After riding the Ferris wheel one last time, they headed home.

They got into the tower quietly, as not to wake the others. It was nearly two in the morning. But, as they entered the main room, they figured out that they didn't need to creep about.

Star and Beast Boy sat on the couch. BB was playing a video game while Star watched, daydreaming. Soda cans and a bag of chips littered the coffee table. Remotes and game controllers were scattered about the room and in the kitchen.

"Finally, geez." BB commented. "I thought you guys would never get home. Making out would be my guess."

"Friend Robin, friend Raven, how glad I am to see you! Would you like to join us in the partaking in the eating of the unhealthy sugar candies and the gaming of the videos?" Starfire asked cheerfully. "It has been quiet without you and friend Cyborg since he too was on the dating of the Valentine 's Day."

"Yeah, with Bumble Bee." Beast Boy added.

"Are you going to scream at this discovery, too, Martian Boy?" Raven joked.

"I am not a Martian!" BB shouted. He pointed at her angrily, standing on the back of the couch.

Robin and Raven turned away laughing. The Boy Wonder walked his favorite dark girl to her bedroom door to say goodnight.

"Thanks, Robin. That was a total blast. I don't think I've ridden bumper cars and had fun with them since Elf Boy came along." The purple haired girl told him. She smiled.

"Not a problem. I had fun, too. Thanks for coming. I'm glad you didn't think I was like a stalker from liking the smell of your hair." He chuckled and moved closer. "And I know it's only the first date and all, but I just need to do this." Richard tilted his head downward and placed his hands carefully. One elevated Raven's chin slightly and the other rested on her waist. He moved in slowly and kissed her.

Raven let her hands rest on his muscular chest. She found herself kissing the Boy Wonder back. When they pulled away, smiling.

"Sweet dreams, Rae." Robin whispered as he hugged her.

"Sweet dreams, Robbie." Raven teased slightly.

And now she knew what she had pondered just a day before. How would it feel to kiss Robin? The answer? Spectacular.

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