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'Isn't someone's life more important than your stupid game?'

You glanced at me that day. You looked confused. It was strange, watching your face soften, just for those few seconds. For a few seconds, you let me see past the facade you wear, and into your soul. Then it was gone. So fast, I had to wonder if it had been there at all.

You never spoke to me. You never even glanced my way most days. You looked at everyone else, and they stared right back. Challenging you. But they never saw you, did they? Of all the people, your guard dropped for me.

It dropped for him too, though. That boy, with the green hair. He didn't frighten you though, did he? No, what frightened you was you saw yourself in him. Then your brother turned against you and it all went crazy. You revealed yourself to everyone, out of love for your brother. You didn't care who heard what you spoke about. It wasn't for them. But that one confused glance was for me. One glance that revealed you, and it was for my eyes only.

That was why I supported you. I hardly knew you, my brother hated you, you ignored me all the time, but I knew your pain. You see, I let part of myself show that day too. I went through pain as well, and my outburst was because of it. My mother and father played a game. They played with mine and Joey's lives as the pieces. And that hurt. You seemed to play with the world as your piece. And I couldn't stand that. I didn't know, but in the end I always understood.

When I joined you in stone, I was scared. And I almost hated that boy. He was playing with us. No-one was more important than his game. I didn't know him either, but I ended up understanding. I understand the both of you, even if you don't understand each other. Even if you hardly understand yourselves.

You don't play with others' lives. You play with your own. You put everything you own, everything you are on the line for one person. You let us all see it. You let yourself be played. You let that man play you, you let that boy play you, you let the world play you, all for one person. And I understand because I did the same.

And that really answers my question. Yes, someones life is more important than your game. And that is why you continue to play.