This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh! fic so be nice! I have no idea where this idea came from, it just popped into my head. There's two different stories going on here so if you get confused let me know and I'll explain it to you.

There's gonna be a dog in this fic and he is based on my dog that passed away over seven years ago from cancer. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL HIM! If you even attempt to I will hunt you down and burn you alive! He was my best friend in the whole world and I will make sure you are kicked off if you take him without permission. I have no problem whatsoever if you would like to use him in your fics but please ask me first. I know I may seem to go over the top with this but if you lost your best friend from birth suddenly then you'll know how I feel.

WARNING: This is a yaoi fic so if you don't like two men togetherI suggest you leave.

Take it to the Streets

Chapter 1 – The boy and his dog

"Move silently…like a cat"


"OK, like a dog. Now shush, people are staring" He tapped the wet nose that appeared beside him and sunk low to the ground. Good thing he was small, it was harder for people to notice him. The dog standing tall next to him whimpered a little to show how impatient he was. "Just wait a little longer…"

The crowd of people took no notice of the two in the busy underground station. Most were either in deep conversation with someone or were talking non stop into their mobile phones. A train to their right pulled up and the doors flew. People piled in and out like sheep, pushing past each other to get through. "Now! Go!"

The boy and the dog flew into the mass and did their job. The boy quickly but silently reached into pockets and bags to see what he could find, while the dog sniffed about on the floor to find dropped items. Once the crowd quieted down they quickly ran to one end of the station in a dark corner, admiring their findings. The boy laughed. "Score! Look at this!"

He placed the money and jewellery on the ground, counting out the green paper. "50 yens! This should do us for a week, maybe longer! I love payday! What did you get?" He took a couple of wallets from the dog's mouth and empted them out. "I can't believe people wouldn't notice their wallets fall out of their pockets, how thick are they?" He counted the change that fell out and frowned. "7 yens, guess it's better than nothing"

He pulled out some credit cards and frowned. "It's so annoying, we have God knows how much money in our hands and we can't even use it because we've no pin number for it" He snapped the cards and threw them away. "At least we've got all this!" He said in a sing-song and waved the paper in front of the dog's face. The large animal patted his paws on the ground and wagged his tail happily. "We're gonna get a large meal tonight!"

The dog barked a couple of times and watched him put the money in his pockets. They ran up the stairs and onto the street which was just as crowed as the underground with people hurrying to work. "Where should we go today?"

They looked around before the boy got an idea. "I know where to go! Come on!" He ran down the street and cut through a small market before reaching their destination. "Italy in the heart of Japan" He read the sign with great pride, turning to the dog at his side. "Feel like eating at Tony's boy?"

A couple of barks and the dog bounding ahead was all he needed to know that the answer was a yes. He followed his companion and grabbed the scruff of his neck as he went to run through the front doors. "Round the back remember?"

They walked around the side of the building and came to the long ally that was the back of several shops. He walked up to the green door and knocked, patiently waiting. A tall man with short dark hair answered and smiled at the boy in front of him. "Yugi! What a pleasant surprise, Tony and I were beginning to think you'd forgotten us!" He spoke in a strong Italian accent.

"Hey, Tony, look who's here!" Another man, slightly taller and rounded, appeared behind him. His face also lit up at the sight of the young boy.

"My, my! It's ma lil' Yugi! Come here an give your Uncle Tony a hug!" He picked up the tiny boy and squeezing him.

"Uncle T, can't…breathe…"

"Oh, am a sorry" He put him back down and ruffled his hair. Tony was the owner of the restaurant and it was a very successful one at that. He and his cousin, Mario, had been running the place for nearly seven years, passing all heath inspections with flying colours. He knew Yugi for years and was always pleased when the young boy came to visit. He almost was like an Uncle to him. "I see Leo is still standing by you eh?"

He patted the dog's head while Leo's tail wagged at the attention he was getting. Leo was a three year old golden retriever and a very smart one at that. Yugi had found him as a pup, abandoned under the River Bridge and left to die. Since then Leo has never left his side. Yugi gave him his name from the extra amount of fur on his chest, it looked like he really did have a lion's mane and the name immediately came to him. And it suited him very well.

(Leo really was the name of my dog and he did have a furry chest like a lion's mane. I loved brushing it when I was wee and watching the fur wave about after it had been dried)

"So, what would we like to eat today?" asked Tony, clapping his hands together. "Me an Mario are dying in 'ere. We gotta no customers as it's only the morning, you know?"

Yugi laughed. "Just give us anything; you know what we like, oh!" Yugi went into his pockets and pulled some money out. "Leo and I think you guys should have this. You've been giving us free meals for years and I think it's time we paid you back"

Tony shook his head and took the smaller hands in his own, enclosing the money in Yugi's hands. "You need this far more than we do. And we give you free meals because we want you to know that you will always find food here whenever you're hungry"

"Uncle T…"

"Don't 'Uncle T' me. I'm not having you pay us to live, for goodness sake" He stood up and turned to his cousin. "Mario, prepare our special meal"

Mario jumped up and down. "You mean, de one?" he whispered. Tony nodded and smiled.

"Into the kitchen, it's time to cook!"

About half an hour later they appeared, Tony holding two plates and Mario holding a glass of juice and a bowl of fresh water. "Breakfast is served!" He placed the plates down in front of the boy and dog. "Eat up boys!"

"Italian for breakfast, who knew?" laughed Yugi. Leo and him ate the entire plate and drank every last drop of juice and water they had. Yugi patted his belly and Leo licked sauce of his lips, both stomachs feeling fuller than full. "I think…I'm gonna burst"

Tony laughed. "Glad you enjoyed it"

"You guys should win awards for these meals. Oh, wait, you have" All three laughed. Tony's restaurant had won several awards for its home cooked meals and he really did deserve them. Suddenly Yugi gasped. "Oh no, I need to go get stuff for Ryou!"

Tony's face fell. "How is he doing?"

"He's not getting any better but he's not getting any worse either. It's so confusing…"

"Tell him we give him our very best wishes"

"I will. Thank you so much for the meal. Come on Leo" They ran back onto the street and headed for the pharmacy. "I can finally afford something to help Ryou, I'm actually excited about it" He smiled at the dog that just looked back up at him. They finally reached it and without being told to Leo sat and waited outside. Yugi had a good look around before finding a bottle of medicine that matched what was wrong with his friend.

He paid for it, ignoring the funny look the man behind the counter gave him at his shabby clothes, and met Leo back outside. He frowned when he met a snarling dog instead. "What's wrong boy?"

He followed the dog's gaze up the street and saw three tall boys heading his way. His heart stopped and he started to panic. It couldn't be, not now, not when he was so close. But as they drew nearer he realised it was them and without another thought he ran for it. The shouting and hurried footsteps behind him confirmed they'd spotted him. He watched Leo run ahead of him and turn a corner and when he turned he saw the dog crouched to the ground.

He smirked, Leo was really smart when it came to defence. He continued to run and smiled when he saw the familiar fence with the hole. He fell down on his knees but didn't crawl through just yet, he wanted to see this. Leo was still crouched and was snarling, ready for them. The boys ran round only to be met by a very angry dog. Leo leapt at the closer one and grabbed his arm in his jaws.

The boy cried out and tried to get Leo to let go but he was too strong. The other one pulled on the dog's tail trying to help his friend…big mistake. Leo immediately turned and snapped at the boy's hands, catching one of them. Yugi looked and suddenly noticed there was only two of them. Where was the third?

"Looking for me?"

Turning around he saw the tallest boy of the three standing above him. He went to climb through the hole but the boy grabbed his ankle and pulled him back. He felt himself being picked up and pinned against the fence. "Running from me is no use; you should know that by now. I know this place just as well as you do"

"Let me go, Marik"

"And why would I want to do that?"

"I'll get Leo on you, I swear"

Marik held Yugi's wrists in one hand above his head and quickly pulled out a shiny black object, smirking. Yugi quivered at the sight of the gun.

"Go ahead then, see what happens" He looked down and spotted a small white bag. "What have we here then?" He picked it up and ripped the bag open with mouth. "Medicine? Thinking of taking an overdose are we?"

"I-It's for Ryou. He's sick"

"Aww, shame I don't give a fuck" He threw the bottle to the ground and Yugi watched in horror as it smashed, spilling the liquid all over the sidewalk. "If you can afford that then you've already been pocketing this morning, am I right?"

Without waiting for an answer he raided the small boy's pockets and found his money supply. "Well, well. Looks like someone did pretty good this morning, thanks for the cash Yug. Knew you loved me" He let him go watching the weaker one fall to his knees before walking away. Yugi looked at the smashed bottle with tears in his eyes. He'd been trying for weeks to get the right amount of money to help Ryou and it had gone in a second.

He heard barking and looked up as a golden flash flew past him. "Leo, no! Leave him" The dog stopped and barked in Marik's direction before trotting over to his friend on the floor. He licked his face and Yugi placed his arms around his neck. "We'll just have to try again eh boy?"

The dog licked his face a few more times before crawling through the fencing. Yugi followed him and they headed towards a large, abandoned block of flats where they called home. Opening the doors they climbed the five flights of stairs and until they reached their room. Yugi slowly opened the door as Leo trotted in first and disappeared into the next room. Shutting the door quietly behind him he heard a small meow and saw a black and white cat come towards him.

"Hey there Angel"

Yugi picked up the cat and smiled as it nuzzled against his cheek. Angel was Ryou's cat and she was beautiful. Her coat was black apart from white stockings and a white tip on her tail. Unlike Yugi who found Leo, Angel had found Ryou. He was alone and starving in an ally when she suddenly hopped up to him, a whole freshly made sandwich in her mouth. And she gave it to him. Ryou swore she was his guardian angel sent to look out for him, hence how she got her name.

Walking into the second room in the flat Yugi smiled at the sleeping on the floor covered by a thin blanket. Leo was lying beside him panting slightly. Yugi sat beside them and ran a hand through his long white locks. Ryou stirred in his sleep and slowly opened his deep brown eyes. "Y-Yugi?"

"Hey buddy, how you feeling?"

"Still like shit but, hey, nothings new" He slowly sat up placing a hand on his head. "Tell the room to stop spinning"

Yugi laughed and placed the cat in his lap. Angel just curled up on her master's lap and yawned. Ryou started coughing and Yugi frowned remembering the medicine. He couldn't bare to tell Ryou he'd lost yet another chance to help him. "Where'd you go this morning?"

"To the subway and then to Tony's"

"Any luck?"

Yugi nodded feeling dead guilty about having to lie to him again. He noticed the sandwich sitting beside him with a couple of bites taken out of it. "I see you refused to eat again"

"My stomach can't take it, I thought I was going to throw up"

"Ryou, you need to eat something. That's why your stomach's like that; it's not used to food. Eating will help"

"But I don't want it"

"Please, just one bite" Yugi picked up the sandwich and held it towards him.

"No, I don't know where it came from"

"I stole it from the builders up the road. They're always leaving their lunches lying around. Now eat it"

Ryou sighed. "All right, but just one" He took the soft bread to his lips and took a small bite. He screwed his face up and swallowed only to start coughing again.

"Thank you" Yugi put the rest down and patted his back. Ryou finally stopped and wiped his watery eyes.

"I have…to lie down. I'm on a roller coaster again" Yugi helped him to lay his throbbing head back down causing Angel to move from her comfy spot. He fell asleep straight away while the other boy felt his forehead. He was roasting hot. Reaching over to a bucket he took a cloth from the cool water and placed it on his forehead. He held back the tears once again at the thought he was almost another step closer to getting Ryou better.

But he wasn't about to give up. There must be a way, there's always a way.