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Take it to the Streets

Chapter 6 - Yami helps out

Yami carried his little sister through the darkened streets. The sun was setting and it was getting darker by the hour. He'd lost track of how long they'd been walking around and he was begining to think they should start heading home. Even though that was the last place he wanted to go. Hopefully his father was either still out or was unconsious on the front room floor.

He stopped walking and stared ahead. Yai lifted her head from it's 'perch' on his shoulder. "Why have we stopped?"

Yami put her down, she was getting a bit heavy now. He took her hand. "I think we should go home now, it's getting late"

Yai whined. "But I don't want to...what if dad's there?"

"It doesn't matter, we'll just lock ourselves in the bedroom and get some sleep, ok?"

She looked to the ground and nodded. They walked a couple more blocks before Yai suddenly stopped. Yami looked at her. "Yai?"

He noticed she was staring across the road and he followed her gaze. His eyes widened at the figure that was peering through a barbed wire fence. "Isn't that the boy that we saw earlier?" asked Yai.

"Yeah, it is. But what's he doing?"

They noticed he was very interested in something on the other side of the fence. Yami looked past him and saw a small group of guys in a circle. They didn't look too friendly. He watched as the familiar male moved and sneeked through a hole in the fence Yami failed to notice. Yai tugged on his arm.

"Where's he going?"

Yami seemed to ignore her as he slowly crossed the road and watched as, what was his name? Yugi or something?, approached the 4 other males ahead. What are you up to? The male that had a rolled up jacket in his arms cried out as the jacket seemed to have comed to life. A cat squeezed out of the jacket and scratched the male across the face before making a run for it. Yami heard him curse but as the cat made a break for it they didn't seem interested in getting it back.

The smaller male suddenly made a run towards the 4 other guys and he shoved one of them so hard he fell flat on his face. Yami's eyes widened. He watched as the other 2 turned to him and Yugi began to back off a bit. He could just make out what they were saying.

"What the fuck?" The one who Yugi pushed got back up and growled upon seeing his attacker. "Well if it isn't the little shit"

Marik walked in front of them and smiled. "I was wondering where you had got to. Come to bury your dead mutt?" He indicated towards Leo's lifeless body.

Yugi could feel the tears wealling up as he looked at his furry friend. "You're bastards, all of you!"

The 2 boys suddenly grabbed him and pinned his arms behind his back. Yugi struggled but to no avail. Yami growled. Yai tugged on his arm. "What are they doing?"

Marik grabbed Yugi's chin and forced him to look at him. "You get on my nerves you little paracite. You always mess up everything"

"You guys think you can ruin other people's lives and get away with it? I don't think so. I'm sick of you lot trying to make my life a living hell. I stand up for myself and for my friends, you lot are just a bunch of usless assholes that take pride in making other people miserable"

Marik let go of his chin and smiled. Suddenly he back-handed the boy across the face. The 2 guys let Yugi go and laughed as he fell to his knees. He put a hand to his lip and spotted blood on his hand. Marik knelt beside him and whispered in his ear. "You said you like to stick up for your friends, right?" Yugi looked at him. "What about protecting them?"

"Wh-what do you mean? What have you done to Ryou?"

Marik laughed then looked at the guys. They grabbed him again and forced him to his feet. They held his arms so hard he thought they were going to break off. Marik appraoched him. "Bakura is having, shall we say, a hard time with Ryou"

Marik slipped a hand into the smaller male's pants. Yugi struggled but the 2 boys holding him just held him tighter. Marik found what he was looking for and began rubbing it up and down. "Get it?"


"Why? Enjoying it too much?" Marik smirked as he felt the younger boy get excited. One of the boys laughed.

"Let us have a go Marik"

"Yeah, can we not break him?" One attacked Yugi's neck while the other slipped a hand under his shirt. Tears streamed down his cheeks.


They began to get rough when suddenly one of the boys that was holding Yugi was yanked away. Marik backed off and the other 2 guys also stepped back as someone puched one of their gang. Yugi fell to the ground, one hand clutching his swollen lip, the other grasping his now slighty sore member.

Marik growled at the newcomer. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I don't think that's any of your business" snapped Yami. "Touch him again and I'll break your necks"

The other 2 boys went for him but Yami was too quick for them. He took them both out no problem. Turning to Marik, Yami smirked at the glare he was being given. Without a word he made a run for it back into the building. Yami turned to Yugi and knelt down beside him.

"Let me see" He made Yugi look at him. The boy's lip was swollen and was still bleeding. Yugi gave him a quick look then shook his head free.

"Please don't touch me"

Yami glared. "I help you and that's you're way of saying thanks is it?"

" No, I..." The boy seemed confused as to what to say or do. Yami sighed and helped him to his feet. Yugi looked at the building again. Yami noticed his gaze.

"What's wrong?"

"It...It's my friend. He's in there"

A small noise from behind cut them short. Yugi smiled. "Leo!" They ran over to the dog as the golden retriever slowly sat up. But then Yugi's smile disappeared. One of Leo's back legs was bleeding. Yami looked at the wound.

"He's been shot"

"Yami?" They looked behind at a young girl.

"Yai I told you to stay behind!" She didn't say anything and Yami turned back to Yugi. "You said your friend is in there right?"

Yugi nodded. "Yeah, he's...really sick..."

Yami's gaze softened. "Don't worry, we'll get him out of there"

Ryou screamed as Bakura pounded into him. He could feel his insides being ripped and the sweat was just pouring off him, but no matter what he did Bakura wouldn't stop.


Bakura ignored him and just responed by grabbing his shaft and pumping it in time with thrusts. Ryou cried out again, cursing his body for reacting to Bakura's touch. He smirked. "Your body seems to like it"

Tears were streaming down his face as Bakura continued his assult. Bakura roughly pumped Ryou's hardened member. "Be a good boy Ryou and cum for me..."

"G-et off m-me..."

Bakura ignored him again. He groned as he felt Ryou's walls tighten around him, finally sending him over the edge. He cried out as he came deep within the younger boy below him. He supported himself and caught his breath before smirking and grabbing Ryou's still hardened member.

Ryou tossed his head from side, trying to get rid of the waves of pleasure that filled his entire body. He felt dirty, he could feel Bakura's essense inside him and it made him want to vomit. Bakura laughed and leaned over so his stomach was against the shaft he had a hold of. "I want you to cum all over me Ryou, you know you want to...need to release all this so just do it"

He leaned down and took a num in his mouth, nipping and sucking at it. Ryou gasped and tried his best not to cum...but he felt Bakura move his hips and his eyes widened.

"That's right, I'm still inside you..."

Bakura moved his hips and pumped Ryou's member one last time. Ryou finally lost it and came into Bakura's hand. His seed splattered onto Bakura's chest and his body finally relaxed. Bakura rubbed Ryou's cum all over his chest then took some on his fingers and licked them. "Mmm, you taste so sweet"

He took some more and pried Ryou's mouth open. "Here, taste..." Ryou retched at his own cum and spat it back out. Bakura pulled himself out of Ryou and stood up, putting his clothes back on. He leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips.

"Goodbye my little angel"

He took one last look at him before leaving the room. He found the rest of his gang waiting outside for him and signaled for them to follow him. They followed without a single word. They were halfway down the stairs when they came across Marik. "What is it?" asked Bakura.

Yami had carried Leo to the side of the building, out of sight of anyone else who may be watching. Yugi and Yai followed and watched as he slowly put the injured back down. Yugi knelt beside his best friend and hugged him. "I'm so sorry Leo, I shouldn't have left you..."

The dog just whined and licked his cheek. Yami smiled then turned when he heard voices again. "Quiet guys..." He pulled Yai behind him and listened closely.

They all ducked down as the rest of the gang emerged from the building. They helped up the three guys that Yami took down then all ran off, disappearing under the fence. He sighed in relief and turned to Yugi. "Which floor are you on?

"The third"

Without saying anything else he picked up Leo again and headed inside. Yugi was lost for words and just followed. They made they're way up the stairs and Yugi opened the door to his place. He ran into the next room and gasped.


He fell to his knees and untied his friend. He grabbed Ryou's blanket and wrapped it round his naked form. Yai stopped in the doorway and also gasped. Yami put Leo down in the first room and went to see what the commotion was. His eyes widened as he saw a broken body in Yugi's arms.

"Ryou...Ryou open your eyes" He brushed the bangs from his eyes but they was no response. He felt his forehead as Yugi knelt down on Ryou's other side. "His fever's gotten worse..."

Yami felt his pulse. "His heart is beating far too fast. This boy is seriously ill, why haven't you taken him to hospital?"

"We can't afford to buy a fucking sandwich so how on earth can we afford hospital bills?"

Yami just looked at the ground but then he spotted something else. "Yugi..."

Yugi followed Yami's gaze and gasped. Blood marks were on the floor and on Ryou's legs. Yami looked at Yugi then turned to his sister. "Yai go and stay with the dog and don't come through untill I tell you to"

Yai nodded and left. Yami turned back to Yugi. "I'm just gonna check ok?" Yugi nodded and watched as he pulled the blanket back and slipped his hand between his legs. He pulled his hand back, blood on his fingers. "He's bleeding...down there..."

"You mean he's been..."

"It looks like it and it's not just blood either..." He wiped his hand on the blanket and pulled out his cell phone.

"What are doing?"

"Calling an ambulance. He's needs to go to the hospital now"

Malik walked into The Hall filled with worry. He was always scared of this place, always had been. If you didn't keep your guard up you were done for. Males and females were hanging about the corridors, waiting for their turn. Malik walked past a room that had its door half open. He could see four guys having their way with another male. He felt disgusted, the boy only looked 13/14 years old and he clearly wasn't enjoy the treatment. They probably found him somewhere and dragged him back here.

He continued to walk down the corridors until he reached his room. He opened the door and upon closing it he was tackled from behind. He was pinned to the ground and it took him a couple of minutes to realise who it was. "I need to fuck you...now"

Malik winced. "Marik...my side..."

The older male quickly got off him and helped him sit up. Malik held his side. "You should know it still hurts"

"I know, sorry"

He leaned over and kissed him, Malik returning it quite happily. Marik became hungry and licked Malik's lips, asking for entry. Malik smirked and kept his lips tightly closed, finding it amusing as Marik tried forcing his tounge into his mouth. Marik growled and held his nose. Malik reached up and tried moving his hand but Marik grabbed both his wrists in one hand and kept the other on his nose.

Malik tried moving his head from side to side to get free but had no luck. He finally opened his mouth to breathe and Marik took his chance and slipped his tounge in. He raveneged the hot cavern and moaned as their tounges entwined.

Stopping for breath they looked into each others eyes and smiled. "I love you Malik"

"I love you too"

He pulled Marik into a hug and held him close. He loved these moments, just Malik and him. He felt Malik move slightly. "It's still sore..."

Marik reached round and rubbed his side. "I know, it'll be sore for a long time" Malik relaxed into the touch. Marik felt his blood boil, he'd get the ass hole that did this to him. He's stab him and leave him for dead, just like he did to Malik.