Hey guys, welcome to my newest fic. This is just a start to another story that's been kicking around in my head for a while. Dark'ish Naruto, and two very special characters, along with one of my trademark OC's will be the main's along with the Rookies and their jounin. This is just another attempt at polishing my writing, I will attempt to update this fic bi-weekly. Sins of the Past is my main focus, but I figured if I would be writing on this I should at least let you people out in Fanfiction land enjoy it. Also a quick note (since I refuse to put AN in my actual story) the coats being worn are the same hooded type used by ANBU, that's all.


-Chapter 1: Prologue-

Tsunade threw the report on her desk, it was something about a new force springing up around the elemental nations, she really didn't care at this point. She rotated her chair to glance out over her great village, "Five years today," she sighed. Five years since the members of the Akatsuki (Red Moon) had been annihilated. Five years since the great peace had swept over the fire country. Five years since that damnable necklace stole the life of another person she loved, 'Damn brat,' she thought as her face twisted into a scowl, 'it's the Hokage's place to die for Konoha, not a chunnin's.'


"Tsunade! They're breaking through the main gate!" cried Jiraiya from atop his frog summon. He quickly sprinted off in that direction, his team right on his heels. "Reinforce the gate and prepare to engage the enemy!" he shouted as the giant wooden door jerked violently. 'Akatsuki, so you're coming for the brat,' he smiled truimphantly, 'well we won't let you have him!'

Meanwhile on team seven's training field another clash of titan's was occuring, "It's time for you to show me your power, Otouto," droned Itachi.

Sasuke, recently retrieved from Orochimaru had activated his cursed seal level two and his three toma sharingan was spinning violently, "I've hated and despised you," he hissed, "I've lived through any means I could, I've gained power at nearly the cost of my friends and life." After flashing through several seals his arm was encased in a crackling energy, "Now for all of the pain, you will die!"

As the forces of Akatsuki and Konoha were about to collide, an encompasing chakra flashed through the village. The leader of the criminal organization narrowed his eyes and focused on the figure perched atop the stone carving of the Yondaime. Three giant tails of chakra whipping around his body, "There he is," stated the man, "ignore the others and capture that boy!"

Naruto sprinted through the village, nimbly dodging kunai and jutsu, 'come on you bastards,' he thought as one by one the Akatsuki began to chase him down. Casting a glance back as he cleared the walls of village, he saw that indeed all of the bastards were hot on his tail. When he deemed it a sufficiant distance from the village he skidded to a halt, "So you bastards are here for the Kyuubi," he growled as his skin began to peel away, "You're going to wish you had thought this through better!" The members of Akatsuki had no time to react as the boy's body seemed to detonate with a chakra that, literally, ignited the air.

"NARUTO!" cried Sakura as she, and the remaining members of the rookies, watched the ever expanding dome of red chakra scorch the sky and burn the earth. Without a second thought every last person gathered sprinted to the area, it wasn't what they found that broke them, it was what was missing. "Naruto," whispered the pink haired girl as she lifted his shredded and scarred forehead protector, "idiot, you can't die, you're bigger than that!" She fell to her knees, crying, "Naruto."

-Forward to the funeral-

Whether they scorned him or loved him, most of the village and all of the shinobi had turned out for the funeral. "We are here," started Tsunade as her voice shook slightly, craddling a picture to her chest, "to pay our respects to someone that has saved this village from certian destruction on more than one occasion." She walked up to the empty coffin and placed the photo of the blonde shinobi on it, he was sporting a huge grin and scratching the back of his head. Turning to the crowd she continued, "Before he gave his life to stop the invasion of Akatsuki. Before he fought against one of the legendary three, to save a friend lost in the darkness. Before he risked his all to save the Kazekage. Before he single handedly saved us from the Sabaku no Shukaku. He saved us from the Kyuubi no Kitsune, by becoming his jailor. We haven't all looked upon him with the kindest eyes," she cast a withering gaze over the gathered. "I hope now you see the error of your ways, and now give him the gratitude in death, that he never recieved in life."

First was the Godaime, she laid a small flower on the casket, 'Thank you, for everything.'

Next was Jiraiya, he set down a bottle of the finest sake money could buy, 'I know I know, you're underage. I was saving it for when you became Hokage,' he cast a glance up to the carving of Arashi, 'I never had a doubt in my mind.'

Kakashi followed, 'I'm sorry I wasn't a better sensei,' he sighed and placed his most sacred possesion on the table, a mint condition of Icha Icha Paradise volume one. He shrugged, 'it might be a long wait to get in.'

Sasuke placed his scarred forehead protector on the table near the picture, it was the same one Naruto had taken from the valley of the end. The same one he gave back to Sasuke when he woke up in the hospital after his miraculous rescue. The Uchiha glared at the picture, 'Stupid Dobe,' he thought, then he smiled genuinely, "I acknowledge you, Naruto."

Sakura stepped up, instead of a white flower she placed a red rose. It spoke of everything that she felt for him, 'Respect, Courage,' and finally the thing she had most wanted to say before the attack, "I love you, Naruto." She broke down and cried, the light was gone from her, and now all she could feel was darkness. She was helped up by her mentor, "I never told him, Tsunade-sama," she sobbed, "now I can't!"

The remaining gathered placed either a white flower, or a small token. Like one Akimichi Chouji who placed a cup ramen proclaiming that Naruto never had enough ramen. Hyuuga Neji placed a small replica of a bird cage, it's door was missing, signifying Naruto's releasing him from his prison. Hyuuga Hinata placed something she prized more than anything, it was a kunai she had taken while Naruto was practicing to the point of exhaustion, so many years ago. She said nothing as her tears fell silently.

-End Flashback-

The godaime swiped a falling tear and turned around to her paperwork, suddenly the door burst open, "TSUNADE-SAMA!" cried a completely flustered Inuzuka Kiba, "WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM!"

"What is it?" questioned the perplexed Hokage. The twenty year old man shoved a spy glass into her hands and then spun her to face the window. When she peered through the object she only saw the north gates, "Kiba I don't-"

"Look higher," he interupted

Moving the lens up further she caught sight of four figures approaching the village, "Dear god," she whispered. She dropped the telescope and burst out the room, "GET EVERYONE DOWN TO THE MAIN GATE NOW! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'RE DOING!"

"What's wrong Tsunade?" questioned a confused Kakashi as several jounin and ANBU fell into running pace behind her

She only uttered two words and everyone's focus went from confused to stern, "They're back."

Outside the large wooden gates four hooded and masked figures, garbed in long flowing coats, were in conversation, "So here we are, back at the beginning of all things," said the man with a white, blank mask, trimmed in red and gold.

The tallest snorted, "It's quiet," he responded from behind his blue trimmed mask

"I find it quite peaceful," interjected the third, his mask laced in blue and silver, "Although it doesn't seem like they're too fond of letting us in."

"We should be wary," replied the last individual, his mask was decorated in a combination of black and red, "I would expect a large welcoming party on the other side."

"Ah," replied the silver masked man as he eyed his partner, his team knew that under his facial coverlet, he was smiling kindly, "let's knock and see if someone will answer then." He stepped up to the large oak door and let out a sharp whistle, "This is quite the door," he stated as a his hand slid from his sleeve, revealing an intricately forged, blue and silver, gauntlet that extended to his mid forearm. Closing his eyes he began to focus on his open palm, "Tenkyuu!" (Celestial Sphere) a small glowing blue orb appeared and the man slowly closed his fingers around it. He began to whisper as the sphere was absorbed into his hand, causing it to give off a bright glow, "Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none," opening his eyes he slammed his fist into the strong wood, "Tenken!" (Divine Punishment)

The Konoha nins that resided on the other side of the gate had just dispersed the civilians when a voice rang out, "Tenken!"

Tsunade went wide-eyed at the amount of chakra that suddenly filled the air, "EVERYONE DOWN!" she cried. Without a second thought everyone was on the ground and their hands covering their heads, moments before the giant door exploded into splinters.

"You know I never cease to be impressed by you," stated the man in the red and gold mask

The man who had destroyed the gate gave a small nod, "I aim to please, sir. Although, I do hope they don't make me pay for it, it looked rather expensive."

The largest man let out a gruff laugh while the smallest focused on the clearing smoke, "I was right, the leaves have come to great us." His three companions turned and saw the Konoha forces out in full, some with weapons drawn, and some with jutsu prepared to launch, "it seems we aren't being underestimated either."

"You have a lot of nerve showing your faces here!" shouted an ANBU with pink hair and her sword drawn

"Our faces?" questioned the largest man, "we aren't showing our faces at all." He grinned and reached to his back, pulling out his long bandaged weapon he pointed it at the woman, "but you're more than welcome to try and see who we are."

'I'll kill him!' she thought and charged, her sword prepped to meet his in mid-swing, 'I don't know why or how they're back but I'll kill them, for Naruto!' Her forward momentum was halted abruptly, turning her head she saw the blue and silver masked man gripping her blade with a gauntlet covered hand, "Let go!" she shouted and launched a hard kick at him.

"Despite what you think," he paused and parried her attack, "we are not here to start a fight, My dear." Once she was free, the woman made a swing for the man's neck, "You are quite the determined indivudual." "Tenkyuu!" (Celestial Sphere) In a flash he was gone and reappeared behind the ANBU, his finger pointed at her skull, and his hand glowing, "I wouldn't move if I were you, it could get a bit messy." He flinched as he flet another blade pressed to his stomach, "Ah, I seem to have miscounted my opponents."

"I don't give a damn who you are," came another female voice, from behind a boar mask, "but that is my best friend, and you're going to stop whatever freaky technique that is, before I gut you."

The tallest one doubled over in laughter, "The great 'Amatsu Kishi' (Heavenly Knight) beaten by two women!" He clutched his sides even harder, "Boy...I'm glad we have you...don't know where we'd be."

"That's enough!" shouted the man with the gold and red mask, "All THREE of you will withdraw your attacks!"

"DO NOT COMMAND MY SHINOBI!" shouted Tsunade in a rage, "You're in NO position to give any requests, much less orders!"

He ignored the enraged woman and turned to his companion, "That is enough, withdraw your attack." The silver masked man nodded and lowered his hand, the glow ebbing away and his sleeves falling back over his metal plated hands. The man presumed to be the leader turned his head, "You as well please," he added to the smallest, in the black and red mask.

"Hai," replied the man as he moved his arm and retracted the thin wires wrapped around the two women's necks

"Now you are in full control of the situation Tsunade-sama," stated the man, "We are merely here to issue a warning about a coming disaster, and if you so desire, offer our assistance," he paused and gave a light laugh, "for a price of course."

Jiraiya stepped up next to Tsunade, a frown evident on his face, "So the Akatsuki are shinobi for hire now? What happened to your grande scheme for ultimate power?"

"Akatsuki?" questioned the man, "you have us mistaken, Akatsuki was wiped out years ago. It was this village, afterall, that ended their lives." He glanced down at the red clouds trimmed in white that adorned his black coat, "As for our colors, well, I have an affinity to red, and it really is a unique desig-"

"We will have your names and the name of your organization then," interupted the fifth

The man was beginning to lose patience, and is voice reflected as much, "You're asking a bit much don't you think? Do clients require your ANBU to remove their masks before being taking a mission?"

"We are hardly your clients," interupted the Toad Sannin, "and seeing how two of you match the physical characteristics of the only two Akatsuki members that weren't killed in the battle with the Kyuubi, I suggest you drop the charade."


End Prologue

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