I Remember

I remember when you were too young to understand

That I was too young to be your mother

I recall when you were so naïve you believed

That your dad would actually stick around this time

I know how you were so hopeful that

You thought me and my mom could have what we had

I remember…

I remember when you were still innocent

More innocent then I had ever been

I recall when you didn't talk to guys,

Let alone let one make you cry

I watched you go through your first love,

And second, and third, and the heartbreaks inbetween

I remember…

I remember how I felt

When I held my newborn baby girl in my arms

I recall how, at that moment

That it, everything, was all worth it

I watched as you grew up

From a child to a young lady

Taking the chances, having the experiences

That I missed because of my folly

But I knew at that moment

When you opened your big blue eyes

And looked up at me

Like I had all the answers

That I would not

That I could not, ever

Ever, ever, ever

Consider you a mistake

Because you weren't

You were a blessing

You still are

I remember…