Title: Glitches in Time
Author: A. Karswyll
Summary: Danny, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Dash, Paulina, Kwan and Star all find themselves trapped within the Ghost-Zone. There they meet two future Phantoms who take them to Clockwork—and the rest as they say is chaos.
Setting: The most accurate place in the timeline is just after 2.28-29 The Ultimate Enemy and before 2.30 The Fright Before Christmas.
Episodes: 1.06 What You Want, 1.08 Prisoners of Love, 1.20 Control Freaks, 2.24-25 Reign Storm
Characters: Dashiel "Dash" Baxter, The Box Ghost, Clockwork, Daniel "Danny" Fenton, Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton, Tucker Folley, Valerie Gray, Kwan, Samantha "Sam" Mason, Vlad Masters, Ember McLain, Paulina, Walker, Skulker, and Star.
Disclaimer: "Danny Phantom" and all Related Logos, Titles, and Characters are Trademarks of Viacom International Inc. ©2003, 2004 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Original Characters and Plot are the Property of the Author. The Author is in no way Associated with the Owners, Creators, or Producers of Viacom International Inc.

Chapter 1

"Pass me another glob of sealant," Sam held out a sticky hand.

Danny—who was glaring at a certain football player sitting in the kitchen who could be seen from his spot in the living room—obediently passed the requested butter-knife covered object over.

Sam glanced with amusement at her glowering friend as she smeared the sealant onto their group History project.

"That's enough," Valerie said to the Goth as she began placing flake like pieces of cement, their imitation stone, along the curtain wall they were constructing.

"Can I get some over here?" Tucker said indicating one of the complete inner towers, a cone covered in toothpicks to imitate thatching in one hand.

Obediently Sam spread more sealant atop the cylinder form and inside the roof to insure that it stuck.

"I'm rather surprise at how well this is turning out," Valerie commented pleasantly as she continued to set stones into their place.

"Yeah and this is definitely easier to construct then Buckingham Palace(1)," Sam responded, glaring at Tucker who had suggested the idea.

"Hey, it was only an idea!" Tucker protested as he glued more toothpicks onto paper roofs to be put on later.

"Where'd you get the blueprint?" Valerie asked curiously, having seen the one of the English royal palace that Tucker had first found for them and other sequential ones before deciding on this one.

"On the net," Tucker answered, causing the three others to roll their eyes in exasperation. It was a typical Tucker answer.

"Where on the net?" Valerie said with a learned patience when dealing with the African-American and anything technological.

"Some site called www-dot-britaniaexpress-dot-com," Tucker answered, cursing as he shook his hand to attempt to rid himself of the glue covered toothpicks that had adhered themselves to his fingers.

Sam snickered as Valerie ducked her head in an attempt to hide her own amused smile.

"So why'd you pick the Tower of London anyway?" Valerie asked, knowing that the project description required them to not only construct a historical building, but know about its background as well.

"Beyond the fact that for centuries it was the main prison for the English nobility?" Danny said dryly as he continued to glare at Dash who was being tutored by his sister.

"Yes," Valerie responded just as dryly.

"It's reportedly the most haunted building in England," Tucker answered, the reason in the end that he and Sam had decided upon it as their choice. It had double meaning to both Danny and Valerie.

"No the cities of York and Derby in England are also reputed to be centers of ghost manifestations," Danny corrected absently, still glaring at the quarterback being tutored by Jazz.

"How'd you know that Danny?" Valerie asked curiously, she herself like Tucker thought that the Tower was the most haunted building in England—after all it was a prison.

"Must I remind you who my parents are?" Danny muttered darkly, still not looking from the kitchen.

"It's got the most well know ghosts though," Sam clarified.

"Like who?" Valerie asked with great curiosity.

"Well there's the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn, one of King Henry the VIII's wives, Lady Jane Grey and a lady in morning with no face, the alleged White Lady." Sam answered, earning herself a strange look from Valerie. The girl had not known that the Goth apparently knew so much about the creatures she herself hunted.

"Hey, you pick up a lot hanging around the Fentons," Sam said defensively, dropping her violet gaze from Valerie's inquisitive green one.

"There's also the ghost of Thomas Becket, who is said to have appeared during the construction of the Traitor's Gate," Danny added, finally looking at his two close friends and tentative third. "And the ghosts of King Edward the V and Richard, Duke of York, the so called 'Princes in the Tower,' and then there's the ghost of Sir Walter Raleigh."

"Don't forget that troupe of ghosts that re-enact the execution of Margaret Pole the VIII Countess of Salisbury," Sam chimed in.

"Yeah her too, and then there's the troops of phantom soldiers that also reportedly appear within the Tower." Danny concluded.

"That's odd you know," Tucker muttered, fixing another roof to their project.

"What is?" Sam questioned.

"How you know all the girls and Danny knows all of the guys," Tucker answered looking between the two.

Sam gave a toss of her head, "I'm a girl, what else would I be interested in?"

Tucker declined to answer that, having learned from painful experience when it was best to retreat.

Danny snickered at his techno friend's wary expression, a snicker that turned into a gasp of dismay when a wisp of white mist slipped from his mouth.

"Danny, you okay?" Valerie asked in concern, having seen his expression turn from humour to dismayed worry.

"Nothing," Danny answered quickly, hiding his nervousness from the ghost-hunter successfully but not his friends who knew him better. "Just got to go to the bathroom."

Jumping to his feet he dashed through the kitchen archway, ignored the taunt Dash threw at him, and ran downstairs into the lab.

Jazz frowned as her brother raced by, what was that about? A flashing light from the corner of her eye caught her attention—the light on the kitchen appliances were blinking. The eldest Fenton child blinked herself. Uh-oh, since Danny kept setting it off, her parents had toned down the ghost warning system so that it would only go berserk if the ghost registered high on the Fenton Ecto-Examiner.

Glancing quickly around the room she noted the time on the clock with some relief, "Well look at the time! We're done for tonight Dash, time to pack up!"

Dash looked at Jasmine strangely, she had never finished any of their sessions on time before.

Jazz thought fast, wishing not for the first time that she was as quick as her brother at thinking up believable excuses on the fly, "I though you said you were going to a movie tonight with your friends?"

"Oh yeah," Dash nodded in remembrance, he had said that he would meet the gang at the Fentons to.

The doorbell chimed and Sam's voice could be heard calling from the living room that she would get it. They then heard her icy tones greet the three teenagers that stood on the doorstep.

"Well, looks like they're here!" Jazz exclaimed brightly, packing papers, pencils, erasers and English books away.

Just then the ghost system went wild, lights all over the house flickering as the alarm siren blasted though the air.

Jazz winced in dismay, mentally cursing the timing. Danny must have had to transformed to fight the ghost.

"What is that noise?" Paulina's accented voice could be heard asking disdainfully.

"Ghost!" Valerie shouted, instantly recognized the sound from when Pariah Dark had taken over Amity Park. Diving for her schoolbag she snatched up one of her ecto-blasters and raced to the Fenton's lab figuring that was where the activity would be. Sam and Tucker hard on her heels to hopefully prevent her from harming someone she should not.

Jazz groaned as first Valerie then Sam followed by Tucker ran through the kitchen and disappeared through the lab doorway. Could things get any worse? She sighed when she overheard the conversation between Kwan and Star who wanted to see what was going on—apparently things could. Darn her parents for having such an interesting reputation among the student body of Casper High.


(1) Buckingham Palace: historical residence of the sovereigns of England.