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Sleep has ta be the only thing that a turtle cen 'preciate anymore. I mean, the world is a screwed up place, ya know? Ya 'ear about it evry day on the news. Husbands killing their families, drug busts, aids…brothers hating each other. When yer asleep, all of that goes away, and yer left with a world that is completely in your control. I know dat I spend a lot of nights out with Case. It jest doesn't feel right, me asleep in some comfy world while dere are people 'oose life is bein' controlled by the street scum of da city. I mean, dere are adults getting' kids 'ooked on all kinds of shit, and ladies are bein' raped in every fuckin' alley. How can a person sleep knowin' that crap is goin' on? 'sides, it's fun ta beat the crap otta da punks. None of my bro's unnerstan' dat.

But now it feels good ta sleep. My back has been aching with sitting constantly by Fearless. I owe him that much, but there is only so much my shell can take. Leanin' down on the bed, a lightly grasp his hand. Its warm. I stare at da clasped hands. It wrong on so many levels to be doin' this, but at the moment it feels ok. I need to know that he's still here, not on the brink of death. I need to know that he's going to be ok, that he's just asleep an'll wake up any second now. I need him to be up an' yellin' at me fer bein' a dumb ass. I need sleep. I need ta take care of all the shit goin' through my head. I need whoever's pokin' me to get their fucking hands off me!

"Lemme alone."


"Mikey, if you don't get the hell out of here and let me get some freaken sleep, yer gonna get yer 'chuck so far-"

"Raph, my arm's falling asleep and I need to go. Care to get your drunken head of the bed so I can move?"


I heard the voice, but I couldn't believe it. I turned and stared into eyes tha' I swear weren't open before. How long was I sleepin?


He grinned at me, an' it wasn't 'is normal grin neether. It was weird, sad almost, and jest a tad amused. The hell is he-? Damnit! I quickly let go of his hand and pushed myself up. Shit, this 'as jest not ben my week! But, shell it's good ta see him awake. Now if the lil' turd could stay still, maybe I could talk ta him!

"Leo, where the shell do ya think yer goin'?"

I couldn' believe it. Hardly awake an' he's ready to get up an' out.

"I told you, I need ta go."

I felt a rumble deep in my throat. Yeah, he's ok, self-righteous lil' prick. Can't he sit still for two god-damned minutes? Where the hell could he need ta go so bad?

I watched as Leo tried to maneuver himself out of bed, barely able to get there in time to catch him before he fell.

"See, yer in no condition ta be movin' bro. Jest relax, I get what ever ya need."

"I don't need you to get anything!"

I could feel the blood begin to swell behind his eyes as Leo pushed himself free, and began tottering to the door.


I had, had enough of his shit. Does he think tha' he's invincible or somthin'? Here I was sittin' by his worthless hide fer two damn days an' as soon as he wakes up he's otta 'ere? No, 'thanks Raph' or 'good ta see ya, Raph'? That bastard isn' even lettin' me say what on ma frickin' mind!


I strode across the room and grabbed his arm, yanking him cruelly around to face me. Startled, Leo lost his balance and fell right inta my arms. Caught unprepared for the unexpected load I fell ta the ground. Pushin' him away frem me, I rolled ta ma knees and adjusted ma 'danna.

"Well, dat wazzin't one of yer most graceful moments."

When Leo didn't answer I looked down. For a moment I thought he was dead. With the light from the hall way splashin' across 'is face I could clearly see da circles unner his eyes an' 'is pale skin dat clashed 'orribly with da bruises on is neck.

Fear coursed rapidly through me. Stupid, stupid idiot! You moron, ya jackass! How could I ferget why he was in dat bed ta bagin with?


He didn't answer me, and I got scared. Scramblin' to his side I pulled him onta ma lap.

"Leo? Leonardo?"

I slapped his face, trying to get a response from him. Guilt quickly took its familiar place in my stomach. Am I so insensitive that I can't even talk ta my bro for five civilized minutes?

The panic that had bloomed so quickly in my chest quickly dissipated, though. Leo's hand shot up and grabbed my hand before I could strike him again. Relief like I never known swept me, and I quickly brought Leo closer, hugging him tightly. The anger, guilt, shame and fear that had held me for the last week seemed to dissipate with each steady thump I could feel from Leo's chest, and I felt lightheaded. I couldn't describe the happiness that filled my veins. It made me want to kiss Klunk and dance on the moon.

"Leo, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

I buried my face in the spot between his shoulder and neck, and I could feel him wrap his arms around me the best he could. Tears began to burn ma eyes. Why? How the shell should I know? But how would you feel if ya jest thought dat ya lost your bro, only ta be given another chance with him? But I could not, would not, let them fall.

"I'm sorry."

I had no idea what else to say. What DO you say? Sorry I was a jackass and nearly got you killed because I wouldn't listen to you when you told me to practice, and then forcing you to practice when you were injured and nearly killing you again and then saying that I hate you and that you were outta my life?

"Raph, its ok, calm down."

"No, Leo." I pushed myself away from 'im, and turned ma head. I didn't want him ta see da tears tha' were pushin der limits.

"Leo, I was a jerk, a moron, and…and ya get da pic'tare. If it wazzin' fer me ya wouldn'ta been hurt. An' I only made it worse. I saw that ya were hurtin' Leo…I did…an'…an' I didn't do anythin' ta help ya till it was too late…Ya always der fer us…I'm sorry, Leo."

He didn't sey anythin' and fer a moment I thought that I had jest made a royal ass of maself. Who was I ta go en apologize? Did I really think dat I deserved his mercy? The way Leo waz staring at me seemed to answer that pretty clearly. Releasing a shaky sigh, I stood up.

"I unnerstan',"

I started walkin' away when a hand closed on my wrist an' spun me around. A moment later I was stuck in Leo's strong embrace. All at once everything seemed to melt inta an oblivion, an' I waz left with a peace I hadn't known in ages. It was like a great weight had been pressing down on me, only to be lifted by every breath we exhaled until it disappeared entirely. Exactly how long we were standing dere, huggin' the crap outta eachother is lost ta me, but it was a surprise when we leggo dat my mask waz damp. I hadn't even noticed da tears escaping. Luckly, Leo was to occupied adjustin' his own 'danna so I was able to hide the evidence real quick.

Next thing I knew I was clutchin' ma noggin where it had bin slapped.

"Shell! What was dat for!"

"For being a dumb ass. Yeah, you do some stupid stuff, but do ya really think that I could never forgive you?"

"Leo, we're not talkin' about me sneakin' outta da lair or beatin' on Mikey. I really hurt ya bro."

"It doesn't matter, Raph."


"It. Doesn't. Matter."

I felt a small smile creep its way onto my face. I never understood how Leo could be ready to forgive so easily, but that's jest what makes him, him. I don't think I would want him any different.

"But if you don't let me go now, Raph, I don't think I could ever forgive you."

"What? Why?"

I stared utterly confused as my bro walked slightly unsteadily towards the door. He looked back at me before he turned the corner.

"You try holding it for two days."

I think we've all been there at some point...