Author: HanaHeart

Pairing: SenRu and others

Beta: Mikawa

Summery: They were separated by wall of blood and hate. A prince seeking a forbidden past, a slave seeking a prophesied future…their lives are forever tied in a way that none can imagine by the strange cycle of destiny…

Timeline: AU in an unlimited time (Greek culture mixed with modern technology)

: Well, this is a re-written version of Winged Hearts…I didn't like the title much so I changed it. Anyway, there have been some changes in the events of the story…but the main plot of the fic remains and my sucking grammar mistakes too, I'm afraid!

Anyway, hope you like it! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Sadly, none of SD boys is mine…I'm just playing with them.

Chapter: Prologue

In the great empire of Kanagawa lived two kinds of people; one kind with large white wings, while the other kind was without. The winged people were the rulers of the land, and members of nobility, while the non-winged were their slaves.

The winged people lived soft and plush life under the rule of the Sendoh family. Their life was too perfect to be true, filled with happiness and joy. Nothing could ever trouble its ideality.

On the other hand, the non-winged were forced to work in dark crystal mines as animals, citizens of an inconceivable lower class, barely human in the eyes of their masters. Their life was perfect proof of misery and sufferance as they were debarred from their natural rights as citizens of the empire, as well as humans. But as the days pass in pain and tears, they learned how to struggle to survive. Through these harsh circumstances, the fate of two youths entwined together with unbreakable bond that would change the balance of forces in the entire empire.

One of the youths was a winged young prince…while the other was a non-winged slave.


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