Title- Scream: Disney

Author- DragonskinFool

Rating- R for language, horror violence, gore, and some sexual content.

Disclaimer- I do not own anything that has to do with the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, or Disney. I just own this story.

Summary- Someone is copycatting the original Scream movies. After a series of mysterious gruesome deaths, a group of teens now have to survive a real life serial killer. They have to rely on their horror knowledge in order to survive, and on each other. This is filled with thrills and chills. Who is the killer? Find out!

A/N: Hey everybody. I decided to make up this story while watching the Scream movies. I decided to put it on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody section because two of the three main character are from that show. Also, besides the Disney characters, I made up some new characters, but they do not have an important role in this fanfics. Also, this takes place in Lakewhin, a suburb that I made up myself. It is located outside of Boston. Anyway, on to the story.


London Tipton- Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Maddie Fitzpatrick- Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Raven Baxter- That's So Raven

Troy Bolton- High School Musical

Keely Teslow- Phil of the Future

Gordo- Lizzie McGuire

Ethan Craft- Lizzie McGuire

Chelsea Daniels- That's So Raven

Phil Diffy- Phil of the Future

Lizzie McGuire- Lizzie McGuire

Eddie Thomas- That's So Raven

Sadie Hawthorne- Naturally Sadie

Dereck- Living Life With Dereck

Casey- Living Live With Dereck

Scream: Disney

Chapter 1: The Game Begins

In the quiet suburb of Lakewhin, a young girl was in her home, ready for another day of baby-sitting. She had to take care of her step-sister, Marti, while her step-brother Dereck, got to go out and have a life. "Okay sweetie. The number is on the fridge. Edwin is at his friend's house for a sleepover, and so is Lizzie. Now if you have any question, call us. The pizza is coming in 30 minutes, and the money is on the countertop. We should be back by twelve. Do you have any questions?"

"Yeah mom." the girl said.

"Okay. What is it?"

"Why do I have to do this?"

"Excuse me?" her mother asked, almost taken back by the question.

"I mean it's not fair that Derrick gets to go out and have a life, while I'm here, baby-sitting. Besides, this is his sister."

"Casey. We've gone over this hundreds of times. You like baby-sitting and you get paid quite well."

"I know mom, but what's the point in having money, when I can't go out to spend it because I'm baby-sitting." she said.

"Swee…" she was interrupted by the sound of the car honking. "I'll be right out there, George." she called out. She then turned toward Casey. "We'll talk about this later. Okay."

"Okay." Her mother went to get her purse. "Now if anything goes wrong…"

"To call you. I know mom."

"That's my girl." Her mother bid her good-bye and closed the door. "Like anything exciting is gonna happen tonight." she said to herself. But if only Casey knew that she was wrong. Dead wrong.

Ring. Ring.

"What?" Casey looked at the clock. It read 10:30 p.m. She looked to find that she and Marti slept through the movie Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

Ring. Ring.

"I'm coming. She got up, making sure she didn't wake Mardi. She walked up toward the phone. "Hello."


"Who is this?"

"Is Dereck home."

"No. I don't think so."

"Okay. When he comes, tell him that I'm down with that."

"Okay, but who is sp…" But the caller hung up. "What an a-hole. She put the phone in its proper place, and walked toward Marti. "Well let's get you to your bed."She picked her up. "Whoa. You're getting heavy." She dragged Marti up the stairs and to her room. She laid her down in her bed. "Goodnight Marti." she said. She gave her a kiss on the forehead and left the room, closing the door slightly, making sure this is still a crack that is showing light. She walked down the stairs. She noticed it got colder. She turned around, checking if any windows were open. "No." She then looked in horror. The kitchen door was open. She remembered not leaving it open. She walked to it cautiously, not knowing what to expect. She was shaking, her lips quavering in fear. When she reached, she looked out. "Hello. Is anyone there?" There was no answer. She closed the door. She then heard heavy breathing, and the someone touched her arm. "Ah!" she screamed. She turned around, and in front of her was Dereck, laughing his ass off. "What's your problem!" she exclaimed. Dereck continued to laugh. "Jesus Dereck! That wasn't funny!"

"Oh on the contrary, it was." he said.

"So how was your date with that airhead you call a girlfriend."

"Her name is London. And how was your day."

"Well me and Marti watched ate pizza and watched movies."

"Jee, that sounds great. I can't believe I missed that." he said in the most sarcastic tone. "So is there any leftover pizza?" he asked.

"Yeah. It's in the refrigerator."

"Awesome. Hey. Did anyone call for me."

"Yeah. One of your friends. He said he's down with that. Whatever that means."

"Cool. Listen, I'm going to take a shower. If anyone calls, tell them I'll call them back."


"Thanks." He grabbed a slice of pizza, and headed up the stairs. Casey walked toward the living room, and sat on the couch. She started looking the movies, picking the one she wanted to watch. "This one looks good." It was Scream. She put it in. She heard the shower on. "Guess he really is going to take that shower. He need it." She started laughing at her own joke.

Ring. Ring.

"Oh God." She walked up toward the cordless phone. "Hello."


"Are you calling for Dereck. He's in the shower."

"Who's Dereck."

"Oh. I'm sorry. Listen, I think you have the wrong number. Bye." She hung up. She walked to the living room.

Ring. Ring. She turned around, and grabbed the phone. "Hello."


"Listen. You have the wrong number."

"I know. I just wanted to call back to apologize."

"Apology accepted. Bye now."

"Wait. I just want to talk."

"Listen I don't have time. I have to go." She hung up the phone. And walked toward the living room, and began watching the movie.

Ring. Ring. She groaned. "Hello."

"Why won't you talk to me."

"Because I don't even know who you are?"

"So what are you doing?"


"What re you doing."

"Not that it's any of your business, but I'm going to watch a movie."

"A movie. What kind?"

"A scary one."

"Really. Which one?"


"Okay. I'm thinking that it's Scream." Casey was amazed. "Wow. You guessed it right. How did you know."

"Lucky guess."

"No. Really. How do you guess."

"You want to know."




"It's a secret."

"Don't worry. I won't tell."

"You won't?"

"No. I won't tell."


"Yeah. I promise."

"Okay. The reason why I knew is because I can see you."



"What the hell did you say?" The voice hung up. Casey started to get worried. She checked all the windows. They were all closed.

Ring. Ring. Casey jumped . She answered. "Hello."

"You scared?"

"Who is this."

"I can't tell."

"Leave me alone."

"I will. Unless you play a game."

"Fuck you."

"Don't you hang up on me." Too late. She hung up. She started walking toward the living room.

Ring. Ring. She answered. "Listen you asshole! Leave me alone!"

"You shut up you bitch, or I'll gut you like a fish." Casey froze. He started laughing. "Are you ready for the game."

"I'm not going to play."

"Oh. That's too bad. You know Marti is so cut when she's asleep." Casey's eyes widened. "What did you say?"

"She's counting on you."

"If you hurt her, I'll…"

"You'll what? You'll kill me. Please. By the time you go up her room, Marti insides will be out." Casey started crying. "Okay. I'll play your game."

"Good. I'll give you two questions. If you answer them correct, she'll live. Get them wrong, she's dead." Casey started sobbing.



"Too bad. The category, horror. First question. Who is the main character in the American version of The Grudge." Casey knew this. She and her mother watched it last week."

"It's Karen Davis."

"Correct. Wow. You know your movies. Now, last question. Who is the killer in the original Friday the 13th." Casey remembered that in the movie Scream, Drew Barrymore's character got this one wrong, causing her boyfriend to die. She wasn't going to let that happen to Marti. "It's Mrs. Voorhees." There was silence. "Good job. You passed. You saved Marti's life. Now, it's your turn."

"What. No. I answered the question right. I'm not doing this again."

"Aw. Too bad. Look's like blood will be shed tonight…Casey." The voice hung up. Casey threw the phone on the floor, and began to cry. She then heard noise upstairs. It was him. The person who called. It had to be. She ran to the kitchen, and opened the drawer. She took out a large butcher knife. She then cautiously walked up the stairs, making sure that she didn't make a noise. She reached the top and looked around. Clear. She heard silence. Dereck. "Where is he?" she said to herself. She didn't want to admit it, but she had a feeling she would never see him again. Alive, at least. She then heard noises in Marti's room. She started shaking. She slowly walked there. It was closed. She remembered that she left it slightly open. She opened it, revealing Marti, sleeping in her bed, not a care in the world. She sighed in relief. All of a sudden, the shower turned on. She quickly turned around. She walked toward the bathroom, her heart pounding uncontrollably. She opened the door. "Dereck?" she called out. There was silence. She stepped in the room "Derec…" was all she could say. A figure jumped at her from the shower. He or she was wearing the same costume the killer was wearing in the Scream movies. Luckily she moved, and grabbed a candle stick. She threw it at him, hitting him in the forehead. She used this to her advantage. She ran out of there, and down the stairs. She ran toward the back door and opened it. She closed it, and duck down. She started crawling toward the window. She looked up. Inside, the killer was looking around. "Shit." she said. She left the knife in the bathroom. He then heard a car stop at the front. It was her parents. She was saved. She then looked up to see where the killer was. Big mistake. He was staring at her and smashed the window. "Ah!" She moved and fell to the floor. The killed ran toward the kitchen door and opened it. Casey got up, and started running toward front lawn. The killer chased her. Casey ran as fast as she could, but the killer caught up to her. He grabbed her, covered her mouth, and dug the knife deep in her shoulder. Tears flowed down her eyes. He then dragged her toward the backyard, still covering her,and threw her on the floor. She groaned. She tried to get but the killer pulled her down. He stabbed her again, this time in the stomach. She couldn't breath, nor speak. All she could do was gurgle. She felt blood coming from her mouth. The killer saw her pain, and ended her life with a slash in the throat. He then threw her corpse in the neighbor's pool, and left he sight. "This is the first of many." he said to himself. With that, he was gone into the night.

"George. The movie was terrible. "Nora said to her husband as they walked inside there home.

"It wasn't that bad." he said. She gave him a 'yeah right' look. "Okay. You are right. It sucked. The two laughed. When they walked in, they were shocked. The whole house was a mess. "What the hell?" George said.

"Casey! Come down. This isn't funny!" her mother said. There was no answer. "Casey." Nothing. "Casey." There was still no answer. Her mother was worried. "George. Check upstairs. Quickly." George ran up the stairs. He ran toward Casey's room. No one was there. He then checked Dereck's room. No one. He then heard the shower on. He went inside, and saw there was a mess in there. He then heard crying. It was coming from Marti's room. He went in, and found Marti on her bed, crying. "Daddy. I had a bad dream."

"What was it."

"That the boogeyman came here. He told me…" She didn't finish "Ah!" It was Nora. George ran out the and down the stairs. "Nora!" he exclaimed. He found her outside, on the floor, sobbing. He ran to her. "What's wrong?" She pointed toward the Johnson's pool. He looked at that direction, and was horrified. There, Casey was laying in the water. He ran there to save her. He jumped in, and realized the pool was covered in blood. He then swam toward Casey. He got her out, and was horrified. She was brutally stabbed. He started crying. He then noticed a note pinned on her shirt. He read it. He was horrified. It read, 'More blood will be shed. Get ready Lakewhin. The game begins.'

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