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Chapter 4 – In which the first day of adventuring begins

I hand lowered to turn the next page.

Click, Click, Click.

Footsteps were coming. I hastily shoved the book back into my pack, not sure if the people here would approve. I still wasn't sure if the entries were true, but they sure seemed it.

Nightwitch looked up from her spot on a chair piled high with pillows. "Morning?" She inquired sleepily. I nodded, not sure if the was meant as "good morning" or a question. Nightwitch didn't care however and merely yawned as a fist rapped on the door.

I cast a quick glance and Nightwitch, who yawned again, and hurried to the door. Flinging it open, I saw a maid, different from the one I'd seen the previous night. "Good morning." I said, my voice dry, being the first time I'd spoken this morning.

The lady nodded and murmured her own good morning before explaining she was to give me a dress to wear and then she was to lead me down the were breakfast was being held, so I could meet the king and talk with the princesses.

"Thank you" I said gratefully and accepted the dress being held out to me. She nodded yet again and retreated down the hall to a bench to wait for me. So, I shut the doors and eye the dress. After a moment, I stuck my tongue out at it. Though that wasn't going to change anything, but it felt somewhat satisfying. I even considered burning it, but I figure that just might possibly be taken as an insult. Sighing, I put it on. It isn't that bad really. Well, maybe a little. It's a pretty normal fancy dress, which I find annoying as you can't climb trees, run, or dodge an annoyed dragon's flame (not that I need to, haha!), in a fancy dress. This one is a pale purple which is defiantly going to clash with my hair. Purple and red? Blah.

After brushing out my hair, I decide to leave it down, hoping that's ok in this place. Both princesses had had their hair in a knot, but that didn't exactly mean you had too. I could use one of the hair bands available for guests who forgot some, but just incase I was angered, I didn't want to blow up a hair band. Last time I tried to wear a hair band I had gotten into an argument with Daystar about a wandering princess that he had wanted to take back to the castle. The princess was so obviously faking, and kept repeating her tale. Then, my hair had become fire and burnt part of the hair band, causing it to whiz off and fly into a very surprised Suz, who had come to investigate, knocking the poor lizard over, though it hadn't hurt him.

After leaving the room, the maid stood quickly and gives me a look (apparently she notices the clashing colors also) and starts down the hall, I followed. We walked past a slightly cracked door, so I could hear sound coming from the room. "Why? I don't want to go! I want to show Lady Shiara around!" I had a silent laugh at the last bit. I have never ever been called ladyShiara. The voice was easily recognizable as Meryl's. I wondered what the fuss was about and half intended to stay and listen, but the maid was turning a corner and would soon be out of sight. I lengthened my strides and caught up.

She led to a fairly large room, with a tall ceiling. One long table stretched down the center of the room. Smaller tables are placed around it. The lady leads me to the opposite end of the long table, two seats down from the head of the table. Addy was the only one seated there, on the other side of the table, on the chair directly next to the head of the table. She looked up from her toast as I sat with a smile on her face.

"Good morning." She says. I return the greeting and she continues. "I hope your room was to your liking?" I nod, bored with the small talk and inwardly yawn. "Good," she says. "Your dress… looks nice." Addy says, trying to keep her face straight. She needs more practice at this. I grin.

"Yes, red and purple are all the rage where I come from." I say with mock formalness.

Addy's eyes widen. "I'm sorry…" She starts, but I grin and she gets it was a joke and starts laughing. I laugh too, relieved, the formalness is over.

We start to chat happily over breakfast and continue until the double doors burst open and Meryl strides in, a stormy look on her face. It brightens somewhat upon seeing me and she hurries over, her face turning stormy again. She takes the seat next to me and grabs a piece of toast from a plate angrily.

"What'd he say?" Addy asks.

"No." She says.

Addy gives her a look to continue.

"Today is the Lady Roberta's social tea. You should go. Daria would have wanted you to continue your social outings" Meryl says in a high voice, the kind someone uses when repeated something someone has said that you don't like.

Addy rolls her eyes and groans. "Not fair."

I look questioningly at the two of them and Addy explains, "We wanted to show you around today, but Da says "no". Today is the Lady Roberta's social tea that Mama, that is, Queen Daria, used to go to until she died. Now, he thinks we should go."

"Sorry about your mom." I say weakly.

"It's alright, we hardly knew her when it happened."

There's a pause, then Meryl crushes her toast slightly (that toast is toast! Haha, sorry, couldn't help it) and starts ranting about her dad and the stupid tea. She waves her crushed toast around while she talks; sending crumbs everywhere, particularly backwards, spraying an unfortunate person, who keeps glancing at the ceiling to find the source.

I'm beginning to think this Meryl has a temper to rival my own. How delightful, someone who can keep up. Eventually she stops, looking disappointed. "I'm sorry Shiara, how rude of me." She picks up a knife to butter her toast, but most has crumbled away. Bet the person behind her is happy now.

"Not at all." I say. "It's nice to rant sometimes." I pause then say more quietly, "I for one am known for it." I didn't expect anyone to hear, but Meryl catches my eye and grins.

Her smile drops when she says, "Today you should explore the castle and perhaps go for a ride. Tomorrow, we'll take to you exploring to farther places. I promise. Even if I have to challenge father to a duel." She adds, grinning once more. I grin back, remembering how Cimorene once told me how she had to challenge knights to duels before they had agreed to leave. I've done it a few times myself. Once even, one knight was so stupid and annoying he wouldn't even leave then. I was going to actually duel him, but I didn't want to hurt him, so I offered him some water. He accepted it of course, and started to thank me before he was turned into stone. I had gotten water from the pool that turns princes into stones just for that purpose. Works perfectly. I knew Kazul could change him back later.

I open my mouth to tell these adventures, but a lady walks over and the other two greeting her. "Hello Bella." They say.

"Come now, it's time to get ready." Bella says.

"Bye Shiara, we'll see you at supper." Meryl says before leaving.

I say goodbye also, then when they disappear, I head to my room and find more clothes left more me, none purple. I pick a shaphire blue tunic and a pair of breeches, and then start towards the barn.